The Most Satisfying Things in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is more than just a game it’s a source of pure joy for millions of players worldwide.

Today we will look into the most satisfying moments that make Clash of Clans an intense and happy experience.

From destroying walls to achieving rare wins, let’s explore the highs and lows that keep players coming back for more.

Wall Demolition Delight:

Few things in Clash of Clans match the sheer pleasure of obliterating walls with earthquake spells.

Despite its low effort requirement, the high satisfaction of witnessing walls crumble simultaneously is akin to the visual delight of watching kinetic sand being cut.

It’s a simple joy that never gets old, and players can’t seem to get enough of it.

The Agony of 99 and the Thrill of Clutching:

Achieving 99% in an attack, especially a one-star 99%, can be maddeningly unsatisfying.

However, turning the tables by clutching that last percent against seemingly impossible odds is a thrill that hits even harder, especially in war attacks.

The suspense of whether it will be a 99 one-star or a glorious 100 three-star victory adds an extra layer of excitement.

Maxing Out the Base – A Monumental Achievement:

For many players, maxing out their base at any Town Hall level is a monumental achievement.

The culmination of months of hard work and dedication brings a sense of accomplishment that allows players to finally rest, breathe, and maybe even touch some grass.

The cherry on top is completing those stubborn walls, marking the pinnacle of satisfaction in the game.

The Joy of Upgrade Suggestions:

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving upgrade suggestions that declare, “Nothing left to upgrade at the Town Hall.”

The moment when the game acknowledges your achievement by displaying a fully maxed-out base, except for the Town Hall upgrade, is a screenshot-worthy triumph.

It’s the perfect cue to celebrate your dedication and hard work.

The Sweet Freedom of Full Storages:

Having full storage is satisfying, but it gets even better when the Clan Castle is brimming with loot, magic items are on hand, and all Builders are free.

The possibilities seem endless for those brief two minutes when players can choose any upgrade they desire.

It’s not just about the upgrades; it’s about the freedom to decide what to improve next.

New Device, Higher Frame Rate:

Switching to a new device, especially one that unlocks a higher frame rate, is an exhilarating experience.

The visual upgrade adds a new layer of enjoyment to the game, making everything look crisper and smoother.

Once you’ve experienced the 120Hz refresh rate, going back to 60Hz becomes unthinkable.

The Power of the Hammer:

Using a Hammer of Building may be an expensive endeavor, but its ability to instantly complete hours of grinding and weeks of upgrades is unparalleled.

The joy of obtaining a Hammer, whether through gameplay or other means and using it to fast-track an upgrade is a feeling that transcends time.

It’s like having a fast pass at Six Flags without the awkward line-skipping walk.

Reaching Milestone Levels:

While keeping track of your level may become less important over time, reaching milestone levels such as Level 100 brings back a flood of memories.

Hitting three digits and seeing the number change from 99 to 100 is a momentous occasion worthy of celebration and, perhaps, a screenshot framed in nostalgia.

Unlocking the Sixth Builder:

The significance of unlocking the sixth Builder in the main village cannot be overstated.

It’s a god-tier experience that enhances the gameplay by speeding up upgrades and overall progression.

More Builders mean more efficiency, making the main village even more enjoyable.

Achieving Achievements:

The surprise of completing achievements, whether intentional or accidental, is always a welcome delight.

Claiming the rewards, especially the coveted 2,000 gems for reaching Champions League, is a tangible acknowledgment of your dedication to the game.

It’s like receiving a bonus for just enjoying Clash of Clans.

The Bounty of the Overflowing Loot Cart:

Returning to Clash after a hiatus and discovering the overflowing loot cart is a welcome surprise.

The loot cart, changed in 2020 to accumulate for up to 90 days, provides a hefty reward for players coming back to the game.

It’s a generous welcome back gift that jumpstarts the upgrading process.

Troop Explosions and Super Wizard Magic:

Watching troop explosions caused by bombs, Eagle artillery, or the mighty Super Wizard is like visual candy for Clash players.

The satisfaction derived from witnessing troops blow up, whether it’s witches, giants, or Hog Riders, never diminishes.

The Super Wizard’s chain reactions, in particular, create mesmerizing displays of destruction.

The Charm of Mini Accounts:

Creating a mini-account to relive the magic of lower Town Halls is a common practice among Clash players.

The accelerated pace and enhanced enjoyment of the lower Town Halls, combined with the nostalgia factor, make managing mini-accounts a satisfying endeavor.

It’s a way to reconnect with the game’s roots and experience the thrill anew.

Daily Rituals – Tapping on Collectors and Checking the Loot Cart:

For many players, daily rituals include tapping on collectors, checking tombstones, and claiming the loot cart.

It’s a simple routine that may seem trivial, but it adds a sense of completion to the gaming experience.

Whether logging in once or multiple times a day, following this ritual has become an integral part of the Clash journey.


Clash of Clans isn’t just a game it’s a web of enjoyable moments that keep players hooked.

From breaking walls and achieving clutch wins to updating bases and opening new features, the joy gained from playing Clash is diverse.

As players continue to discover the game’s depths, each win, milestone, and surprising surprise adds to the total joy that defines Clash of Clans.


What is the most satisfying achievement in Clash of Clans?

Many players find maxing out their base at any Town Hall level to be the most satisfying achievement in Clash of Clans. It represents the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and the completion of those elusive walls.

How can players enhance their Clash of Clans experience with a new device?

Switching to a new device, especially one that unlocks a higher frame rate (120Hz), can significantly enhance the visual experience of Clash of Clans. The smoother gameplay and crisper graphics make playing on a new device a more enjoyable venture.

What is the significance of unlocking the sixth Builder in the main village?

Unlocking the sixth Builder is considered a god-tier experience in Clash of Clans. It speeds up upgrades and overall progression, making the main village more efficient and enjoyable for players.

What is the joy of using a Hammer of Building in Clash of Clans?

The Hammer of Building is a powerful item that can instantly complete hours of grinding and weeks of upgrades in a split second. The joy of obtaining and using a Hammer is comparable to having a fast pass at Six Flags, without the hassle of waiting.

How has the loot cart changed in Clash of Clans, and why is it considered a generous welcome back gift?

The loot cart, changed in 2020, now accumulates loot for up to 90 days. This change has made it a generous welcome back gift for players returning to Clash after a hiatus, providing a substantial reward that jumpstarts the upgrading process.

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