A Fact about EVERY Troop in Clash of Clans

Welcome, Clashers! Today, we are discussing about every troop in the game.

Whether you’re a pro player or just starting out, get ready for some quirky and surprising facts that you probably didn’t know about your favorite Clash characters.

Elixir Troops:


Kicking things off, did you know that the Barbarian was the first troop to boast a custom skin as part of a Hero bundle? And here’s a quirky detail – the Barbarian King changes his Idol animation at level 6, opting for a one-handed sword grip.


The Archer’s inspiration hails from a young Robin Hood-inspired girl protagonist from another unreleased Supercell game. Talk about cross-game creativity!


Initially blue and four-fingered, the Giant underwent a design overhaul in 2016, coinciding with Supercell’s troop redesign spree.


Goblins in the tutorial have an interesting agenda – they completely ignore resource buildings, making a beeline for your Cannon. Moreover, they’re among the few troops that can sprint across a spring-trap unscathed.

Wall Breaker:

Wall Breakers, often considered dead Builders, share a unique hat with Balloons, who, in a past life, were Wallburgers. Quite the career change!


In a clan castle, Healers used to mend damaged buildings, a role that has since been retired. And did you notice that the Healer in Clash-A-Rama appears blind throughout the series?


Upon its demise, the Dragon drops a human skeleton, adding a touch of macabre to the battlefield. Fun fact: Dark Elixir was initially believed to be made from fossilized dragon bones.


Although we all know P.E.K.K.A as female, the name is Finnish, equivalent to the English name Peter. Plus, she boasts the largest death skeleton in the game.

Baby Dragon:

The only troop unchanged in appearance between the main village and Builder base, the Baby Dragon mysteriously turns into Dark Elixir upon meeting its demise.


Ever noticed the Miner’s fashion faux pas? The icon and picture show him in a blue shirt, but when trained, he sports a red one. It seems like a Clash Royale asset remix.

Electro Dragon:

Before its release, there was a debate within the Clash Royale team over whether to name the troop Electro Dragon or Electrick Dragon. The CEO stepped in, and Electro Dragon became the unanimous choice for both games.


The Yeti is unique among Elixir troops as it spawns other units, aptly named Yeti Mites. And if you run out of Mites, the basket appears empty.

Dragon Rider:

Bucking the dragon trend, the Dragon Rider prioritizes defenses. Plus, it’s got a secret fist bump animation if you tap on its army camp.

Dark Elixir Troops:

Builder Base Troops:

Super P.E.K.K.A:

Originally known as the Super Barbarian in the game files, this colossal unit now goes by the name of Super P.E.K.K.A. An interesting tidbit for those curious about its development stages.

Night Witch:

The Night Witch is not just another troop; she’s the regular Witch’s sister. And did you know she served as inspiration for a popular mortis skin in Brawl Stars?

Drop Ship:

The Drop Ship’s skull bears a resemblance to the one on the Witch’s staff, a subtle nod to its skeleton-spawning abilities.

Beta Minion:

In a unique twist, Beta Minions exhibit a strange behavior – they sneeze when the army camp is tapped on. Who knew minions had allergies?

Cannon Cart:

The Cannon Cart’s description pays homage to its Clash Royale counterpart, the Cannon Cart on wheels. These two troops share more than just a name.

Boxer Giant:

The design of the Boxer Giant’s box draws inspiration from Lou the Giant in the Clash-A-Rama series. An amusing connection between in-game characters and animated ones.


Wall Breakers wear the same hat as Builders, and the same applies to Bombers in the home village. It seems these troops have a common sense of style!

Canon Cart:

Before the Builder Base 2.0 update, the Siege Cart sported the old design of the Cannon Cart. A glimpse into the game’s evolution.

Capital Hall Troops:

Flying Fortress:

Flying Fortress and Mountain Golem belong to a special category called Mega Troops, using 3D models in the fields. A unique distinction among Builder Base units.

Battle Ram:

The Battle Ram made its debut during the Clashversary event in 2017 and later returned as a permanent Clan Capital troop. A journey from temporary access to a permanent fixture.

Siege Cart:

The Siege Cart retains the old design of the Cannon Cart from before the Builder Base 2.0 update. A nod to the game’s evolution and changes over time.

Hog Raiders:

Did you ever wonder about the number of legs on Hog Raiders? Well, they boast a grand total of 18, combining both Riders and Hogs. A quirky fact for those who love counting legs.

Mountain Golem:

Alongside the Flying Fortress, the Mountain Golem resides in a unique sub-category called Mega Troops. These units stand out with their use of 3D models in the game.

Heros & Pets:

Barbarian King:

The Barbarian King has an unusual residence – inside the Town Hall! And like many troops, he also underwent a finger-count reduction from four to three.

