6+ (NEW!) Best Builder hall 4 Base Layout Link 2023 (BB2.0)

Hey clashers, Looking for an Anti 3 star Builder Hall 4 base Layout with the link after builder base 2.0 Update?

Here in this article, you will get the best BH 4 base layouts that are anti-2 stars, anti-mass minions, and anti-baby dragon bases.

we have the Best BH4 base layout for you that will help you win every Battle.

we will also discuss the best BH 4 base designs and provide tips for designing your own base.

Best Builder Hall 4 Base Designs 2023

BH 4 base layout 2023 after update

Builder Hall 4 base link

anti 3 stars Builder Hall 4 base link

Best Builder Hall 4 base layout

Builder Hall 4 base layout

Builder Hall 4 base layout 2023

Builder Hall 4 Attack Strategy

Sneaky Archers and Baby Dragons

we will discuss how to use sneaky archers and baby dragons to achieve 3-star victories. Let’s dive right into it!

Step 1: Identify Air Defenses and Air Bomb Tower

The first thing you should do is locate the air defenses and the air bomb tower in your opponent’s base. This information will help you plan your attack effectively.

Even if you’re a Builder Hall 4 facing a Builder Hall 5, exposed air defenses can be your ticket to victory.

Step 2: Take Out Air Defenses with Archers

Archers play a crucial role in this strategy. Their special ability allows them to go invisible, making them ideal for picking off exposed defenses. Start by deploying a couple of archers on the air defense you aim to eliminate.

If you can’t reach an air defense or the air bomb tower, archer towers are also a great alternative target. The goal here is to take down as many defenses as possible with your archers.

Step 3: Deploy Baby Dragons

With some air defenses out of the way, it’s time to release the baby dragons. You should aim for a 2-star victory since 3-star wins can be unpredictable.

Place a baby dragon at the top of the base and another one near the Builder Hall, ensuring you secure at least one star.

Step 4: Clearing the Base

Now, your remaining air defenses are usually more exposed. Deploy your baby dragons to target them while keeping an eye on the Tesla and Archer towers.

Don’t forget that these baby dragons don’t need to be maxed to achieve success. As you can see, you can still defeat higher-level bases with this strategy.

Step 5: Securing the Win

By knocking out the air bomb tower and air defenses early in the raid, your chances of achieving a 3-star victory increase significantly. However, always make sure to secure at least one star for the win by targeting the Builder Hall.

Types of Builder hall 4 Base in Clash of clans

There are many base designs available for BH 4, but we have compiled a list of the best ones. These base designs have been tested and reviewed by experts, and they have proven to be effective in defending against attacks.

Here are some of the best BH 4 base types:

  1. The Diamond Base
    This base design has a diamond shape with the Builder Hall in the center. It has a strong defense against ground troops and air troops. The traps are placed strategically to catch the attackers off guard.
  2. The Tesla Farm Base
    This base design has a unique layout with multiple Tesla towers placed around the Builder Hall. The Teslas are hidden and can surprise the attackers. The traps are also placed in a way that can catch the attackers off guard.
  3. The Boxer Giant Base
    This base design has a strong defense against Boxer Giants, which are commonly used in BH 4 attacks. The traps are placed in a way that can take out the Boxer Giants quickly.

Ultimate Builder Hall 4 Guide for 2023

Tips for Designing Your Own Builder Hall 4 Base

If you want to design your own Builder Hall 4 base, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Trap Placement
    Place your traps in a way that can catch the attackers off guard. For example, place your traps near the Builder Hall or near the defenses.
  2. Wall Placement
    Place your walls in a way that can funnel the attackers toward your defenses. This will make it easier for your defenses to take out the attackers.
  3. Building Placement
    Place your buildings in a way that can protect your defenses. For example, place your buildings in front of your defenses to act as a shield.


Having a strong and defensive Builder Hall 4 Base is an important and crucial aspect of Clash of Clans. We have provided a list of the best BH 4 base designs and tips for designing your own base. We encourage you to try out these base designs or create your own.

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