Best Town Hall 10 War Base layout (Link) with Guide 2023

Are you ready to level up to Town Hall 10 in Clash of Clans but not sure where to start with your upgrades?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll break down what you should prioritize when upgrading to Town Hall 10 and also we will share some of the Best Base Layouts for Town Hall 10.

But remember, it’s essential to have maxed out your Town Hall 9 first for the smoothest transition.

Best Base Layouts for Town Hall 10

First Things First: New Buildings

When you reach Town Hall 10, you’ll gain access to some new defensive buildings and traps.

Your first move should be to build these new structures and upgrade them to match the level of your previous Town Hall 9 defenses.

These new additions include two Inferno Towers, a Cannon, an Archer Tower, an X-Bow, a Bomb Tower, and 4 new traps (Giant Bomb, Seeking Air Mine, Air Bomb, and Skeleton Trap).

Upgrading these new defenses quickly is cost-effective and strengthens your base’s defense.

Offensive Upgrades

  1. Laboratory: Upgrade your Laboratory on day one, ideally using a Book of Building or a Hammer of Building. This ensures you benefit from the power potion effect when you upgrade your Town Hall, enhancing your troop to a maximum limit. Don’t delay this crucial upgrade.
  2. Clan Castle Upgrade your Clan Castle as soon as possible. This unlocks the ability to hold Siege Machines, which are crucial for Town Hall 10 attacks.
  3. Army Camps: Upgrade all four Army Camps. This will increase your troop capacity by 20, giving you more powerful armies to attack and defend.
  4. Barracks: Upgrade your Barracks to unlock new troops. Miners from regular Barracks and Bowlers from the Dark Barracks can be game-changers in battles for Town Hall 10 players.
  5. Spell Factory: Upgrade the Spell Factory to increase your Spell capacity and unlock the Clone Spell, providing you with more strategic options.
  6. Dark Spell Factory: This unlocks the Bat Spell, which can be a game-changer in attacks. Consider upgrading it if you plan to use this spell.
  7. Heroes: Continue upgrading your King and Queen, aiming for level 40 heroes. However, you’ll likely max them out before your base, so don’t rush it.

Resource Buildings

Upgrade your storages, collectors, mines, and drills, but don’t stress about it early on. Focus on the defensive and offensive upgrades first.


Upgrading your traps is essential for base defense. Focus on air-targeting traps, Giant Bombs, and Skeleton Traps. Traps play a significant role in defending your base, so don’t neglect them.

Defensive Upgrades

When it comes to defensive upgrades, prioritize the new defenses first because they have shorter upgrade times and provide a significant boost in damage. Here’s the order of effectiveness for upgrading your defenses:

  1. Inferno Tower
  2. Wizard Tower
  3. Cannon
  4. Archer Tower
  5. Bomb Tower
  6. Air Defense
  7. X-Bow
  8. Mortar
  9. Tesla
  10. Air Sweeper

Remember, these rankings are based on damage per second and upgrade times, not considering the cost or hit points of defenses. Your choice may vary depending on your gameplay style.

Lastly, don’t forget to upgrade your walls gradually as well. It’s a long journey to max out Town Hall 10, but with this guide, you’ll know where to focus your efforts.

Town Hall 10 Trophy Pushing Attack Strategy 2023

1. GoVaPe Attack Strategy with Flame Flinger

1. GoVaPe Attack Strategy with Flame Flinger

Our first strategy is the GoVaPe attack, featuring the Flame Flinger in the Clan Castle. This strategy works wonders against Town Hall 11 bases. Here’s how it works in simple terms:

  • Flame Flinger: We start by deploying the Flame Flinger, which throws fiery projectiles at enemy defenses. This helps soften up the base before our main attack.
  • Wall Breakers: We use Wall Breakers to create an entry point into the base. Sometimes, we need a few of them to break through tougher walls.
  • Earthquake Spell: Once our Flame Flinger has done some damage, we drop Earthquake Spells to finish the job on key structures.

The strategy is all about patience and timing. We wait for the Flame Flinger to do its thing before making our move. Once the path is cleared, we send in our main forces.

2. Mass Dragon Attack Strategy for Town Hall 10

2. Mass Dragon Attack Strategy

Our second strategy involves mass dragons, and it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s how we do it:

  • Lightning Spells: We use Lightning Spells to zap high-level air defenses, weakening the base’s defenses.
  • Baby Dragon Funnel: We deploy Baby Dragons on the sides to create a funnel. This guides our dragons toward the core of the base.
  • Heroes and Dragons: Our King and Queen join the action at the bottom, while we send in the rest of our Dragons from the top.
  • Rage Spells and Freeze Spells: We use Rage Spells to boost our Dragons’ power and Freeze Spells to disable enemy defenses temporarily.

This strategy is all about overwhelming the base with a dragon assault. We make sure our Dragons stay on course, target defenses and clean up for the win.

3. Queen Charge Master Dragon Attack Strategy for Town Hall 10

3. Queen Charge Master Dragon Attack Strategy

Our final strategy combines a Queen Charge with Master Dragons. It’s a bit more advanced, but we can break it down into simple steps:

  • Queen Charge: We start by sending in our Queen on a mission to take out key structures. She’s supported by healers to keep her alive.
  • Wall Breakers: We use Wall Breakers to create an entry point for the Queen. Sometimes, we need to break through multiple walls.
  • Earthquake Spell: Once the path is open, we use Earthquake Spells to finish the job on essential structures.
  • Heroes and Dragons: We deploy our King, Queen, and Dragons to attack different parts of the base.
  • Rage Spells, Freeze Spells, and Poison Spells: We use Rage Spells to boost our Dragon’s damage, Freeze Spells to freeze defenses, and Poison Spells for enemy Clan Castle troops.

This strategy requires careful planning and timing. We make sure our Queen takes out crucial defenses while our Dragons create chaos in the base.

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Begin by upgrading new defenses and traps, especially the Inferno Towers and air defenses. Focus on offensive upgrades, such as the Laboratory, Clan Castle, and Army Camps, to strengthen your troops.

Gradually upgrade resource buildings and don’t forget to boost trap defenses. Prioritize new defensive buildings first, and remember that your order may vary depending on your gameplay style.

let us know your view in the comment section. Clash on!

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