24 Amazing Update Ideas for 2024 in Clash Royale

Hey Clash Royale players, get ready for a fun ride into the future of the game.

In this article, we dive into a collection of 24 fantastic update ideas for Clash Royale, including a mix of community suggestions and personal favorite items.

we explore each concept in depth and discuss how these changes can enhance the overall gaming experience.

So, let’s jump right into the wish list and imagine a Clash Royale scenario in 2024.

Amazing Update Ideas for 2024 in Clash Royale

  1. Evolution Potion

The proposal for an “Evolution Potion” tops our list. This potion would temporarily evolve any card, providing players with the chance to experiment with new evolutions without committing permanently.

  1. Shard Mastery

Introducing a shard system tied to card mastery, encouraging players to earn shards by playing and leveling up their favorite cards.

  1. Improved End Screen Experience

Simplify the post-match experience with added buttons on the end screen, allowing players to seamlessly change their deck, find another match, or review their progress.

  1. Clash Royale Relics

Explore the concept of relics, passive effects or abilities that can be applied to accounts or towers. These could offer strategic advantages, with players able to equip one or two at a time.

  1. Deck Building Practice Mode

Help new and returning players navigate the extensive card pool by introducing a practice mode that guides them through different deck archetypes, offering rewards upon completion.

  1. Challenge Pass/Tickets

Make challenges more accessible by introducing challenge passes or tickets that players can find in chests, granting free entries and removing the gem cost barrier.

  1. Diverse Challenge Modes

Expand the variety of permanent challenges, building on the success of recent additions like the Mega Draft Challenge.

  1. Revival of 2v2 Challenges and Game Modes

Bring back the fun 2v2 challenges and game modes, offering players more ways to enjoy the cooperative aspects of Clash Royale.

  1. Trainer Substitute for 2v2

Address the issue of partner abandonment in 2v2 matches by introducing a trainer to take the place of a disconnected partner.

  1. Empty Tower Concept

Explore the concept of deploying an empty tower for two elixir, allowing players to place any card within it. A unique idea that adds a strategic twist.

  1. Champion Ability Indicator

Introduce a visual indicator for champion cards when their special ability is ready, making it easier for players to time their moves.

  1. Exclusive Emote Borders

Differentiate exclusive emotes from regular ones by giving them a gold border, providing a clearer distinction and adding a touch of prestige.

  1. Bouncing Bomb Legendary Spell

Consider adding a legendary spell that functions similarly to the bouncing bomb mechanic from Clash of Clans, providing a unique and entertaining gameplay element.

  1. Clan Levels and Perks

Introduce clan levels that unlock perks benefiting all members, giving players additional reasons to participate in clan activities.

  1. Clan Wars Shop

Borrow ideas from Clash of Clans’ Clan War League shop, allowing players to earn a unique currency through Clan Wars and purchase items like magic items, chests, or emotes.

  1. Clan Boss Game Mode

Explore the concept of a clan boss game mode where members work together to defeat progressively challenging bosses, earning rewards and progressing through stages.

  1. Integrated Banners on Clan Page

Integrate customizable banners into the clan page, adding a visual element and personal touch to clan profiles.

  1. Clan Member Icons

Utilize the empty icon next to clan members’ names, potentially introducing unique icons that players can unlock or purchase for added personalization.

  1. Clash Royale Mini Games

Take inspiration from Clash of Clans’ arcade machine and introduce mini-games in Clash Royale, offering players alternative activities during downtime.

  1. Spectate Top Players

Allow players to spectate matches of the top 50 or 100 players on the leaderboards, providing a valuable learning experience for the community.

  1. Claim All Button

Streamline the rewards claiming process by adding a “Claim All” button for season passes, masteries, and challenges.

  1. Simplified Friend Requests

Simplify the process of adding friends by introducing a friend request button directly in Clash Royale profiles.

  1. Skip Legendary Unlock Effects

Address a long-standing issue by allowing players to skip the unlock effects of legendary cards, offering a more efficient unlocking experience.

  1. League-Specific Path of Legends

Enhance the visual appeal of the Path of Legends by changing its color depending on the league, providing a more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing experience.


The Clash Royale community has spoken, and these 24 recent ideas are an exciting picture of what the game could be in 2024.

Whether it’s introducing new gameplay features, tweaking existing features, or providing social features going forward, the potential for Clash Royale to evolve is endless.

While players eagerly await the next update, the hope is that Clash Royale will continue to captivate audiences and deliver a gaming experience that will stand the test of time.

Here’s to a Clash Royale developing in 2024 and beyond.


What is the Evolution Potion in Clash Royale, and how could it change the game dynamics?

The Evolution Potion is a proposed item that allows players to temporarily evolve any card, providing an opportunity to experiment with new evolutions without committing permanently. This could open up new strategic possibilities and make trying out new evolutions more accessible.

How would the Shard Mastery system work, and what benefits does it offer to players?

The Shard Mastery system suggests earning shards by playing specific cards, offering a rewarding mechanism tied to card mastery. This could incentivize players to focus on certain cards, providing a sense of accomplishment and progression as they accumulate shards.

What is the concept behind Clash Royale Relics, and how could they impact gameplay?

Clash Royale Relics are proposed as passive effects or abilities that players can apply to their accounts or towers. These relics could provide strategic advantages, with players able to equip one or two at a time, enhancing the overall deck-building and gameplay experience.

How does the Clan Boss concept work, and what rewards does it offer to clan members?

The Clan Boss concept envisions a game mode where clan members work together to defeat progressively challenging bosses, earning rewards and moving on to more difficult stages. This could inject a cooperative and ambitious element into clan activities, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

What is the idea behind the Mini Games in Clash Royale, and how might they impact the gaming experience?

Inspired by Clash of Clans’ arcade machine, the Mini Games concept proposes introducing alternative activities in Clash Royale for players to engage in during downtime. This could add variety to the gaming experience, offering players a break from regular battles and challenges.

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