Ranking EVERY Year of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has changed the gaming experiences of millions and has had a rich past filled with highs, lows, and great moments.

we dive into a thorough ranking of each year in Clash of Clans, exploring the key features, famous events, and the general growth of the game.

Please remember that this list is arbitrary and based on the content creator’s personal experiences.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the impact of Clash of Clans.

11. 2016: A Year of Adjustments and Challenges

2016, characterized by the introduction of the treasury, Luke Car, Star Bonus, three new troops, and friendly Wars, brought a mix of excitement and challenges.

The aftermath of the Town Hall 11 update led to patching and balancing efforts. With the rise of Clash Royale and Pokemon Go, 2016 faced tough competition, resulting in a quieter period for the Clash of Clans community.

10. 2012: The Birth of Clash, But Not Without Flaws

As the inaugural year of Clash of Clans, 2012 was filled with nostalgic moments. Despite being the foundation year, the game had major flaws, including long army training times and high elixir costs.

Global release, Tesla, spells, Town Hall 9, and the first special obstacle marked significant additions, setting the stage for the game’s future.

However, the game was still in its early stages of development.

9. 2017: The Builder Base Takes Center Stage

2017 was dominated by the introduction of the Builder Base. Although this addition brought a breath of fresh air, players not interested in the Builder Base found the year less compelling.

Builder Hall 7, Clan games, and magic items were noteworthy, but the focus on the Builder Base left the Home Village with fewer substantial updates.

Despite this, 2017 held personal memories for many players.

8. 2020: A Year of Resurgence

While 2020 faced challenges globally, Clash of Clans brought joy to players with the introduction of super troops, sceneries, seven new units, and various quality-of-life improvements.

The game started to regain popularity after a four-year slumber, with old players returning and new features enhancing the overall experience.

The year emphasized community enjoyment over massive updates, making it memorable for many.

7. 2019: A Packed Year with Some Controversies

2019 featured seasonal challenges, Operation Blue Skies, Builder Hall 9, and Town Hall 13. Quality-of-life improvements like practice mode and base links contributed positively.

However, the removal of Global and the introduction of a recruitment system received mixed reactions.

Despite controversies, the introduction of Town Hall 13 and engaging challenges kept the community thriving.

6. 2013: A Year of Crazy Updates and Nostalgia

2013, a year of experimentation, introduced Heroes, Dark Elixir, air traps, Town Hall 10, Village edit mode, and trap upgrades.

While the game struggled with balancing and cheaters, the introduction of Android towards the end of the year paved the way for future success.

Despite the challenges, 2013 set the stage for the game’s evolution, creating a mix of excitement and uncertainty.

5. 2021: Balancing High-Level Content with Quality of Life

2021 presented a dilemma, balancing player love for the year with a focus on high-level content, particularly Town Hall 14.

Despite this, the emphasis on quality-of-life improvements, addressing community concerns, and keeping the player base engaged made it a significant year.

It marked a period of stability and overall enjoyment, even if most content was geared towards high-level gameplay.

4. 2015: A Year of Explosive Growth

2015 was a monumental year for Clash of Clans, featuring Clan levels, air sweeper, Dark Spell Factory, Titan and Legend league, and the announcement of Town Hall 11.

With the game reaching new heights of popularity, the introduction of various features and quality-of-life changes kept players engaged.

The game’s explosive growth continued, setting the stage for future developments.

3. 2018: A Year Bursting with Excitement

2018 stands out as a year filled with new and exciting content. Builder Hall 8, the trader, clan war tools,

Town Hall 12, siege machines, clan war league, league shop, and more captivated players. Quality-of-life improvements and the introduction of magic items and Clan games added a layer of enjoyment.

The year marked a period of growth and innovation, reshaping the Clash of Clans experience.

2. 2014: The Peak of Clash of Clans

2014, often considered the peak of Clash of Clans, introduced Clan Wars, hero abilities, co-leaders, and witnessed the birth of lavaloon.

With each feature generating immense hype, the game’s popularity soared. Despite its flaws, including imbalances and the absence of certain features, 2014 created an unparalleled gaming experience.

The introduction of Clan Wars, in particular, became a defining moment in Clash history.

1. 2022: A Year of Transformation and Community Focus

Taking the top spot is 2022, a year that witnessed significant changes and enhancements to Clash of Clans’ identity.

The introduction of the Clan Capital, extra life for Heroes, free armies, Town Hall 15, 15 new Goblin maps, and a multitude of quality-of-life improvements marked a transformative period.

The Clan Capital, a long-awaited feature, breathed new life into the game, and the community-driven focus made 2022 a standout year for Clash of Clans.


Clash of Clans has experienced an amazing journey over the years, changing from its early days in 2012 to the lively and community-driven experience of 2022.

Each year brought its unique difficulties and successes, adding to the rich weave of memories for players.

As we continue to fight into the future, it’s clear that Fight of Clans stays a timeless and popular game for players of all ages.


Why is 2016 ranked the lowest in the list of Clash of Clans years?

2016 is considered the lowest because, despite adding features like the store, Luke Car Star bonus, and friendly Wars, it faced challenges and balance problems after the Town Hall 11 update. Additionally, the power of Clash Royale and Pokémon Go shifted attention from Clash of Clans during this year.

What defines the significance of 2012 in Clash of Clans history?

2012 marked the birth of Clash of Clans and brought major features like the global release, Tesla, magic, Town Hall 9, and the first special challenge. However, the game’s early version had flaws, such as slow army training times and high potion prices, which affected its place in the list.

Why is 2018 considered an incredible year for Clash of Clans?

2018 is hailed for bringing Builder Hall 8, the seller, clan war tools, Town Hall 12, siege machines, clan war league, and different quality-of-life changes. Siege machines changed clan wars, and the year was filled with interesting material, making it one of the best years in Clash of Clans history.

What distinguishes 2014 as the “Peak of Glory” in Clash of Clans?

2014 is often called the peak due to the release of game-changing features like clan wars, hero powers, co-leaders, and the birth of Lavaloon. Despite its ease, the satisfaction and fame hit an all-time high, leaving memorable memories for Clash of Clans players.

Why is 2022 ranked as the top year in the evolution of Clash of Clans?

2022 is considered the top year due to the debut of important features like the clan Capital, extra life for Heroes, free troops, Town Hall 15, and 15 new Goblin maps. These adds, along with numerous quality-of-life changes, represent a game-changing year that reacts to the community’s wishes, bringing new life and energy into Clash of Clans.

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