Best Unbeatable Town hall 13 war base + link (anti 2 stars)

Are you searching for the best Town Hall 13 war base designs and attack strategy?

We have some amazing war base designs for TH13, including an anti-3-star war base and an anti-everything base.

Town Hall 13 war base Layouts

town hall 13 war base

town hall 13 war base

town hall 13 base layout

town hall 13 war base layout

town hall 13 anti 3 star base

town hall 13 war base anti 3

town hall 13 island base

best town hall 13 war base layout 2023

town hall 13 cwl war base

town hall 13 cwl war ring base

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Hybrid bases for Town Hall 13

If you want a town hall 13 base that can stop any attack strategies from getting all the stars, look here.

Don’t forget to check the last one.

unique town hall 13 base

town hall 13 war base layout

town hall 13 war base layout 2023

best town hall 13 war base layout

clash of clans

anti 2 stars town hall 13 war base

town hall 13 base design

island town hall 13 war base

town hall 13 base copy link

town hall 13 war base layout 2023

coc town hall 13 war base

town hall 13 war base – clash of clans

The hybrid base design of this base is ideal for protecting loot in high leagues and preventing opponents from extracting all of the stars from it.

This base layout places the town hall and the eagle artillery far apart from one another to prevent Siege machines from setting up an effective funnel to destroy both structures.

The main defensive buildings are evenly distributed throughout the inner part of the base, providing defense coverage almost everywhere, and opponents will not be able to damage multiple main defenses at once using spells and blizzard tactics. As a result, it is difficult for opponents to snipe them easily.

All Inferno towers are set to single targets, and all Expos are set to both ground and air targets to prevent the use of Electro dragons in attacks, even if multiple air defenses are destroyed. This prevents the troops from reaching the center of the base.

Defenses include wizard towers, scatter shots, and yeti bowlers, which can all deal damage to multiple spamming troops while single target inferno towers can deal with tanking troops, preventing ground attacking strategies like witch slap and Yeti Bowler. Additionally, traps are set up in front of these defensive structures to take out some of the enemy troops, making it simpler to take out the remaining troops.

The clan castle is positioned in the middle of the base to prevent enemies from luring CC troops early in the battle, which will serve as a strong defense.

All storage buildings are dispersed throughout the base to protect loot during raids, preventing enemies from taking everything unless they completely destroy the base.

These storage structures are protected by nearly every defensive structure, and all common defensive structures are evenly distributed along the base’s perimeter to provide defense coverage for structures outside the base, such as gold mines and elixir collectors.

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TH 13 attack Strategy 2023

Blizzard Blimp and LavaLoon Attack Strategy

Step 1: Using the Blizzard Blimp The key to this strategy is starting with the Blizzard Blimp.

The Blimp is a fantastic tool to set up your attack, and the first thing you should do is use it to clear valuable targets. You have two options for deploying the Blimp:

  • Send it toward the Town Hall if it’s exposed.
  • Use it away from the Town Hall if you can find value elsewhere.

Regardless of your choice, be sure to use the Blimp to lure out the Clan Castle troops (CC). This is crucial for a successful attack.

Step 2: Protecting the Blizzard Blimp To protect your Blimp on its journey, start by deploying a Lava Hound. This will help trigger traps like Seeking Air Mines and provide temporary protection from air-targeting defenses.

This allows your Blimp to reach its destination safely. Once it’s in position, use an Invisibility Spell to shield it from enemy defenses.

Step 3: Unleash the Blizzard After positioning the Blimp, drop a Rage Spell and another Invisibility Spell to maximize its value. From here on, use an Invisibility Spell every 4 seconds to continue protecting the Blimp and maintaining its momentum.

Step 4: Deploy your Heroes for the successful Blimp attack, it’s time to deploy your heroes. Look for high-value targets and critical defenses that the Blizzard didn’t eliminate.

These may include Inferno Towers, Scattershots, Eagle Artillery, or even the Town Hall itself.

Also, ensure you deal with the CC troops if they haven’t been taken out by the Blimp.

Send in your Barbarian King and Archer Queen together, accompanied by an Ice Golem to absorb early damage. Consider using the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability to enhance their survivability.

Step 5: Breaking Through Walls To access more defenses and key targets, utilize Wall Breakers or Super Wall Breakers strategically. This is crucial for reaching the enemy Queen or Royal Champion if they’re still active.

Step 6: The Royal Champion plays a vital role in this strategy. Use her to clear out remaining defenses and expand the pathing created by your heroes.

Target critical defenses such as the Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, or Scattershots.

Step 7: Now it’s time to send in your LavaLoon portion of the attack. Think of your Lava Hounds as rivers with at least three groups of balloons accompanying them.

The Grand Warden should join this phase for additional support and survivability.

Start with one group and one Lava Hound, then send in a second group perpendicular to the first with another Lava Hound. This method helps control the pathing of your balloons.

Step 8: Additional Support Use Head Hunters if the enemy Queen or Royal Champion is still active.

Protect them and your balloons with the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability, granting a few seconds of invulnerability.

Step 9: Spell Usage Utilize Freeze Spells to neutralize splash damage and air-targeting defenses.

Follow up with Haste Spells to quickly take down defenses. This combination ensures your balloons reach their targets effectively.

Step 10: Cleanup Once you’re confident that your LavaLoon portion will clear the remaining defenses, deploy minions for cleanup. Preventing a time fail is crucial, so ensure all structures are removed.

Watch this video on YouTube for a better understanding


In the above blog article we have covered the War Base Layouts for Town Hall 13 and also some great attack strategies for TH 13.

Let us know your favorite base layout in the comments and for more attack strategies comment “AS”

See you in the next one till then Clash On!

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