New!! Town Hall 15 Upgrade Priority Guide with Base Layout

Town hall 15 Comes with the Magic theme in purple color which looks super cool in my opinion. Although it comes with the same Giga Inferno but the color has changed.

Town Hall 15 Update Cost Reductions List

What’s New in Town hall 15

Town Hall 15

Upgrade CostUpgrade TimeGold CapacityElixir CapacityDark Elixir CapacityHit Points
18M Gold15d2M Gold 2M Elixir20,0009600

Th 15 Giga Inferno Infomation

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSDeath Damage RadiusDamage When Destroyed
1N/AN/A3004 tiles1000
210M Gold9d3104 tiles1000
312M Gold11d3104 tiles1100
414M Gold13d3204 tiles1100
516M Gold14d3204.5 tiles1100

New Defence: Spell Tower & Monolith

Monolith and Spell Towers.


Monolith is the first defense that cost 300,000 Dark Elixir and It has 2 Levels.

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeBase DPSAdditional DamageHit Points
1300K DE18d15014%4747
2360K DE19d20015%5050

At level 1 it’s dealing 150 damage per second plus 14 of the max amount of HP of the troop which is attacking.

On level 2 that is even crazed, it is on level 2 200 DPS per second on the Baseline and then in addition 15% of the max amount of HP of that attacking Troop.

trust me a king does not like this the same with the Golem with the electric dragon with a lot of tanky suits are in the game to make your life easier not anymore.

2 New Spell Tower

After upgrading the Town hall to level 15 you can unlock 2 New spell Towers. you have Now spells on defense something which we were asking for a long time.

You have three different options

  • on level 1 you have to rage spell.
  • on level 2 you are on going to unlock the poison spell.
  • on Level 3 you unlock the invisibility spell.

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsUnlocks
114M Gold14d2500Rage Spell
216M Gold16d2800Poison Spell
318M Gold18d3100Invisibility Spell

you can see already every single spell takes a different amount of time to recycle. which means as soon as the spell is going to drop it’s going to reload again. so it can drop a range and then after a certain amount of time you can drop another rage.

Earthquake does not trigger the rage, the poison or the invisibility spell that’s important.

The next thing is if you want to make sure that the spell tower is triggering the troops have to stay alive inside the range for 1.2 seconds that’s an important time you have to remember because this is a key time for all of those spell Towers.

New Pets


This chilly companion will slow down enemies with his icy breath. Meanwhile, Frostmites – hitchhiking balls of ice – will occasionally jump off and attack enemy defenses to slow them down as well.

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Single Target (slows down defenses)
  • Targets: Ground & Air


This shy creature will burrow underground beside his Hero and will pop up to stun and attack nearby defenses. Should Diggy’s Hero be taken out during battle, Diggy will go in search of a new Hero to bond himself to.

  • Favorite Target: Hero’s Target
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground

Poison Lizard

Imagine Poison Lizard as your Hero’s own personal Headhunter bodyguard. It spits toxic chemicals as a lightning fast ranged attack that deals Poison damage to defending Heroes and Troops, slowing them down. If no enemy units are nearby, Poison Lizard will assist its Hero in attacking targeted Buildings. Buildings are not affected by Poison Lizard’s slowing effect. And yes, we know it’s ‘venom’ but we think ‘poison’ sounds cooler.

  • Favorite Target: Heroes and Troops
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air


What at first may seem like an insignificant egg that follows your Hero around, Phoenix will emerge as a foul-tempered fiery feathered friend when her Hero is about to be knocked out. Phoenix revives herself and her Hero under a temporary shield of invulnerability. Once the shield expires, the Hero will be knocked out but Phoenix will continue to fight on.

New Seige Machine: Battle Drill

Battle Drill unlocks at Siege Workshop level 7 and will burrow beneath the ground in order to avoid being detected by enemy defenses. When Battle Drill surfaces to attack the nearest enemy defense, it will stun its target for 2 seconds.

  • Favorite Target: Defenses
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Training Time: 20m

New Spell: Recall Spell

Battles will never be the same again. Unlocks at Town Hall level 13, Recall Spell is a powerful new way to deploy your attacks. When Recall Spell is used, it will remove units from the battlefield where they can be redeployed elsewhere. Whether it’s to save them from a lethal enemy defense or to send your units into battle from another position, recalled units can be redeployed as a group anywhere Troops can be placed.

