Best Unbeatable Town Hall 9 War Base Layout + Guide 2023

Are you looking to level up your game at Town Hall 9?

In this guide, we have the Best Town Hall 9 Base Layouts and also we will break down what to upgrade first as you start your Town Hall 9 journey.

Whether you’re gearing up for Intense Battles or aiming for the top of the leaderboards, we got you covered.

Best Town Hall 9 Base Layouts

TH 9 trophy base

Town Hall 9 Base Layouts

Town Hall 9 Base Layout


Th9 Base Layout

CC – Electro dragon

best Town Hall 9 Base Layouts


best TH 9 Base Layouts


unbeatable Town Hall 9 Base Layout

CC – Electro dragon

Town Hall 9 Base Layouts

CC – Electro dragon

Town Hall 9 Base

clash of clans Town Hall 9 Base Layouts

Town Hall 9 Base Layouts

TH 9 Hybrid Base

Town hall 9 hybrid base layout 2023

Town Hall 9 progress base

Town Hall 9 progress base 2023

Town Hall 9 progress base

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Best Guide for Town Hall 9 – 2023

Here is the best guide that will help you at TH9:

Upgrade Priority for Town Hall 9

1. Archer Queen: Your First Hero Upgrade

The Archer Queen is a game-changing hero, and getting her to level up should be your top priority.

Begin her upgrade immediately and aim to level her up to 10, 15, and 20 as quickly as possible. The Queen will be helpful in attacks and war.

2. New Resource Buildings: Collectors and Drills

Building new resource collectors and drills is a must. They provide a steady flow of resources, aiding in your progress. Upgrade them as soon as possible, and you’ll have a resource boost in no time.

3. Clan Castle Upgrade

Upgrading your Clan Castle is important. It increases your clan castle capacity, allowing you to receive powerful troops like Lava Hounds or Electro Dragons from your clanmates, which can be a game-changer in battles.

4. Laboratory: Enhance Your Troops

Upgrade your Laboratory first and foremost. This allows you to unlock and improve troop levels, giving you an edge in battles.

Prioritize upgrades based on your preferred attack strategies, be it air or ground.

5. New Defenses: X-Bows and More

Build the new Archer Towers, as they are essential for defense. You’ll also want to construct your new air defenses and sweepers to defend against air attacks effectively.

Tesla are great all-around defenses, so don’t neglect them.

6. Heroes: Queen and King

Regularly upgrade your Archer Queen and Barbarian King.

These heroes play a significant role in your attacks and defenses, so keeping them strong is crucial.

7. Spell Factory: Unleash Powerful Spells

Upgrading your Spell Factory grants you access to essential spells like the Jump and Freeze spells.

These are important in various attack strategies.

8. Barracks: Unlock Baby Dragons

Unlock the Baby Dragons in your Barracks.

They’re excellent for farming and can be useful in battles.

9. Dark Barracks: Witches and Lava Hounds

If you’re into Clan Wars, prioritize your Dark Barracks to unlock Witches and Lava Hounds.

Both have their uses in high-level strategies. we have shared the best strategies below in this article.

10. Dark Spell Factory

Consider upgrading the Dark Spell Factory for the Haste spell, which can be valuable in LavaLoon attacks.

11. Walls: Strengthen Your Defenses

Upgrade your walls to defend your base effectively.

12. Traps: A Sneaky Surprise for Invaders

Don’t forget about your traps. They instantly build up, so place them strategically to catch your enemies off guard.

Seeking Air Mines are particularly useful against air attacks like dragons.

Strategy Matters

Your upgrade path depends on your playstyle. If you’re a casual player, prioritize troops like Baby Dragons and regular Dragons.

If you’re focused on Clan Wars, consider upgrading troops like Witches, Golems, and Lava Hounds.

Best Town Hall 9 Attack Strategies with Link 2023

Here are some Best armies for Town Hall 9 along with an army link that will help you become a pro at TH9:

1. QueenCharge LaLoon.

Troops: 5 wall breakers, 16 balloons, 5 healers, 1 baby dragon, 10 minions, 1 lava hound

spells: 2 rages, 2 freezes, 3 haste.

clan castle: 1 lava hound 1 poison.

Army linkclick here

This strategy works on a wide variety of different bases You’re typically looking for the enemy Archer Queen and the clan castle.

However, be very careful of how air defenses are placed Usually defenders will have a no-fly zone.

which basically means that there is an area of the base where you cannot use any Lalo because there are two air defenses that are going to pop your Lava Hounds fast so keep that in mind when you’re using the strategy.

mainly start off with this queen charge by funneling using a baby dragon and a couple of minions.

when you’re sending wall breakers in use a test wall breaker to look for any small bombs and then send the rest of them in usually only two are going to be needed in order to do in order to open the wall.

Queen vs. Queen: Make your Queen use her ability to defeat the enemy Queen.

Lalo Time: Now it’s time for the Lalo part! Send Lava Hounds and balloons to attack. Use spells to help them.

Cleanup: After the battle, make sure to clean up any remaining buildings with Minions and Lava Pups. Watch out for the enemy Barbarian King!

2. Zap Dragons (Mass Dragons)

Troops: 1 archer, 1 wizard, 7 balloons, 8 dragons, 1 baby dragon, 5 minions.

Spells: 6 lightning, 1 rage, 1 earthquake spell.

Clan Castle: 1 lava hound and 1 earthquake spell.

Army linkclick here

This strategy is like magic! You use spells to zap away the air defense and then send in Dragons. Here’s how it works:

Zap Away Defenses: Use 1 earthquake and 3 lightning spells to zap two air defenses, 1 air sweeper, and 1 air defense that are close together. Boom! They’re gone!

Make a Funnel: Send some troops to create a safe path for your Dragons. They need to stay in line.

Use the Dragons: Let your Dragons loose. They will take care of the Clan Castle and everything else.

Use a Rage Spell: Make your Dragons super strong with a rage spell. They’ll destroy everything in their way.

No Worries: With no air defenses left, your Dragons are safe. They will fly through the base easily.

Strategy 3: Witch Slap Attack

Troops: 2 archers, 6 wall breakers, 1 golem, 10 witches, 4 healers.

Spells: 2 rages, 1 Freeze spell, and 2 Jump spells.

Clan Castle: 5 Bolwers and 1 Poison spell.

Army linkclick here

This strategy is like a spooky party! You have Witches, Skeletons, and more. This strategy works like a charm on ring bases.

Here’s how it works:

Break the Walls: Use 2 Wall Breakers on each side to open the walls and let your troops inside. If it’s a tough base, use a Golem.

use Witches: Place four Witches on each side, and they’ll summon lots of Skeletons. So cool!

Bowlers and Heroes: Bring some big guys like Bowlers and your Heroes from the center. They’ll help to clear the middle part.

Core Attack: Your troops will go right to the center of the base, where all the important stuff is.

Stay Strong: Keep your Archer Queen safe, and she can use her ability to help your troops.

Witches are awesome and can take down almost any base.

some other armies.

GoWiPe, and GoHo,

What is the current max level for heroes at Town Hall 9?

Town Hall 9 max hero levels are 30 as per the current update 2023.


Your journey to Town Hall 9 is an exciting one and packed with opportunities for growth.

Remember to balance your upgrades between defenses, heroes, troops, and spells.

Follow our recommendations, and you’ll be on your way to dominating Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans.

Happy clashing!

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