How to Unlock 6th Builder in Builder Base 2.0 (COC)

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If you’ve been away for a while, you’ll notice significant changes in the Builder Base since the release of Builder Base 2.0.

One exciting update is the addition of the 6th Builder for your Home Village.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the latest information on how to unlock 6th Builder and explore the changes that have made the process different from before.

How we used to get the 6th builder before the update (Builder base)

The Builder Base has undergone substantial changes since the last time you’ve seen it.

Previously, unlocking the 6th Builder was a straightforward process involving rushing to Builder Hall 9 and completing the O.T.T.O Hut task.

However, this strategy is outdated due to the revamped Builder Base system.

Changes to the Loot System in Builder Base 2.0

The loot system has changed into a New Star-based system emphasizing attacking and defending.

Attacking earns you gold, while successfully defending your base earns you Elixir.

Builder base loot is now on a cycle so realistically you have to go out and do attacks to earn gold you’re gonna take that gold and upgrade defenses to win more defenses to earn Elixir.

Unlocking 6th Builder is much harder now but no worries we will guide you.


When you upgrade your Builder hall to level 9 the Bob Control building will be available at level one in the shop for 100,000 Builder gold and no build time.

This building can be placed on stage two of the Builder base.

Inside you will find 4 updated tasks that you will need to complete to upgrade the building to level 5, which unlocks a permanent 6th Builder in your home village.

Unlocking the 6th Builder in Builder Hall 2.0

Unlock 6th Builder

Unlocking the 6th Builder in the Builder Base 2.0 involves completing 4 tasks associated with the new Bob Control building.

Here’s a breakdown of these tasks:

Task 1: Gear Up Buildings

To gear up buildings, upgrade the same building as before in your home Village.

This includes the Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar. Each upgrade has its own condition and can be done in any order.

Completing these upgrades opens up the 1st step of unlocking the 6th Builder.

Task 2: Upgrade Builder Base Troops

Upgrade any Builder Base troop to level 18.

The recommended choices are the Baby Dragon or the Power P.E.K.K.A., both of which have strategic advantages.

This task reflects the importance of upgrading troops for effective attacks.

Task 3: Upgrade Defense or Wall

Upgrade any Builder Base defense to level 9 or a single piece of wall to level 9.

While upgrading a defense will take time and resources, upgrading a single wall can be a cost-effective option to fulfill this task.

so the recommended choice is to upgrade your wall to complete this task as soon as possible.

Task 4: Upgrade Builder Base Heroes

Combine the levels of the Battle Machine and Battle Copter to reach a total of 45 levels.

(Battle Copter unlocks at Builder Hall 8 and already has its level of 15)

so just upgrade Battle Machine to level 30 and you will be able to complete this task easily.

Upgrade the Battle Machine if you are using Power Pekka and if you are using Baby Dragons then upgrade Battle Copter.

Completing the Tasks

You can complete each task individually, advancing the Bob Control building’s level with each completed task.

Alternatively, completing all 4 tasks will instantly upgrade the Bob Control building to level 5.

This achievement will unlock the 6 Builder and allow you to place the Bob’s Hut in your home Village.

Strategies for the New Loot System

As the New loot system has impacted resource collecting, it’s important to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Participate in clan Capital raid weekends to earn raid medals, which can be used to purchase Builder gold and Elixir.

Try to log in daily to complete your star bonus each day it will help just a little bit.

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Unlocking the sixth Builder in Builder Base 2.0 introduces exciting challenges and strategic adjustments.

The new tasks are associated with unlocking the 6th Builder and a fresh dynamic loot system.

By effectively managing your resources and prioritizing upgrades, you can conquer these tasks and enhance your Builder Base experience.

If you have any questions or additional insights, please share them in the comments below.

Happy building and clashing!

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