Best Town Hall 11 War Base layout with Guide 2023

looking for the best town hall 11 base layouts?

we got you clashers, we have the latest guide for town hall 11 (2023) along with Base layouts that will help in wars and trophy pushing.

So, what’s new at Town Hall 11?

Well, let’s break it down. You’ll unlock the Grand Warden, and you get to build some exciting defenses like the Eagle Artillery, Wizard Tower, and more. But that’s not all.

We’ve got some quality of life changes to make your Clash experience even better.

you can now upgrade troops even when your Laboratory or Star Laboratory is under construction.

3 barracks and 2 dark barracks were removed from the game instead you get 1 each, streamlining your army training process.

don’t forget about Clan Capital, introduced earlier in 2022, which can help you speed up your base progress.

Base Layout for TH11

town hall 11 war base layout 2023

town hall 11 war base layout 2023

clash of clans town hall 11 war base copy link

clash of clans town hall 11 war base copy link

best town hall 11 war base

best town hall 11 war base

town hall 11 war base copy link

town hall 11 war base copy link

clash of clans town hall 11 war base

clash of clans town hall 11 war base

town hall 11 war base anti 3 star

town hall 11 war base anti 3 star

coc town hall 11 war base

coc town hall 11 war base

best town hall 11 war base

best town hall 11 war base

good town hall 11 war base

good town hall 11 war base

town hall 11 war base link

Town Hall 11 war base link

Upgrade Order for Town Hall 11

  • Laboratory: We’re kicking things off with the Laboratory upgrade. It’s cheaper now, at 2.1 million Elixir, so you can start leveling up your troops right away.
  • Clan Castle: Upgrading the Clan Castle unlocks additional spell storage capacity, a big help for your attacks. This one will cost you 5.5 million Gold.
  • Heroes First: Now here’s an important tip. Instead of rushing to upgrade defenses, invest in your heroes. Start with the Archer Queen to level 41 for just 89,000 Dark Elixir, then upgrade to the Barbarian King. Trust me strong heroes make a big difference.
  • Walls: When you have extra Gold, don’t hesitate to invest in your walls. Strengthening your base is as crucial as your defenses.
  • Grand Warden: Upgrade your Grand Warden with 1.1 million Elixir. If you have any magic items, now’s the time to use them.
  • Army Camp: Increase the Offensive Power of your Army Camps’ capacity to 260 Camp spaces and upgrade your storages.
  • Barracks and Spell Factory: Unlock the Electro Dragon, Ice Golem, and Invisibility Spell by upgrading your Barracks and Spell Factory.
  • Resource Collectors and Traps: Start working on these to keep your resources flowing and your base safe.
  • Hero Upgrades: Upgrade all three heroes at once when possible, but during Clan War Leagues, do your attacks first to maximize your League medals. You can use these medals to buy magic items.
  • Laboratory Priorities: In your Laboratory, prioritize farming troops like Barbarians, Archers, Wall Breakers, and Baby Dragons. Then, work on your favorite war army compositions. Save the strategic stuff for later.
  • Clan and Clan Capital: Your clan matters, so get involved. Participate in Clan War Leagues to earn raid medals. These can be used to purchase valuable items like Research Potions.
  • Builder Base: Don’t forget about your Builder Base. Finish the gear-up options, level up your Mega Tesla, and work on your Battle Machine to unlock the sixth builder.
  • League Medals: While experienced players save League medals for higher Town Halls, for free-to-play players, it’s a good idea to use them on hammers to upgrade Dark Elixir troops.

Progress Base for TH11

Attack Strategy for TH11

5 Ice Golem, witch, bat spell attack strategy

we’ll break down the key steps of the Five ICG Attack, offering insights into its effectiveness and how to execute it successfully.

ICG attack strategy for TH 11

Step 1: Choosing Your Target

When selecting a target base, keep an eye out for a few key factors:

  • Single-Target Inferno Towers: Bases with single-target Inferno Towers are prime candidates for this attack strategy.
  • Splash Damage Buildings: Look for bases where you can eliminate or neutralize Wizard Towers and other splash damage defenses.
  • Eagle Artillery: If possible, target bases with an Eagle Artillery to take it out early.

Step 2: Deploying Your Troops

Now, let’s dive into the attack itself. Here’s how to execute the Five ICG Attack:

  1. Start with a Funnel: Deploy a Baby Dragon on one side of the base to create a funnel. This will help guide your troops into the core.
  2. Ice Golems and Witches: Deploy a couple of Ice Golems, Witches, and Bowlers on the opposite side to start creating the funnel from that end as well.
  3. Log Launcher: Deploy the Log Launcher early to open up a path into the core, allowing your troops to penetrate deep into the base.
  4. Heroes: Send in your heroes, including the Barbarian King and Archer Queen, to join the fray. Ensure they move toward the core of the base.
  5. Managing Clan Castle Troops: Be prepared to deal with Clan Castle troops if they emerge. Drop a Poison Spell to handle them efficiently.

Step 3: Unleashing the Bat Spells

This is where the magic happens:

  1. Select the Right Moment: Wait for your troops to create a path deep into the base before deploying your Bat Spells.
  2. Bat Placement: Release your Bat Spells over the area where the enemy Queen or key defenses are located.
  3. Freeze Critical Defenses: As the bats move through the base, freeze critical defenses like Wizard Towers and Multi-Target Inferno Towers to protect your bats.

Step 4: Victory and Clean-Up

Your bats should swiftly eliminate remaining defenses, securing you a 3 star victory. However, be mindful of time, as this strategy is swift but can struggle with cleanup.

Variations and Tips

  • If the base has offset Multi-Target Inferno Towers, adapt your deployment accordingly.
  • Consider using a Super Wall Breaker to aid in breaking through tough outer walls.
  • In some cases, you can use Yetis and Super Wizards for added firepower.

The 5 ICG Attack is a formidable strategy for Town Hall 11, capable of securing 3 stars victories against a variety of bases, especially those with single-target Inferno Towers. While it may have its challenges.

Give it a try in your next battles, and don’t forget to adapt and refine your approach based on the specific base you’re targeting.


So that’s it for this article we will cover some more attack strategies in the future for the town hall 11 bases.

Let us know in the comments which base is your favorite and did you try the attack strategy.

So, gear up, Chief! It’s time to clash your way to victory and have a blast in Clash of Clans!

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