10+ BEST Town Hall 5 base Layouts (NEW!) + GUIDE 2023

Hello Town Hall 5 players are you guys looking for TH5 Best Base Layouts?

In this article, we have shared Best of Best Base Layouts along with the Town Hall 5 Upgrade Guide and attack strategy.

Town Hall 5 Trophy Pushing Base Layouts

Best town hall 5 base layout

clash of Clans level 5 base

TH 5 base copy link

coc TH 5 base

clash of clans TH 5 base

Town Hall 5 War/CWL Base Layouts

best clash of clans base TH 5

best base for TH 5 in clash of clans

coc TH 5 base copy link

undefeated th5 base

clash of clans TH 5 base copy

Importance of a Strong TH5 Base

Your TH5 base isn’t just a collection of buildings; it’s a living entity that must evolve to fend off attacks and protect your resources. Understanding its importance is the first step toward success.

Tips for Town Hall 5 Progress:

  1. Utilize the Silver Pass: Make the most of the Silver Pass to gather resources efficiently.
  2. Single Player Map: Explore the single-player maps to collect resources without breaking your shield.
  3. Practice Maps: Take advantage of practice maps to acquire additional resources.
  4. Save Gems for Builders: Gems should be saved primarily for buying Builders.
  5. In-Game Events: Keep an eye on in-game events in the Events tab (accessible from the shop button). These events can offer resources and magic items, enhancing your progress.
  6. Clan Games: Participate in monthly Clan Games for resources, including Gold, Elixir, and Gems, as well as valuable magic items.

TH5 Base Upgrade Priority

When it comes to upgrading, prioritize offensive structures first for better attack capabilities:

  1. Laboratory: Upgrade your laboratory right away.
  2. Army Camps: Boost your army capacity by upgrading Army Camps.
  3. Barracks: Unlock new troops like Wizards by upgrading your barracks.
  4. Spell Tower: Unlock the Spell Tower for spell support in your attacks.

While you do get Lightning Spells at Town Hall 5, they are not a high priority due to their limited impact.

On the defensive side:

  1. Splash Buildings: Upgrade Wizard Towers and Mortars for splash damage.
  2. Archer Towers: Strengthen your defenses against air attacks and ground units.
  3. Air Defense: Prioritize upgrading Air Defense to fend off air threats like Balloons.
  4. Cannons: Upgrade Cannons last as they offer less protection compared to other defensive structures.

Traps and walls should be upgraded gradually, without significant stress, as they provide additional defense but are not a top priority.

Town Hall 5 Attack Strategies:

Two effective attack strategies for Town Hall 5 are:

  1. Giants and Wizards: Use a combination of Giants and Wizards, supported by Barbarians, Archers, and Wall Breakers. This versatile strategy can handle a variety of bases.
  2. Balloon Army: Deploy a group of Balloons, supported by Wizards and Archers for cleanup. Target air defenses and Wizard Towers to maximize success.

Remember to spread out your troops and use Lightning Spells when needed to weaken defensive structures.

Base Design Recommendations:

For farming purposes, you should consider setting up a Town Hall 5 Farming Base.

The primary goal of this base design is to safeguard your storage, protecting your precious resources from raiding players.

If you’re planning to participate in Clan Wars, you can try out a Town Hall 5 War Base.

You can make minor modifications to enhance its defensive capabilities.


We have Updated all the Base Layouts as per the current update of Clash of Clans 2023.

let us know which base you liked the most in the comments and also don’t forget to share it with your clanmates and friends.

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