50 Clash of Clans FACTS that YOU Should Know!

Are you ready for another exciting journey into the world of Clash of Clans?

We have gathered 50 interesting things about the game that you might not know.

Whether you play a lot or just started, these facts will be fun and surprising.

Let’s jump into the exciting world of Clash of Clans.

  1. Lava Grill Ruins: Years ago, destroyed Town Hall 10 ruins had a lava grill, which got removed. You can still see this deleted lava grill by using an invisibility spell on a Town Hall 10.
  2. Obstacle Shovel Magic: Use a shovel of obstacles to move obstacles from one side of the base to another. A nifty trick for base customization!
  3. Most Popular Town Hall Level: Based on API statistics, Town Hall 12 is currently the most popular among active users. Town Hall 13 is expected to take the lead in the next couple of years.
  4. Peculiar P.E.K.K.A: The P.E.K.K.A is the only Clash character with nipples, adding a quirky touch to this formidable troop.
  5. Mushroom Seasonal Obstacle: The Halloween 2012 mushroom obstacle, a one-time appearance, changed to a pumpkin in 2013 and has maintained that form ever since.
  6. China’s Exclusive Scenery: China has an exclusive underwater scenery with unique features, thanks to the autonomy of the Chinese Clash of Clans version.
  7. Super Cell’s Exclusive Chinese Features: Clash of Clans in China, managed directly by Tencent, has exclusive skins, magic items, and other features not available globally.
  8. Mortar Blind Spots: The Mortar’s blind spots used to be indicated by a red circle, but now it’s transparent for better visibility.
  9. Tablet Exclusive Feature: Tablets have the exclusive feature of having two rows for the deployment bar, enhancing the gaming experience.
  10. Royal Champion League Skin Change: The original Royal Champion League skin had dark colors, matching Master’s League aesthetics. Gold accents were added before its release.
  11. Inactive Player Bonus: If you’re inactive for more than 90 days, a 7-day daily login calendar appears, rewarding you with a magic item daily, including a hammer on the final day.
  12. Super Wer Boost: The Super Wer holds the record as the most boosted super troop, with over a 40% boost rate on two separate occasions in 2023.
  13. Hero Upgrade Ores: Upgrading heroes could become more rewarding if it included receiving ores with each upgrade.
  14. Clasharama Cartoon-Style Hero Skins: A unique skin concept suggests default hero skins in a Clasharama cartoon style, adding a playful touch to the game.
  15. Saved Armies for Raid Weekends: A desire to save and reuse successful armies during raid weekends is expressed, adding convenience for players.
  16. Army Building and Scouting Simultaneously: An idea is proposed to allow building armies and scouting bases simultaneously, streamlining the process.
  17. Move Obstacles Between Villages: The concept of using the Golden Shovel to move obstacles between villages is introduced, offering a new layer of customization.
  18. Daily Login Rewards for Active Players: Suggests providing daily rewards like ores or resources for active players, similar to Clash Royale’s system.
  19. Bonus Resources in Season Pass: Proposes adding bonus resources for every few hundred points in the Season Pass, incentivizing players to complete challenges.
  20. Automatic Opt-Out for Inactive Players in Wars: Suggests automatically opting out inactive players from wars after a few days, simplifying clan management.
  21. Last Active Status in Clan Wars: Introduce a last active status indicator when selecting participants for clan wars, improving efficiency.
  22. Flying Machine in Builder Base: Enthusiastically introduces a concept for a flying machine in the Builder Base, with exciting mechanics.
  23. Star Jar for Entire Village: Proposes extending the Star Jar feature to the entire village, providing loot bonuses.
  24. Display Player’s Equipment in Profile: Suggests displaying a player’s equipment and its level in their profile, enhancing the profile customization.
  25. Maxed Troop Flame Effect: Proposes adding a visual effect to indicate when a troop is maxed for the player’s Town Hall level.
  26. One-Stop Shop for Hero Customization: Imagines a user-friendly UI for hero customization, consolidating all customization options on one screen.
  27. Clan War League Shop in Trader UI: Suggests integrating the Clan War League shop into the Trader’s UI for easier access.
  28. Fill Clan Castle from Army Screen: Proposes adding a button in the Army screen to fill the Clan Castle, streamlining the process during clan wars.
  29. Easy Army Retraining Button: Advocates for a button to retrain donated troops and place them at the front of the queue, simplifying troop management.
  30. Scenery and Hero Set Change Button: Envisions a button to change scenery and hero sets with a click, providing convenience for players with multiple sets.
  31. Ban Button in Clans: Proposes adding a ban button to prevent players from rejoining a clan immediately after being kicked.
  32. Legends League Drop-Out Option: Suggest adding an option to drop out of Legends League, providing flexibility for players.
  33. Friendly Challenge Tag in Village Editor: Proposes including the option to tag bases for friendly challenges in the Village Layout Editor.
  34. Turn Off Obstacle Removal Confirmation: Suggest a feature to turn off the confirmation for removing obstacles previously moved with a shovel.
  35. Personalized Base Labels in Clan Wars: Envisions the ability to label or name bases for Clan Wars, providing clarity on their purpose.
  36. Underwater Scenery in China: Highlights the exclusive underwater scenery available only in China, showcasing a variety of exclusive features.
  37. Crazy Scenery Zoom Feature in China: Describes a unique zooming feature in Chinese Clash of Clans sceneries, adding an extra layer of excitement.
  38. Unknown Magic Items in China: Points out the mysterious magic items exclusive to China, creating intrigue about their functions.
  39. Chinese Clash Team Autonomy: Discusses how Tencent’s direct management in China has led to unique features and adaptations in Clash of Clans.
  40. Lava Hound Redesign: Shares a fun fact about the Lava Hound undergoing a redesign, resulting in a more refined appearance.
  41. China’s Unique Clash Features: Discusses various exclusive features in the Chinese version, such as different skins and magic items.
  42. Inferno Tower Redesign: Details the change in the Inferno Tower’s design, from a red circle to a transparent indication of blind spots.
  43. Tablet Exclusive Deployment Bar: Introduces the tablet-exclusive feature of having two rows for the deployment bar, enhancing the gaming experience.
  44. Royal Champion Skin Alteration: Highlights the alteration of the original Royal Champion League skin, adding gold accents before its release.
  45. Inactive Player Bonus: Shares a unique fact about inactive players receiving a 7-day daily login calendar with rewards, including a hammer.
  46. Super Wer Boost Record: Mentions the Super Wer holding the record as the most boosted super troop, with a substantial boost rate.
  47. Clan Wars Labels: Discusses the popularity of Clan Wars labels, with “Clan Wars” being the most used, followed by “Donations” and “Friendly.”
  48. Use of Lightning Spells: Points out a change in the functionality of lightning spells, now capable of stunning buildings for strategic advantages.
  49. Personal Breaks Disabling: Notes the disabling of personal breaks after over a decade, allowing players to stay online indefinitely.
  50. Hero Health Regeneration History: Recalls the history of hero health regeneration, highlighting the significant improvement in regeneration times.

we have uncovered a plethora of facts that add layers of fun and knowledge to your Clash adventures.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a budding Clash enthusiast, these facts showcase the rich and dynamic world of Clash of Clans.

Keep clashing and exploring the magical realm of Clash!

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