34 Amazing Update Ideas for 2024 | Clash of Clans

Are you ready for some epic Clash of Clans updates in 2024?

We have gathered 34 amazing ideas from Reddit and thrown in a few of our own that we love to see added to the game.

Let’s dive into these awesome concepts that could take Clash of Clans to a whole new level.

34 Amazing Ideas for 2024

  1. Building Progress Bar: Bring back the progress bar for upgrades, giving players a simple and clean design to track their building upgrades.
  2. Building Progress Track: Introduce a progress track for buildings, allowing players to see how they evolve through different Town Halls and the number of levels per Town Hall in advance.
  3. Ore Mine: Add an ore mine similar to the gem mine for passive ore collection, making progress even when players are not actively playing.
  4. Legend Shop: Give a purpose to Legend League trophies with a Legend Shop where players can purchase magic items, cosmetics, or even loading screens.
  5. Loading Screen Customization: Allow players to purchase and change loading screens using Legend trophies, adding a unique touch to their Clash of Clans experience.
  6. Dynamic Sceneries: Introduce dynamic sceneries where the lighting changes based on the player’s time zone, adding a new layer of immersion.
  7. Kick Reason Shortcut: Make kicking inactive players easier by adding pre-written messages for common reasons like inactivity or rule violations.
  8. Upgrade Overview Enhancement: Expand on the current upgrade overview feature, allowing players to see upgrade durations, sort upgrades, and prioritize them for efficiency.
  9. UI Refresh: Give the game’s user interface a refresh, with a focus on cleaner and more appealing buttons.
  10. Clan War League Toggle: Simplify clan management by adding a toggle to indicate interest in Clan War League without participating in regular wars.
  11. Season Pass Bonus Resources: Reward players with bonus resources in the Season Pass for every few hundred points, encouraging continued engagement.
  12. Hero Upgrade Ores: Provide ores as a bonus when upgrading heroes, making hero upgrades more rewarding.
  13. Cartoon-Style Hero Skins: Introduce Clasharama cartoon-style hero skins for a playful and unique look.
  14. Saved Armies for Raid Weekends: Allow players to save and reuse successful armies during raid weekends.
  15. Army Building and Scouting Simultaneously: Enable players to build armies and scout bases simultaneously, making multitasking more efficient.
  16. Move Obstacles Between Villages: Use the Golden Shovel to move obstacles between villages, adding a new layer of customization.
  17. Daily Login Ores or Resources: Provide daily rewards for active players, such as ores or resources, encouraging consistent play.
  18. Season Pass Extra Points Reward: Reward players with extra resources for accumulating extra points in the Season Pass.
  19. Automatic Opt-Out for Inactive Players: Automatically opt out inactive players from wars after a few days of inactivity.
  20. Last Active Status in Clan Wars: Display the last active status of players when selecting participants for clan wars.
  21. Machine in Builder Base – Flying Machine: Introduce new machines in the Builder Base, like the Flying Machine concept with unique mechanics.
  22. Star Jar for Entire Village: Extend the Star Jar feature to the entire village, providing loot bonuses.
  23. Display Player’s Equipment in Profile: Showcase a player’s equipment and its level in their profile, allowing for a personalized touch.
  24. Maxed Troop Flame Effect: Add a visual effect, like a flame, to indicate when a troop is maxed for the player’s Town Hall level.
  25. One-Stop Shop for Hero Customization: Create a user-friendly UI for hero customization, consolidating all customization options on one screen.
  26. Clan War League Shop in Trader UI: Include the Clan War League shop in the Trader’s UI for easier access.
  27. Fill Clan Castle from Army Screen: Streamline the process of filling the Clan Castle by adding a button in the Army screen.
  28. Easy Army Retraining Button: Implement a button to retrain donated troops and place them at the front of the queue, simplifying the process.
  29. Scenery and Hero Set Change Button: Introduce a button to easily change scenery and hero sets with a click, providing convenience for players with multiple sets.
  30. Ban Button in Clans: Add a ban button to prevent players from rejoining a clan immediately after being kicked.
  31. Legends League Drop-Out Option: Provide an option to drop out of Legends League, making it more accessible for players.
  32. Friendly Challenge Tag in Village Editor: Include the option to tag bases for friendly challenges in the Village Layout Editor.
  33. Turn Off Obstacle Removal Confirmation: Allow players to turn off the confirmation for removing obstacles previously moved with a shovel.
  34. Personalized Base Labels in Clan Wars: Enable players to label or name their bases for Clan Wars, providing clarity on their purpose.

That was quite a list of exciting ideas for Clash of Clans in 2024.

Let’s hope some of these concepts make their way into the game, making it even more enjoyable for players of all ages!

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