Ultimate Builder Hall 4 Guide for (2023) Max your BH4 fast

tired of searching best Builder Hall 4 Guide?

I’m bringing you the long-awaited Builder Hall 4 guide and I know most of you have already upgraded your Builder Hall 3 into builder hall 4.

so don’t worry if you haven’t followed my advice you can constantly adjust what upgrades you’ll do next and if you’re struggling to advance this advice will help you get back on track.

the advice I’m giving you here is going to continue to apply throughout the game the keys are always going to be to focus on your offense by getting additional army camps and then focus on maxing one troop at a time.

so in this article, we’re going to cover upgrade priorities both for defense and offense, buildings for defense, and your attack strategies.

This is the Best guide for Builder Hall 4 available on the internet.

What’s new in Builder Hall 4

after you have upgraded your BH to level 4 you will be able to unlock the following Buildings and traps:

  • Clock tower
  • New wall
  • Guard Post
  • Air Bombs
  • Archer Tower
  • Army camp
  • Mega Mine
  • Push Trap

Best Builder Hall 4 Guide for 2023

Builder HALL 4 Upgrade priority guide

First Hour (Unlock Guide)

Firstly unlock the clock tower because it will boost your master builder and resource.

Once the clock tower is unlocked now boost your clock tower and unlock the rest small Buildings like the archer tower, mines, traps, and walls it will take less time to upgrade with boost.

once it’s done now unlock your Army camp and it takes less time to unlock because of the clock tower boost.

after unlocking every building you must set up your Base Layout in Clash of Clans

Must check – Best Builder hall 4 Base Layout

Star Laboratory

Once you are in Builder Hall 4 your first priority should be upgrading your Star Laboratory.

Clock Tower

another upgrade to look at doing early on especially if you’re a free-to-play player is getting the Clocktower because every eight hours it’s going to allow you to drastically reduce your upgrade and research time.

I maxed out my clock tower early on before maxing out my other defenses and it’s really helped me to be able to keep my upgrades going because my boost lasts for 12 minutes now.

just try not to use that boost until you have both your StarLab and an upgrade going to be able to get the full benefit you don’t want to use your clock tower just to boost like your army training and your mines and pumps.

you want to be able to boost both your research and your upgrades.


Upgrade your level 3 Elixir and Gold Storage to level 4 it will help you to upgrade your troops in star labs and other defensive Buildings.

Builder Barracks

upgrade your Builder Barracks to max level and you will unlock your Bomber and Baby Dragon

Defensive Building

Upgrade all your defensive buildings one by one, starting with archer towers, air bombs, firecrackers, tesla, and crusher after doing all these main defensive buildings upgrade your cannon and double cannon.


Now it’s time to upgrade your traps like mega mine, push trap, and mines. Upgrade it to a max level which is level 4


Now the Only Building left is a gold mine and the elixir collector upgrade it to a max level which is level 4 and now you are good to go with the walls upgradation.


The main reason to upgrade your walls last is that no one cares about walls in Builder hall most of the players are going to attack you with an air attack strategy.

Just in case you are a player who likes to max everything before going to the next level, I recommend you to use walls of ring to upgrade your walls.

Because you can now get it easily with raid medals and CWL (clan war league) points.

Upgrade priorities in Starlabs

follow this order to get the maximum benefits of beta minion attacks.

  • Sneaky Archer
  • Beta minion
  • Baby dragon
  • Raged barbarian
  • Boxer giants
  • Bomber

Attack strategies for Builder Hall 4

For Air Attack strategy

If you are someone who really enjoys attacking with air troops then this army is for you, This are 3 combinations for air attack strategy in builder hall 4:

  • beta minion in 3 camp & baby dragon in 1 camp
  • beta minion 2 camp & baby dragon 2 camp
  • beta minion 4 camp.

For Ground Attack strategy

This army is for Ground attackers who like to attack with group troops:

  • Raged barbarian 3 & Sneaky Archer 1
  • Raged barbarian 4
  • Sneaky Archer 4
  • Boxer Giant 2 & Sneaky Archer 2

The fastest way to max out your Builder Hall 4 Base

Follow all the above guide and attack strategies in order to max out your bH4 fast.

Use Clock Tower Potion this will help you give a perfect boost for upgrading your Buildings and troops.

Use wall ring to max out your Walls fast in BH4. (purchase it with cwl points)


Do follow every step mentioned above in this article. Hope this Builder hall 4 Guide will help you to max out fast, do share your opinions in the comment box. For more Guides and Builder hall bases check Clasherx

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