6 DARKEST Conspiracy Theories About Clash Royale

Hey there, Clash Royale fans! Today we explore the mysterious world of Clash Royale conspiracy theories.

These principles offer a unique approach to the game, providing a new twist on familiar arena combat.

Keep in mind, these are just opinions, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Without further do, let’s explore the interesting concepts that make Clash Royale even more interesting.

6 DARKEST Conspiracy Theories

Clash of Clans Troops Forced into the Arena:

In the Clash universe, the King rules the arena with his two daughters, but have you ever wondered why Clash of Clans troops appear in the Clash Royale arena?

A theory suggests that the King forced them to come along, recruiting them in a commercial that never aired widely.

This forced recruitment could explain the presence of Clash of Clans troops fighting for the King’s side in the Clash Royale arena.

Hollow Arenas and the Miner’s Secret:

The theory that Clash Royale arenas are hollow adds a new layer to the game.

Observations about the Miner’s speed while digging versus running suggest that the Miner might be using a minecart.

Drawing inspiration from Clash of Clans, where a minecart transports gold, this theory proposes an underground world beneath the arenas.

Evidence from Clash Rama and battles in Clash Royale supports the existence of an underground world where elixir and fallen troop skeletons find a new purpose.

P.E.K.K.A: The Hollow Armor:

P.E.K.K.A, often thought to be a powerful warrior, might not be as organic as it seems.

The theory suggests that P.E.K.K.A’s armor is hollow, making it a creation of the Builder from Clash of Clans.

The idea is that P.E.K.K.A is not a living being but rather a robotic creation. The sounds it makes and its mechanical movements contribute to the belief that it’s more machine than a living entity.

Training Camp’s Demise for Builder’s Workshop:

Comparing the Training Camp and Builder’s Workshop arenas reveals striking similarities.

The theory proposes that the Training Camp was destroyed to build the Builder’s Workshop, with shared elements like trees and rocks supporting this claim.

This intriguing theory connects the evolution of Clash Royale arenas and hints at a significant transformation in the game’s narrative.

Royal Recruits: Controlled Guardians:

The Royal Recruits, equipped with unique helmets, raise questions about their origins.

This theory suggests that these troops were once guards before being controlled by an external force.

The Master Builder, known for creating machines and structures, might have recruited and manipulated these troops, stripping them of free will and turning them into obedient, albeit possessed, warriors.

Time-Traveling Arenas:

The final theory proposes that each arena exists in a different time frame, possibly explaining the Training Camp’s evolution into the Builder’s Workshop.

While this theory lacks substantial evidence, it raises intriguing questions about the chronological order of Clash Royale’s arenas.


As we wrap up our exploration of Clash Royale’s conspiracy theories, it’s clear that these speculations add depth and mystery to the game.

Whether you believe in these theories or not, they certainly contribute to Clash Royale’s appeal, sparking conversation and inviting players to imagine a world beyond arcade combat.

If you have more thoughts or ideas, feel free to comment in the comments. Until next time, enjoy a great gaming experience in the Clash Royale universe.


Are Clash Royale conspiracy theories officially endorsed by the game developers?

No, these theories are purely speculative and created by the gaming community. The developers haven’t confirmed or endorsed any specific alternative storylines.

What evidence supports the theory of Clash Royale arenas being hollow?

The observation that the Miner moves faster when digging than when running on the arena floor suggests the possibility of hollow arenas. Additional support comes from Clash Rama episodes and Clash Royale battles, where fallen troops’ elixir and skeletons seemingly descend into an underground world.

Is there any official confirmation about the nature of P.E.K.K.A’s armor?

No, the theory that P.E.K.K.A’s armor is hollow and that it might be a creation of the Builder is purely speculative. The game developers have left the nature of P.E.K.K.A open to interpretation.

Was there a contest to determine the meaning of P.E.K.K.A as an acronym?

Yes, in August 2012, Supercell held a competition for players to guess the meaning of P.E.K.K.A’s acronym. The winning guess was “Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins,” although the actual meaning remains unknown.

Do Clash Royale arenas exist in different time frames according to the theories?

The theory suggesting different time frames for each arena is speculative and lacks substantial evidence. While there’s an in-game page mentioning ages for each arena, it’s important to note that this theory is presented as more of a creative idea rather than a confirmed aspect of Clash Royale’s narrative.

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