The ENTIRE History of Clash of Clans (2012-2023)

it’s fascinating to see how the game has evolved over the years.

From its soft launch in Canada back in 2012 to the most recent updates in 2023, Clash of Clans has taken us through a rollercoaster of exciting changes, additions, and innovations.

lets check all the updates and what came with it.

The Early Days (2012-2013):

June 21, 2012, marked the soft launch of Clash of Clans, formerly known as Project Magic, in Canada. Initially available only on iPhone and iPad, it quickly gained popularity.

By August 2, 2012, the game went global, but exclusively on these platforms.

The first major update in August introduced achievements and the Giant Bomb trap, setting the stage for what was to come.

In the following months, updates rolled out, introducing spells, Clan trophy requirements, and seasonal events like the Halloween update in October 2012.

November brought the winter season, complete with a snow-covered village, Christmas obstacles, and the ability to boost buildings.

Heroes and Town Hall 9 (2014):

January 10, 2014, marked a significant milestone with the introduction of Heroes—King and Queen. This update also introduced Dark Elixir storage and drills.

The game continued to evolve with the addition of new traps, troops, and the implementation of Leagues in May 2014.

By October 2014, Town Hall 10 was introduced, bringing along the Inferno Tower. Leagues and troop additions continued, with the Freeze spell being a notable addition in October 2014.

Clan Wars and Town Hall 11 (2015):

The game-changing update in April 2014 introduced Clan Wars, giving the game its name’s true meaning. The addition of Clan Wars brought about co-leaders and, later in October, the ability to save and edit multiple bases.

In December 2015, Town Hall 11 was introduced, bringing new defenses, the Grand Warden, and Eagle Artillery. This update also marked a shift in the importance of Shields in the game.

Builder Base and Clan Games (2017-2018):

May 2017 introduced the Builder’s Base, a new dimension to the Clash of Clans experience. Builder Hall levels continued to be added, bringing new troops and defenses. Clan Games, a feature allowing players to earn rewards by completing challenges, was introduced in December 2017.

Town Hall 12 and Clan War Leagues (2018):

December 2018 brought Town Hall 12, along with Siege Machines and the Battle Blimp. The introduction of Clan War Leagues in October 2018 added a competitive element to clan wars, making Clash of Clans even more engaging.

Season Challenges and Builder Hall 9 (2019):

April 2019 saw the introduction of Season Challenges, offering a new way for players to earn rewards. Builder Hall 9 arrived in June 2019, introducing the Hog Glider and new defenses.

Town Hall 13 and Super Troops (2020):

March 2020 brought Super Troops, an upgraded version of existing troops. In June, a new dark elixir troop, the Headhunter, was introduced. The addition of Sceneries allowed players to change the landscape of their villages.

Town Hall 14 and Clan Capital (2021-2022):

April 2021 introduced Town Hall 14, bringing new buildings, troops, and pets. The Clan Capital update in May 2022 revolutionized clan dynamics, introducing a central hub for collective construction. Districts, a new currency, and customizable clan houses added depth to the game.

Builder Base 2.0 and Town Hall 15 (2023):

The Builder Base 2.0 rework in 2023 marked a significant overhaul, introducing a multi-stage system for attacks and defenses. Town Hall 15 arrived in June 2023, featuring new buildings, troops, spells, and additional levels.


As we conclude this nostalgic journey through the 11-year history of Clash of Clans, it’s clear that the game’s evolution has been nothing short of extraordinary.

From the humble beginnings of Project Magic to the expansive worlds of Town Hall 15 and Clan Capitals, Clash of Clans has kept its community engaged and excited for over a decade.

Nostalgia mixed with anticipation, it’s safe to say that Clash of Clans has left an indelible mark on the mobile gaming landscape.

Here’s to more years of strategic battles, clan wars, and countless updates in the Clash of Clans.


When was Clash of Clans initially soft-launched, and in which country?

Clash of Clans was soft-launched on June 21, 2012, and it was initially available in Canada.

What major update in 2014 introduced the concept of Clan Wars?

The April 2014 update brought Clan Wars to Clash of Clans, introducing a competitive clan war tournament-like system.

Which update in 2018 introduced the Clan Capital and what significant features did it bring?

The Clan Capital update in May 2022 revolutionized clan dynamics, introducing a central hub for collective construction, new districts, a new currency, and customizable clan houses.

In which update did Clash of Clans introduce the Builder Base, and what major feature did it bring?

The Builder Base was introduced in May 2017, adding a new dimension to the game. It featured a separate base with its own set of structures, troops, and defenses, offering a fresh gameplay experience.

What significant change came with the Builder Base 2.0 rework in 2023?

The Builder Base 2.0 rework in 2023 introduced a multi-stage system for attacks and defenses, transforming the way players approach strategies in the Builder Base.

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