Clash Royale Mythbusters Part 2 (2024)

Welcome back to another thrilling part of Clash Royale Mythbusters.

We are diving deep into the mysteries of the game to uncover the truths that lie beneath the surface.

After the success of Part 1, Your overwhelming support and engagement have fueled our hearts, so buckle up for another exciting journey through the myths and revelations of Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Mythbusters Part 2 (2024)

The Curious Case of the Canon Car:

In Episode Three, we kick things off with a peculiar observation about the Canon Car.

When it transforms into the second stage, only three wheels pop off, contrary to the expected four.

Why is this happening? Join us as we unravel the mystery behind this unusual phenomenon and explore the unexpected twists in the Canon Car’s evolution.

Epic Battle Healer Showdown:

Ever wondered what would happen if Battle Healers attacked each other endlessly? Our Mythbuster took on the challenge, and the results were mind-boggling.

After numerous attempts and a bit of frustration, the conclusion was surprising.

Find out why Battle Healers attacking each other seems like an eternal dance and the unexpected outcome that left our Mythbuster in awe.

Freezing Tesla Midway – A Cool Revelation:

Have you ever frozen a Tesla while it’s closing? Well, our Mythbuster did, and the results are fascinating. While the Tesla itself doesn’t loop, the sound does.

Discover the cool intricacies of freezing a Tesla midway and witness a frozen elevator moment that caught our Mythbuster by surprise.

Chilling Tombstone Freeze:

Freezing a tombstone turns out to be more challenging than expected. Our Mythbuster faced difficulties in perfecting this myth but ultimately succeeded.

Learn how freezing tombstone results in frozen skeletons when destroyed, offering a unique visual spectacle that adds a new dimension to Clash Royale dynamics.

Zapping the Giants:

Can the Sparky’s zaps stop a Royal Giant in its tracks? Our Mythbuster had high hopes for this one, but the results were not as expected.

Dive into the details of the experiment and find out whether Sparky’s zaps can truly prevent a Royal Giant from reaching your tower.

Brace yourselves for a surprising revelation that might change your strategy.

Skeleton Barrel Clone:

Cloning a Skeleton Barrel leads to an interesting twist. The clone only carries one balloon instead of three.

Discover the smart move by Supercell to maintain game balance and understand the reasoning behind this modification.

It’s a subtle but crucial detail that adds depth to the game’s mechanics.

Vanishing Chests – A Silent Mystery:

Have you ever tried unlocking two chests simultaneously?

Our Mythbuster did, and the results were unexpected.

Delve into the silent mystery of vanishing rewards when two chests are touched simultaneously, leaving only the sound of the chests behind.

Fragile Clone Survivors:

Is it possible for a cloned damaged Battle Healer to survive a zap or freeze? Our Mythbuster attempted to find out, and the results are conclusive.

Learn why cloned troops, regardless of their status, are always fragile and prone to destruction. Uncover the truth about the delicate nature of cloned units in Clash Royale.

Replay Revelations:

Replays in Clash Royale sometimes showcase bizarre occurrences. Explore the phenomenon of a Mega Minion’s helmet spinning in the air temporarily when it dies.

Understand the intricacies of replay mechanics and how pausing at the right moment reveals hidden animations that go unnoticed during normal gameplay.

Legendary Surprises in Rare Chests:

First up, a community submission suggests that you can get a Legendary card from a Rare Chest.

Sounds a bit odd, right? Well, after some investigation and confirmation from Supercell, it turns out it’s true! Legendary cards have a 1.6 percent chance of appearing in a Rare Chest.

So, keep opening those Rare Chests, and who knows, you might stumble upon a legendary surprise.

Maybe I should complain to my rich dad for not getting the cards I wanted!

Sparky’s Tower Obsession:

Next, we explore the curious behavior of Sparky. When pulled by a Fisherman from certain angles, Sparky seems to forget about the Fisherman and targets the tower instead.

Is this intentional, or just a quirky mechanic? Join us as we unravel the mystery behind Sparky’s tower obsession and discover the dos and don’ts of pulling Sparky.

Battle Healer’s Cloning Magic:

A fascinating myth suggests that the Battle Healer can increase the HP of a cloned healer, allowing it to survive a zap or freeze.

After some testing, it turns out this myth is confirmed! The Battle Healer performs some magical healing that goes beyond our expectations.

Witness the unexpected synergy between Battle Healers and cloned troops that may change your Clash Royale strategy.

Tiebreaker Tidbits:

The myth about the tiebreaker in 2v2 needing a minimum of two HP differences for a win and one HP for a draw is put to the test.

After some number-crunching and experimentation, it turns out this myth is busted.

Despite spending a significant amount of time on it, our Mythbuster unravels the truth about tiebreakers, providing valuable insights into Clash Royale’s mechanics.

Out-of-Bounds Adventures:

Can troops be pushed outside the arena by a spell? The myth suggests a tantalizing possibility of glitches and out-of-bounds adventures.

However, our Mythbuster finds that, in reality, the game’s invisible barriers prevent such escapades.

Discover the limitations of pushing troops beyond the arena boundaries and the game’s commitment to maintaining order.

Game-Freezing Button Symphony:

In a quirky revelation, combining button presses during a collection battle and then starting a battle simultaneously results in a frozen game on the forever searching for an opponent screen.

While this may sound like a potential exploit, our Mythbuster assures that it’s just a momentary glitch. Close and reopen the game, and you’ll be back in action.

Cards Spawn Where You Place Them:

A seemingly straightforward myth is confirmed: when you place any card in the arena, it spawns right where you put it.

While the myth may not have been particularly mind-blowing, it’s a reminder that sometimes the simplest things can amaze us.

Shifting Shields and Hovering Battle Healers:

As we delve into replay mysteries, the myth about the Dark Prince or Guards’ shields shifting in different locations with each replay view is confirmed.

Weird things indeed happen in replays, and this is just one example of the game’s unpredictable nature.

In an interesting trip down memory lane, we revisit the Battle Healer’s pre-release version, where she was categorized as a hovering troop.

While this hovering state allowed her to cross rivers, it was eventually removed, making her a regular ground troop.

Explore the game’s evolutionary journey and the intriguing concept of hovering troops.

Valkyrie vs. Skeleton Army:

The myth proposing that a level 3 Valkyrie could defeat a level 12 Skeleton Army is put to the test.

Unfortunately, the myth is busted, and even a level 3 Valkyrie struggles against the mighty Skeleton Army.

Witness the clash of troops in this unexpected battle scenario.


And there you have it, Clash Royale fans – another episode of Mythbusters, filled with surprises, revelations, and a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics.

We couldn’t have done it without your support and engagement, so keep those comments coming.

Don’t forget to comment and share your own myths for us to explore in future episodes.

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