Ranking EVERY Year of Clash Royale

The game that has become a cornerstone of mobile gaming, has seen its fair share of highs and lows over the years.

As players, we’ve laughed, strategized, and sometimes even felt a little frustrated with the game’s twists and turns.

In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane, exploring the standout features and updates from each year, all the way from 2016 to 2021.

Let’s dive into the rankings based.

2016: The Birth of Clash Royale

The inaugural year of Clash Royale set the stage for what would become a gaming phenomenon.

With regular updates, new cards, and essential quality-of-life improvements, it was a thrilling time to be part of the Clash Royale community.

Despite its flaws, 2016 holds a special place in the hearts of many players, capturing the excitement of the game’s early days.

2017: A Year of Leagues, 2v2, and Quality of Life

2017 stands out as a pinnacle year for Clash Royale, introducing leagues, draft chests, 2v2 mode, and numerous quality-of-life enhancements.

Clan battles and the beloved 2v2 mode became instant favorites, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players.

The introduction of leagues provided a structured competitive environment, making every season reset a highly anticipated event.

2017 laid the foundation for what we now consider quintessential Clash Royale.

2018: Clan Wars, Emotes, and Global Tournaments

Despite a somewhat slow start, 2018 became a powerhouse year for Clash Royale.

The long-awaited Clan Wars arrived, replacing Clan Chests but bringing a refreshing take on competitive play.

Emotes became collectible treasures, adding a new layer of personalization to the game. Global tournaments further intensified the competitive scene, turning Clash Royale into a battleground of skill and strategy.

2018 was a year filled with content that kept players eagerly returning for more.

2019: Trophy Road, Pass Royale, and the Party Button

2019 brought substantial changes to Clash Royale, starting with the Trophy Road update, introducing a new way to earn rewards based on trophy milestones.

The introduction of Pass Royale provided players with an enticing premium pass, offering a range of rewards and incentives.

The party button and various gameplay changes added a layer of excitement to the Clash Royale experience.

Although the year focused heavily on gameplay, it thrived on the success of Trophy Road and Pass Royale, creating a memorable gaming experience.

2020: Clan Wars 2.0 and Challenges

Regrettably, 2020 didn’t shine as brightly for Clash Royale.

The year kicked off with Clan Wars 2.0, which, despite high expectations, fell short of delivering an exceptional experience.

Challenges and fixes dominated subsequent updates, attempting to rectify the flaws introduced by Clan Wars 2.0.

Unfortunately, the lack of substantial content left many players yearning for more, making 2020 a year that some would rather forget.

2021: Magic Items, Level 14 Champions, and Progression Changes

In a surprising turn of events, 2021 revived Clash Royale with the introduction of magic items.

These items addressed long-standing progression issues, injecting new life into the game.

Gold crates, a revamped bonus bank, and level 14 Champions aimed at improving progression for players of all levels.

The year marked a significant spike in player interest, showcasing the team’s commitment to enhancing the Clash Royale experience.

2022: Masteries, Battle Banners, and Path of Legends

While 2022 brought some interesting additions, including masteries and battle banners, it lacked the “wow factor” that characterized previous years.

The focus on Seasons and the introduction of these new features didn’t resonate as strongly with players.

Despite some positive aspects, the year felt somewhat lackluster, leaving players with a sense of longing for the excitement seen in earlier updates.


Each year in Clash Royale’s history has left an indelible mark on the game and its community.

From the thrilling early days of 2016 to the revitalizing magic items of 2021, players have witnessed the evolution of Clash Royale in all its glory and occasional pitfalls.

As we look ahead to 2023 and beyond, the hope is that Clash Royale will continue to capture the essence of what made each of these years memorable, providing players with exciting updates and a thriving community.

The journey through these years serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of Clash Royale and the passionate community that has grown around it.


What set the stage for Clash Royale’s success in 2016, and how did regular updates and new cards contribute to its early popularity?

In 2016, Clash Royale’s standout feature was its regular updates, new card introductions, and essential quality-of-life improvements. Exploring how these elements contributed to the game’s early success and set the stage for future developments can provide insight into the evolution of Clash Royale.

How did the introduction of leagues in 2017 impact Clash Royale’s competitive scene, and what were the key enhancements during that year?

2017 marked the introduction of leagues, draft chests, 2v2 mode, and various quality-of-life enhancements. Understanding the impact of these additions on the competitive landscape and player experience can shed light on why 2017 is considered a pivotal year for Clash Royale.

In 2018, what made Clan Wars, emotes, and global tournaments stand out, contributing to the game’s appeal?

Delving into the specifics of Clan Wars, the introduction of emotes, and the intensification of global tournaments can provide a comprehensive understanding of why 2018 was a standout year for Clash Royale, despite a slow start.

How did Trophy Road, Pass Royale, and the Party Button in 2019 influence player engagement and the overall Clash Royale experience?

Analyzing the influence of Trophy Road, Pass Royale, and the Party Button on player engagement and the overall gaming experience in 2019 can provide insights into the game’s evolving dynamics and the factors that made this year memorable for Clash Royale enthusiasts.

Why did 2020 receive mixed reviews, especially with Clan Wars 2.0, and how did subsequent updates attempt to address the challenges faced by the game?

Examining the reasons behind the mixed reception of 2020, especially with the rollout of Clan Wars 2.0, and understanding the subsequent attempts to rectify the flaws can offer valuable insights into the challenges Clash Royale faced and the community’s response to the updates during this particular year.

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