Archer Queen:

Despite appearing to shoot three arrows, the Archer Queen’s crossbow is designed for a single arrow at a time. The magic of game design!

Grand Warden:

Did you notice the Grand Warden’s uncanny resemblance to the late TV host Lee Young? In China, he’s often affectionately referred to as Lee Young King.

Royal Champion:

Initially conceptualized as a Valkyrie Queen, the Royal Champion drew inspiration from Xena Warrior Princess and the formidable Wakanda Warriors.

Battle Machine:

Unlike its heroic counterparts in the main village, the Battle Machine doesn’t amble around the base. Its machine nature explains why it moves as a whole structure when the altar is repositioned.

Battle Copter:

The Battle Copter opens with a sentence in its description that pays homage to the famous line in the first Predator movie. An unexpected reference in the world of Clash.


According to a video by Supercell, L.A.S.S.I is, in fact, a Hound. Additionally, it appears that the P.E.K.K.A is the proud owner of L.A.S.S.I.

Mighty Yak:

If you’re wondering about the Mighty Yak, it’s essentially an animal version of the Wall Wrecker. A fascinating link between siege machines and pet companions.

Electro Owl:

Before its official announcement, the Electro Owl was initially teased in a video, leading many to believe it was a new spell. Surprise – it was a pet!

Mighty Yak:

According to the description, the Mighty Yak is essentially an animal version of the Wall Wrecker, providing players with a mobile and potent siege option.


The Unicorn, known for its healing aura, holds the distinction of being the slowest-moving pet in the game. Slow and steady, it supports its allied troops with magical healing.


The adorable Frosty is the only pet capable of summoning units. A unique ability that sets it apart in the French version of the game.

Diggy (Pablo):

In a humorous twist, Diggy is known as Pablo in the French version of the game. A fun detail that adds a touch of whimsy to this industrious poison lizard.


Interestingly, the Phoenix, a troop in both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, was introduced in both games in the same month. However, each game gives the Phoenix a unique design.

Super Troops:

Super Barbarian:

Unbeknownst to many, in the game files, the Super Barbarian is labeled as the Elite Barbarian. A case of hidden identity!

Super Archer:

Drawing inspiration from Clash Royale, the Super Archer is modeled after the Magic Archer. Interestingly, she was teased in an unrelated video before her official release.

Super Giant:

According to the Super Giant’s description, he’s cousins with the regular Giant, establishing familial ties within the Clash of Clans universe.

Sneaky Goblin:

The Sneaky Goblin appears to have taken inspiration from the Goblin in the Goblin Cage from Clash Royale. This, in turn, was inspired by a character in the Clash-A-Rama series.

Super Wall Breaker:

A surprising revelation – the Super Wall Breaker has a smaller splash radius compared to its regular counterpart. An unexpected twist for those relying on explosive breaches.

Rocket Balloon:

Long before the Rocket Balloon became a reality, a Clash Rama special showcased a boosted balloon, giving players a sneak peek years ahead of its official release.

Super Wizard:

The Super Wizard shares its charge sound with the Electro Dragon, creating a symphony of magical energy on the battlefield.

Super Dragon:

The Super Dragon’s design likely took inspiration from the main boss in the Dragon Lair single-player map. Fan concepts of a Super Dragon had circulated for years before its official release.

Inferno Dragon:

In a quirky glitch, the Inferno Dragon once appeared in the game without a shadow. Clashofclans.com even suggests that the Headhunter may have borrowed it!

Super Valkyrie:

Original concept designs for the Super Valkyrie went through multiple changes before settling on the design we see today. A testament to the creative evolution of Clash of Clans.

Super Witch:

Leaked before its official announcement, the Super Witch’s existence was inadvertently revealed by a developer. A surprising twist for eager Clashers.

Ice Hound:

The Ice Hound stands out as the only air troop with a grass patch underneath it. Why it sports a scarf in the artwork, though, remains a mystery.

Super Bowler:

The Super Bowler, or Purple Spike, bears a striking resemblance to Spike from Brawl Stars, sans limbs. A touch of unintentional creepiness in troop design.

Super Miner:

The Super Miner draws inspiration from the Mighty Miner Champion in Clash Royale, sharing not only a hand drill but also leaving an explosive surprise behind.

Super Hog Rider:

Voiced by Community Manager Darian, the Super Hog Rider takes cues from an earlier scrapped troop idea called the Goblin Glider. It seems some concepts just won’t stay shelved.


And there you have it – a journey through the diverse and interesting facts about every troop in Clash of Clans. From the humble Barbarian to the mighty Super Troops, each unit brings its own unique history and quirks to the battlefield.

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