Finish Clan Games in less than 2h: Unlock EXTRA Rewards

Here’s How You Can Maximize Your Clan Games Experience along with Tips and Strategies.

In this guide, We’ll provide a comprehensive overview of how Clan Games work, and we’ll equip you with valuable tips and tricks to ensure you make the most out of this exciting event.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding Clan Games is essential for unlocking free rewards and helping your clan progress.

What Are Clan Games?

Clan Games

Clan Games are a recurring event in Clash of Clans that occur every 30 days.

These events bring together clan members to complete a series of challenges and tasks, with the ultimate goal of unlocking free rewards.

To participate in Clan Games, you need to meet two essential requirements:

  • your Town Hall level must be 6 or higher
  • you must be a member of a clan.

One important note is that you can only start Clan Games in the clan you are currently a member of.

If you leave that clan, you won’t be able to start Clan Games in a different clan

you’ll need to return to your original clan to complete your Clan Games.

However, even if you leave the clan after starting Clan Games, you’ll still receive rewards based on what your original clan was able to unlock.

Participating in Clan Games

To check if Clan Games are active, look for information in the in-game events tab or keep an eye out for the Strongman’s Caravan on the upper left side of your home Village.

Clicking on the Caravan will open a menu with 3 tabs:

  • Challenges
  • Clan
  • Rewards

You’ll also find the time remaining until Clan Games end and information about your clan’s score.

Understanding Clan Games Points

Each Clan Games event presents specific challenges, which are categorized as Home Village tasks (in light blue) and Builder Base tasks (in dark blue).

When you select a task, you’ll see details about what you need to do to complete it, along with the number of points it’s worth.

Points are crucial as they contribute to both your individual score and your clan’s overall score.

For example, a task might require you to “destroy 25 wall segments in multiplayer battles” for 150 points.

Be aware that most tasks have a time limit, typically around 3 hours.

If you fail to complete the task within the time frame, it expires and if you want to start it again you have to use gems.

Task Selection Strategy

Selecting tasks strategically can significantly impact your Clan Games experience. Here’s how to make the most of your choices:

1. Gemming Challenges:

Gemming a challenge is an efficient way to refresh and cycle through different challenges.

When you refresh a challenge, you’ll receive a new task, hopefully with a higher point value.

Keep in mind that there is a cooldown period of 10 minutes between gemming challenges.

2. High-Value Challenges:

Pay close attention to challenges with high point values.

These can include tasks like “three-starring a base” for 300 points or “destroying 10 Archer Towers” for 600 points.

These high-value challenges make a significant contribution to your score.

3. Builder Base Tasks:

While some Builder Base tasks may have lower point values, they can be completed quickly and efficiently.

If you prefer to focus on your home Village during Clan Games, consider selecting these tasks for easy points.

4. Super Troop Challenges:

Keep an eye out for super troop challenges worth 1500 points.

Requesting super troops from your clanmates can help you complete these challenges, even if you’re not a Town Hall 13 player.

5. Completing Farming Tasks:

Some tasks, such as “clearing obstacles” or “collecting resources,” are designed to help you progress in the game.

Use these tasks strategically to stock up on resources for future upgrades.


Clan Games in Clash of Clans offer an excellent opportunity to earn rewards and contribute to your clan’s success.

By understanding how Clan Games function and adopting a thoughtful task selection strategy, you can maximize your points and help your clan unlock more reward tiers.

Remember, you have several days to complete Clan Games, so there’s no rush to finish all tasks at once.

In the end, Clan Games are about making informed choices and balancing your personal progress with the success of your clan.

So, gear up for the next Clan Games event, select your tasks wisely, and enjoy the rewards that come your way!

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