26+ Best Builder hall 6 base Layout with Link (BB2.0)

Looking for Best Builder Hall 6 Bases that actually work on Defence?

Here we have The Most unbeatable bases for BH6 after the Update of Builder Hall 2.0

Also, we have shared some of the best useful information regarding the New Update of the Clash of Clans.

Best Builder Hall 6 Base Layouts 2023

The base layout is an essential aspect of Builder Base 2.0, and players need to have a strong base to defend against attacks.

There are different types of Builder Hall 6 base layouts, including trophy pushing, Funny, troll base, defense, and farming.

Here are the top 5 BH6 base layouts for each type:

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Trophy Pushing Bases

best night base builder hall 6

Anti Pekka Bh6 base layout

Anti cannon cart Bh6 base layout

Anti night witch Bh6 base layout

Anti baby dragon Bh6 base layout

Anti boxer giants Bh6 base layout

New BH6 Base links 2023

Latest base layouts for bh6

Best Army for Builder Hall 6

1 Cannon Cart 4 Baby dragon

Try to take an air bomb with a cannon cart and heroes then use the rest baby dragons to clear air defense and archer towers.

Attacking and Defending Strategies in BH6

Attacking and defending are crucial aspects of Builder Base 2.0, and players must have a good strategy to succeed.

Here are some tips and tricks for successful attacks and defenses:

Attacking Strategies for BH6

Use the following to get better at attacks:

  1. Giants and Bombers to clear out defenses
  2. Sneaky Archers to take out buildings
  3. Battle Machines to tank for troops
  4. Baby Dragons to clear out buildings
  5. Cannon Carts to take out defenses

Defending Strategies

You must upgrade the following things to get better at defense. If you don’t follow then what’s the point of using the best bases out there?

  1. walls to funnel troops
  2. traps to surprise attackers
  3. Crushers to take out tanks
  4. Air Bombs to take out air troops
  5. a Roaster to take out ground troops

Tips and Tricks for Upgrading and Progressing in Builder Base 2.0

Upgrading and progressing in Builder Base 2.0 can be challenging, but there are some tips and tricks that players can use to make it easier.

Here are some tips and tricks for upgrading buildings, troops, and defenses efficiently:

  1. Focus on upgrading defenses first
  2. Upgrade your troops to match your attacking strategy
  3. Use gems to speed up upgrades
  4. Use Potions to speed up your progress
  5. Use the sixth builder to upgrade multiple buildings at once
  6. Complete daily challenges to earn rewards


Builder Base 2.0 is an exciting update to Clash of Clans, and BH6 is an essential part of this update.

In this blog post, we covered the best BH6 base layouts, attacking and defending strategies, and tips and tricks for upgrading and progressing in Builder Base 2.0.

By following these tips and tricks, players can improve their gameplay and succeed in Builder Base 2.0.


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