The amount of units that can be recalled is determined by the Housing Space limit each level has. Troops, Heroes, and Hero Pets can all be recalled, where Heroes count as 25 Housing Space and Hero Pets count as 20 Housing Space. Redeployed units retain any damage dealt or any status effects applied to them when they are recalled. Recall Spell will prioritize units in order of higher Housing Space first.

Any recalled units that remain undeployed at the end of the battle will disappear.

  • Target: Ground & Air
  • Housing Space: 2
  • Brewing Time: 6m

New troop: Electro Titan

Electro Titan is a brand new Troop that you unlock at Town Hall level 14.

Her crackling fist and phosphorescent eyes are not simply to illuminate her surroundings. Electro Titan lashes out at enemies with a short-ranged whip that can target both ground and air units. However, it’s her special ability to cause devastation around her that makes her even more dangerous. Electro Titan emits an area of effect aura that will continually damage everything – defenses, air, and ground units. However, you should note Walls are immune to her electrical aura.

  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Training Time: 6m
  • Housing Space: 32

Major Level Changes

  • 5 Level for every Hero
  • Clan Castel to lvl 11
  • X-Bow to level 10
  • Inferno Tower to level 9
  • Air defense to level 13
  • Motor to level 15
  • Wizard tower to level 15
  • Archer tower to level 21
  • Cannon to level 21
  • Bomb tower to level 10
  • Bomb to level 11
  • Air Bomb to lvl 10
  • Both storage to level 16
  • Dark storage to level 10
  • Pet house to level 8 (4 new pets)
  • Workshop to level 7
  • Laboratory to level 13
  • Spell factory to level 7 (New spell)
  • Army camp to level 12
  • 200 walls to level 16

TH 15 Upgrade priority Guide

th15 upgrade priority guide that you can use to max out your Town hall 15 base.

now to make this guide a little bit more easier to follow, I made a progress base that you guys can use to Showcase what upgrades you want to do first all the way up to the last upgrades.

TH 15 Progress Base Layout

starting off with the most important ones towards the bottom left leading all the way over to the right side where these Archer towers are, going up to the top where these wizard towers, and then going all the way over to these bombs which are the last things you want to upgrade at Town hall 15.

Important upgrades

To start off the guide you obviously want to upgrade your town hall to the next level which I have it at the very bottom which is the most important upgrade if you obviously want to go to Town hall 15.

but you have three buildings that are the most important things that you want to get going and max out at the very start of Town hall 15.

which is the clan castle, the laboratory and the pet house which gets four new levels.

so you want to max out all three of these so you can progress a little bit faster with these three maxed out.

now when you are upgrading these two buildings you want to upgrade the clan castle with a hammer of building because this is one of the most expensive upgrades and almost takes probably the longest to upgrade at Town Hall 15.

so getting that done with the hammer will help you in the long run in the laboratory you obviously want to get that done because once you get to Town hall 15 you get a boost for your troops to the maximum level of your laboratory.

so getting that done with a book will help you out a lot.

upgrade Order for pets and heroes

once you get your pet house to a level 8 you will obviously unlock four new hero pets and I’ll give you a guide of what or do you want to upgrade them to the max level I also want to upgrade them in five level increments for each of these pets because you will unlock a little bit of a boost for each of their abilities the order.

I personally will be using is the Phoenix, Diggy, Frosty and then the poison lizard and then repeating that process once again to get them all up to max level.

each of the heroes get five new levels that I’ll be upgrading periodically throughout Town Hall 15.

I want to get them maxed out as soon as possible but I have other priorities like storages and the new defense which we’ll talk about pretty soon the order.

I’ll be using to upgrade is the Queen, the Royal Champion, Grand Warden and the Barbarian King.

When to upgrade the new defence

Now you may notice that we have a few Builder Huts over here on the upgrade side they aren’t getting a new level.

but they do represent the new buildings with the master builder hut representing the monolith and the 2 regular Builder Huts representing the spell Towers.

I will be upgrading these to max level as soon as possible because you can upgrade the spell Towers to max level without upgrading these storages.

and the monolith you can just use a hammer of building on it upgrading it to level 2 since it only has the two levels.

also with the town hall I’ll be also getting that up to max level at level 5 for one you get a little bit of an increased tile radius for the poison and two I want to Max it out.

just so I can see how cool it is on defense with the purple beams and the white accents.

Storages & Army Building

now you may notice we have the Spell Factory ahead of the storages this is just a personal preference because I think the spell that comes with the Spell Factory upgrade is really cool and will change how things will attack for farming.

so personally I will be getting this up to max level as soon as possible right beside the spell Towers.

