The History of Clash Royale (2016 – 2022)

Wanna know the History of Clash Royale?

we will look deeper into the past few updates and changes. like how it was back in 2016

so let’s jump into from the beginning.

The Birth of Clash Royale (January 4th, 2016)

It all began on January 4th, 2016, when Clash Royale made its soft launch, but only lucky folks in select countries could get a taste of it on their iPhones.

Imagine, you had to pay for battles back then The Expo had a thing for air units, and the shop chests were a whole different ball game. We only had 42 cards, split into 14 for each rarity – common, rare, and epic.

The game was like a freshly baked cookie – simple and straightforward.

February Fun (February 2nd, 2016)

Just a month later, on February 2nd, a new arena, the Legendary Arena, unlocked at 3,000 trophies.

Seasons were introduced, not like the ones we know today, but a reset to 3,000 trophies with deducted trophies given back as legend trophies.

Tournament rules leveled the playing field in friendly battles, and the Expo decided to keep things grounded by only targeting the earth.

Marching into Global Launch (March 2nd, 2016)

Fast forward to March 2nd, 2016, the day Clash Royale officially launched globally.

A lot happened over the next few months – level 6 legendaries were phased out, common and rare card level caps increased, and new cards like Fire Spirits, Furnace, Guards, Lava Hound, Miner, and Sparky joined the party.

Spectating live battles became a thing, the gold cap increased to 1 million, and legendaries could finally be bought in the shop.

Tournaments and Beyond (July 4th, 2016)

On July 4th, 2016, tournaments were added, unlocking at level eight. A new arena, Frozen Peak, unlocked at 2,300 trophies, and new cards like The Log and Lumberjack made their debut.

Players could now pick which arena to battle in during friendly matches.

The summer of 2016 brought more updates, including the Mega Minion, Ice Golem, Inferno Dragon, and the Graveyard.

Challenges and New Cards (September 19, 2016)

September 19, 2016, marked a significant update with the introduction of challenges, Grand and Classic.

New cards like Elite Barbarians, Tornado, Clone Spell, and the Electro Wizard shook things up.

By November 1st, 2016, more cards had joined the Clash Royale family – the Goblin Gang, Battle Ram, Dark Goblin, and the Executioner.

We could finally request epic cards every Sunday, and the Clan Chest event was born.

Leagues and Beyond (March 13, 2017)

In March 13, 2017, Leagues were introduced, saying goodbye to Legend Trophies.

Nine leagues, a new chess, the Seasonal Draft Chest, and Clan Battles (hello 2v2!) added more layers to the game.

The legendary arena shifted to 3,800 trophies, and Hog Mountain replaced the old Arena 10.

Giant Updates and Challenges (June 12, 2017)

June 12, 2017, brought another massive update with four new cards – the Skeleton Barrel, Flying Machine, Cannon Cart, and the Mega Knight.

Special challenges, more deck slots, the ability to add friends, and deck copying from replays made the game even more exciting.

Deck slots became a thing, and the card shop cycle was revamped to cycle all cards in three months.

Touchdown and Beyond (October 9, 2017)

October 9, 2017, welcomed the addition of Touchdown mode, and quests made their debut.

The Tiebreaker became a permanent fixture, and quality-of-life improvements like the ability to rematch and dankified 2v2 chat buttons were sprinkled throughout the game.

On December 12, 2017, a new arena, Electro Valley, unlocked at 3,400 trophies, and new cards like the Zappies, Hunter, and the Royal Ghost joined the party.

Clan Wars and Challenges Galore (April 15, 2018)

In April 15, 2018, Clan Wars made its grand entrance, offering a fresh take on clan battles. Two new cards, the Earthquake and the Goblin Cage, were announced.

The Mega Deck, Elixir Capture, Dragon Hunt, and a revamped home screen added more variety to the game.

Clash Royale in 2019 (February 25, 2019)

The first update of 2019 arrived on February 25, introducing the Spooky Arena at 3,600 trophies and moving the Legendary Arena to 4,000 trophies.

The Trophy Road made its debut, offering rewards based on your trophy count.

The earthquake and Goblin Cage were announced as upcoming cards.

Clan Wars 2.0 and More (August 5, 2019)

On August 5, 2019, Clan Wars 2.0 revolutionized the clan war system.

Leagues began at 5,000 trophies, and three new cards – the Giant Snowball, Royal Hogs, and Royal Recruits – were announced.

Custom emotes made their entrance, offering players a chance to express themselves uniquely.

Magic Items and Beyond (March 30, 2021)

Skipping forward to March 30, 2021, the game received its first major update in a while – magic items.

The Wild Card, Book of Cards, Magic Coin, and Chess Key joined the game, offering players additional tools to enhance their Clash Royale experience.

The Recent Past (2022 and Beyond)

As we venture into 2022, the Clash Royale journey has been a rollercoaster of updates, challenges, and new cards.

As of the latest information available, there hasn’t been a groundbreaking update, but who knows what surprises Supercell has in store for us!

Whether you’ve been with Clash Royale from the beginning or joined the clash later on, share your favorite memories in the comments below.

Here’s to more years of intense battles, strategic manner, and the never-ending quest for legendary cards. Clash on, my friends!


When did Clash Royale officially launch globally?

Clash Royale officially launched globally on March 2, 2016.

When major update introduced to Clan Wars 2.0 and the clan war system?

The major update that introduced Clan Wars 2.0 was on August 5, 2019.

What significant feature was added in the March 30, 2021 update?

The March 30, 2021 update introduced magic items, including the Wild Card, Book of Cards, Magic Coin, and Chess Key.

When were leagues introduced in Clash Royale, and how many leagues were there?

Leagues were introduced on March 13, 2017, and there were a total of nine leagues.

What was the special event that followed the “Slash Royale” update, and what major addition came after that event?

The special event that followed the “Slash Royale” update was the addition of King Level 14, introduced a day after the event ended. This brought changes like level 14 cards, the Kings Journey, and the introduction of champions (Skeleton King, Archer Queen, and Golden Knights).

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