New Town Hall 7 Ultimate Guide for 2023

Looking for Bes Town Hall 7 Guide for 2023?

here in this article, I have explained everything about Town Hall 7.

After doing a lot of research we found the best advice, attack strategy, and Base Layouts for you.

First of all, I would recommend you set your base as Progressive Base. This will help you to understand much better which buildings are maxed and which building needs to be upgraded.

Don’t worry you don’t need to go anywhere in this article you will find Progress Base for Town Hall 7.

Town Hall 7 Upgrade Priority Guide

Once You are in Town hall 7 you unlock a New Forge in which you can collect 200 Capital Gold every day. You can help your clan to improve clan capital and you get some rewards in exchange.

Every Friday clan raids start and you can participate in clan raids once your clan leader or co-leader starts the raid.

On Monday you get your final reward i.e Raid Medals and you can spend them to buy resources, wall ring & Potions.

First Hour

Your First priority should be Unlocking those Quick Buildings. This includes Cannons, Archer Towers, Traps, Walls, Army Camps, and Barracks. Don’t Upgrade them just Unlock them as soon as possible.

Let’s suppose you have 3 Builder Huts.

Now start Upgrading these Buildings:

  • Laboratory to level 5.
  • New Army Camp to level 3.
  • Spell Factory to level 4.
  • At least 2 Barrack to level 9.
  • Dark Barrack Unlock.

If you have a Builder Potion, I would suggest you use it Because it Reduces your overall Upgrade Time, but be online when using your Builder Potion to ensure that no builder time is wasted after an ongoing update is completed.

According to this guide, you probably realize that you need to upgrade your army building first. In case you’re wondering, why don’t I upgrade my defenses first? “This is because your offense is more important and the key to improving your Attacks.

Which will help you in Wars and also in Farming.

Second Hour to 24 Hour

Right now you want to make sure you’re picking up loot from the enemy. These first upgrades will drain a lot of loot, so you want to be sure to fill your storage at least 75%.

make sure all of your builders are working, as this will allow you to spend loot quickly and efficiently, allowing you to max out Town hall 7 much faster.

Hour 8: You must have finished upgrading your Laboratory around 8 hours after you’ve finished upgrading the Town hall. That’s great! Since none of your new troops or spells have been unlocked, you’ll need to upgrade your wizards or archers to level 4 first.

Hour 12-20: Hopefully, assuming you have 3 or 4 builders, you’ll have free builders to complete the upgrade around 12-20 hours after you finish upgrading the Town Hall to level 7, this is the Upgrade list that you need to follow:

  • Unlock Dark Elixir Storage
  • Unlock Dark Elixir Drill
  • New Army Camp to level 6
  • old Barracks to level 9
  • Unlock Barbarian King

Total Upgrade Time and Cost for TH7

max to max it will take 18-20 days to max out your town hall 7.

TypeResourceTotal CostTime
17d 17h 52m
HeroDark Elixir36k1d 4h
Dark Elixir
10d 14h

Town hall 7 Upgrade Guide for Laboratory

Assuming that you had unlocked your Dragon now all you need is to Upgrade it to level 2.

Here is Upgrade Order for troops and spells:

  • Dragon
  • Lightning Spell
  • Rage Spell
  • Healing Spell
  • Giants
  • Wizard
  • Healer
  • Wall breaker
  • Balloon
  • Hog Rider
  • Minion
  • Barbarian
  • Archer

Best Attack Strategy for Town hall 7

Dragon Attack Strategy

All you need in this attack is you need to upgrade your lighting spell to level 4 and Dragon to level 2

Army Camp: 10 Dragons

Spell: Lightning spell

Clan Castel: Balloons

Attack Explained:

There are two main defenses we need to be careful of at town hall 7. One is air defense and the second is the air sweeper.

the air sweeper is just good at pushing back and delaying your dragons.

so I recommend trying to come behind it or to the side of it. so that way you do not have to deal with it pushing your troops back.

the air defense is just good at doing massive amounts of damage to your dragons.

so when we’re attacking we want to identify where we can get the most value with our lightning spells because that’s the first phase of our attack.

something that you should know is that it takes 4 level 4 lightning spells to go ahead and take out a level 5 air defense which is the max at town hall 7.

for the most part, you want to have two dragons on each end to go ahead and create a funnel for the majority of your dragons in the middle to go into the base.

use clan castle troops which will be balloons near to closest air defense because you need to take it as soon as possible otherwise it will destroy all your dragons

refer this youtube video for Town hall 7 Dragon attack strategyhere

Mass Hog Riders Attack Strategy

Army Camp:

  • 29 Hog Rider
  • 9 Wizard
  • 13 Archer
  • 5 Barbarian

Spell: Heal Spell

Clan Castel: Hogs

Attack Explained:

1 hog rider to lure the clan castle troops and pull it to the side of the map. where you will enter as with the previous town hall levels the king is to the perimeter this is where you will enter if not you will end towards splash.

more than likely it’s a dragon in that enemy clan castle. so I like to use a barbarian to distract and circle it with archers and even a wizard.

continue deploying the barbarians underneath the dragon it might turn to an archer or two if you get the timing wrong but that’s where circling the dragon it’s not the end of the world.

then as you move forward you want to deploy your barbarian king alongside a couple of wizards to take out the defending king this means that you then have nothing other than the skelly traps to attack your hog riders.

I like to send in a big group of hog riders first maybe five to six per defense in this area to get a nice group into the base initially to the left or right of the barbarian king.

wherever is most desirable alongside the heel spell as the hog riders move around the base continues to be surgically deploying the hogs to the defenses on the perimeter.

so they can all merge in the middle so it’s about getting the timing right here. so that you continue to move around the base in one swoop the heel spells will be used over splash or if you see a giant bomb go off.

so make sure you’re scouting the base on where there could be giant bombs and do not overlap the heels they do not stack. Deploy wizards to that opposite side as well as soon as the hogs have taken down defenses.

start the cleanup because while you could have a big pack left over if hog riders go down you do not want to time fail as with the previous levels.

I would recommend more hog riders if you have access to that.

Or else you can refer to this videoclick here

Progress Base for Town hall 7

Townhall 7 Progressive Base

Town hall 7 Farming Base 2023

Best Town hall 7 war base 2023

credit – AssembleGaming


what does town hall 7 unlock

At Town hall 7 you unlock new building along with Forge which came in new update.

how long does town hall 7 take

It takes 4 week or you can say it take max to max 18 days to finish max out your th 7 base.

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