I’ll then be upgrading all the storages up to max level Because by the time the season pass resets. I’ll have basically everything I just mentioned before completed.

so I’ll then have more capacity ready to upgrade the other stuff once the Builder discount ends.

the rest of the army buildings are pretty self-explanatory they do cost a pretty penny with the Army Camps and getting all four of them up will just be a hassle to complete.

but the Barrack and The Siege Workshop aren’t really too useful at the moment I haven’t really seen too many good uses with the new troop and the new Siege machine.

so I won’t be upgrading these right away which is why they’re at the very end of all of these storages and army upgrades. but if you like the new troop in Siege machine you can obviously use those ahead of the Spell Factory and the storages.

they do cost a little bit with the siege Workshop coming in at 19 million which is enough to upgrade which you could honestly up there before the storage but like I said it’s still just personal preference.

Upgrade order for Defence

moving on to the defenses the first thing I’ll be getting up to max level is The Inferno Tower. since they are pretty much the most important defense to get up at Town Hall 15.

the next thing I chose were the air defenses over the x-bows because they were getting more of a DPS and hit point increase and I also just want to defend against air attacks because it seems like a Town hall 14 that is mostly what people use.

then moving on to the Archer Towers they are getting a slight increase in damage per second and hit points but if you upgrade all eight of them they will deal a significantly more amount of damage if they all are maxed out.

another defense I chose over the other is the bomb Tower before the wizard towers the reason for that is they also just like the air defenses they are getting more of an increase in DPS and hit points.

which is why I chose the bomb Tower over the wizard towers. moving on to the rest of the defenses the Cannons obviously because of them only being able to attack the ground, the mortars only really be able to do damage against the flame flinger and The Traps you can upgrade these in either order.

I’ll be getting the air bombs done first because of air attacks and that’s essentially everything there is to do with the buildings.

Upgrade order for Laboratory

we still have one more thing to talk about which is the lab and everything to get going which is getting a new level for troops and spells.

the most important upgrades to be doing at Town Hall 15 for your laboratory starting off with the miners to go up to level 9.

when upgrading the miner I recommend only using a hammer of fighting instead of just letting run through or use in the book because it is pretty expensive and it also takes a long time to finish (19 Days).

the miner is a pretty good troop to use with the hybrid attack strategy being really good army at Town hall 14. so using a hammer on this troop will help a lot.

moving on to the next thing to upgrade inside of the lab is the heel spell to go along with the miner with the hybrid to go up to a level 9 for this heal spell.

I recommend using a book of spells for this one here to finish that off and the other one for the hybrid Army is the poison spell going up to level 9 as well using a hammer on this one costing over 300 000 Dark Elixir.

which you want to be using on your pets inside of your pet house so using a hammer on this one will help you a lot.

the next two troops to upgrade will help you with your Heroes and their hero abilities with the barbarians going to level 11 and the same thing with the Archer is going to a level 11.

both of these you want to use a book if you have them available since they’ll help you get further into the base with with your hero abilities.

and like I said at the beginning I will be getting the recall spell as soon as possible with that Spell Factory upgrade.

so I’ll be getting that up to max level after those five upgrades with level 2. I won’t be using a book on that one because it is around 11 days instead I’ll let that run through and use the resource potions on that there but the other two levels level three and level four I’ll be using a book of spells.

the final troop I recommend using a book or hammer on is the electro Dragon going up to level 6 which is probably the most expensive and takes the longest time for a troop or spell inside of the laboratory for this update.

so using a hammer on this one here will help you a lot with this upgrade taking out over 20 days of upgrade time.

now the rest of the troops and spells are basically your preference of what you want to actually upgrade in order for me personally I’ll be upgrading more of the hybrid with the wall breakers and the Wizards going up to their next level at level 11.

the lightining will be going up to level 10 the Witch and Golem both of them going up you could use a book on both of those because they do cost Dark Elixir.

the last four will be the giant, the minion, the jump spell and then the finish off with the bat spell.

BEST Base layout for Town Hall 15

Town hall 15 base

Town hall 15 base layout

Town hall 15 base layout coc

New update Town hall 15

Town hall 15 anti 2 star base

coc Town hall 15 base

Best Town hall 15 war base layout

Credit goes to iTzu for all the base layout he has shown some attack strategies for town hall 15 I recommend you to check it out.


If you like our Guide for Town Hall 15 do comment down below your thoughts. all the information and video credit goes to their respected YouTubers and are thankful to them for sharing all the information and Guides. stay tuned for more upcoming Town Hall 15 Base Design. You can check the Base layout for Town Hall 14 and Builder Hall 4-9 on

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