7 Most Underrated and Fun Troops in Clash of Clans 2024

Hello chiefs, Tired of the same old strategies and predictable troop combos?

This guide dives into the realm of the underrated troops, exploring the potential of often ignored troops that can bring a breath of fresh air and surprising power to your attacks.

We’ll be dissecting 7 troops that deserve more recognition, along with tips on how to unleash their hidden potential and have a blast doing it.

So, ditch the meta for a moment, and get ready to discover some hidden gems.

1. The Ice Golem: The Forgotten Freezer (Town Hall 11+)

Do you remember the Ice Golem? This cool buddy doesn’t have as much health as a regular Golem, but it makes up for it by giving you a free Freeze spell.

It can be really helpful in different strategies, like defending your base or reinforcing your Clan Castle.

Where it’s really good

Bat Swarm Frenzy: If you team up Ice Golems with Bat Spells and Witches, you’ll have a powerful combo. The free Freeze spell helps the Bats cause chaos, and the Ice Golems protect them.

Farming Fun: If you’re having trouble with a tough base, Ice Golems can turn things around and make it much easier to break through.

Why it’s underrated:

Even though other options might be more popular right now, the Ice Golem is still really useful.

Don’t underestimate its ability to freeze defenses and create new opportunities.

2. The Super Witch: The Slow and Steady Surprise (Town Hall 12+)

The Super Witch is a powerful troop in Clash of Clans, with high health and damage. She can summon mini-Golems and Wizards to help in battles, which can be a game-changer.

Why it might not be popular:

In the past, her slow troop spawning made it risky to use her in higher Town Halls because of time limits during attacks.

The Super Witch’s comeback:

A recent game update improved Summoners like the Super Witch, making them summon troops faster. When paired with the Warden’s Rage Gem, she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Great for farming:

With the faster troop spawning, the Super Witch is now a great choice for farming resources without worrying too much about time constraints.

3. The Dragon Rider: The Supportive Shadow (Town Hall 13+)

Dragon Riders are experts in air troops, often supporting Dragons or Balloons. They are great at destroying defenses while being protected by stronger air troops.

A Gem at Release:

When Dragon Riders first came out, they were really powerful at their Town Hall level and worked well with strategies like Hydra (Dragons and Dragon Riders).

Why They Faded:

However, as players moved up to higher Town Halls, Dragon Riders became less effective compared to other choices.

The Re-emergence of the Rider:

But now, with the introduction of Hero Equipment, Dragon Riders are making a comeback. By using the Rage Gem for the Warden, they are faster and more powerful, making them a good choice for higher-level attacks again.

4. The Super Hog Rider: The Double-Down Destroyer (Town Hall 13+)

The super big Hog Rider breaks into two when it reaches its target, making your attack twice as strong.

Where it’s Awesome:

Super Hog Riders are really popular in serious games and advanced attacks. The “Queen Charge Twin Hog” plan uses them well, where the Queen clears the way and the Super Hogs divide to overpower defenses.

A Special Expert:

Although they’re strong, Super Hog Riders aren’t as common in casual games because you can only get them at a higher Town Hall level. But if you’ve made it to Town Hall 13, you should definitely give them a shot.

5. The Apprentice Warden: A Jack-of-All-Trades (Town Hall 13+)

Think of the Apprentice Warden as a mini Warden, boosting the HP of nearby troops. His introduction was met with confusion as his role wasn’t immediately clear.

Why the Misunderstanding?

At first, the Apprentice Warden was a bit confusing because he seemed like a smaller version of the regular Warden, but their powers didn’t work together. This made many players stick with the original Warden.

The Influence of Gear:

When Hero Equipment was introduced, things changed. Players could now use the Apprentice Warden instead of the regular Warden, freeing up the original Warden for different gear. This made the Apprentice Warden really popular, especially when paired with Dragon Riders.

A Recent Change:

Even though the Apprentice Warden got a power decrease recently, he’s still a good choice. As players get more used to how he works, he’ll probably be used more often.

6. The Ice Hound: The Freezing Flock (Town Hall 12+)

a Frost Hound with boosted health and a chilling surprise – that’s the Ice Hound! Just like the Ice Golem, it adds a freezing touch to aerial attacks.

It can be part of different strategies that benefit from a flying tank with a freeze effect, even those involving Bat Spells (surprising, right?).

Why It’s Not Popular:

Despite its strong stats and only a slight increase in housing space compared to the Lava Hound, the Ice Hound is still one of the least used and discussed Super Troops. It struggles to compete for those valuable Super Troop spots against choices like Super Wall Breakers and Sneaky Goblins.

Fun in Farming:

While it may not be the top pick in major Clan Leagues, the Ice Hound excels in farming. It brings a fun twist to familiar strategies that utilize Lava Hounds.

A Case for More Hounds:

Maybe if there was a third Super Troop slot, the Ice Hound would finally get the attention it deserves. It’s a strong troop just waiting to be unleashed!

7. The Valkyrie: The Underestimated Avenger (Town Hall)

The Valkyrie has had a rough ride. For a long time, she was considered the weakest troop in Clash of Clans.

However, recent hero equipment has given her a much-needed buff, and she’s experiencing a resurgence.

A Meteoric Rise (Almost):

The Valkyrie’s recent popularity is undeniably tied to the dominance of the “Root Rider” meta (strategies heavily reliant on the Dragon Rider and the Root Warden).

Beyond the Root Rider:

While the Root Rider meta plays a role, the Valkyrie deserves credit on her own. Even before the rise of this strategy, she was quietly becoming more relevant thanks to equipment.

Give Her a Shot:

Don’t be fooled by her past reputation. Valkyries can be a fun and effective troop, especially with proper support to help them break through walls, which remains their Achilles’ heel.


This guide is only the beginning. Clash of Clans has a wide variety of troops to choose from, with plenty of hidden treasures waiting to be found.

Try new things, enjoy yourself, and don’t hesitate to give underrated troops a chance. You could uncover some amazing potential!

Therefore, when you strategize your next move, think about breaking away from the norm and delving into the opportunities with these undervalued yet strong troops.

You may find a new top pick and bring a fresh perspective to your Clash of Clans journey!


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