50 Clash of Clans FACTS that YOU Should Know (Part 1)

Welcome back Clash players It’s that time again, and we’ve got another exciting show with 50 mind-blowing facts about the famous game, Clash of Clans.

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Town Hall 10’s Lava Grill and Invisibility Spell:

Years ago, Town Hall 10 ruins featured a lava grill, but it mysteriously vanished one day. However, using an invisibility spell on Town Hall 10 can reveal this deleted lava grill, adding a touch of nostalgia.

Shovel of Obstacles Tricks:

Did you know you can use a Shovel of Obstacles to rearrange obstacles across your base? This handy trick allows you to customize your base layout more than you might have thought.

Town Hall 12 Dominance:

Based on API statistics, Town Hall 12 is currently the most popular level among active users. While it doesn’t necessarily mean players love it, there’s a significant presence of Town Hall 12 enthusiasts. However, the balance may shift towards Town Hall 13 in the coming years.

Pekka’s Unique Feature:

The Pekka stands out as the only Clash of Clans character with noticeable nipples. Yes, even though it’s a robot, it has an interesting anatomical detail!

Halloween 2012 Mushroom:

Check out the exclusive seasonal obstacle – the mushroom, which appeared only during Halloween 2012. It’s a unique piece of Clash history that has never returned since 2013.

China’s Exclusive Underwater Scenery:

In China, Clash of Clans offers an exclusive underwater scenery where your base is situated on a turtle. China enjoys several exclusive features and skins, thanks to Tencent’s direct management of Super Cell games.

Clan War League Evolution:

When Clan War League was first introduced, it was limited to 15 versus 15 players. Due to player demand, a 30 versus 30 option was added about six months later.

Fire Spirit’s Appearances:

While not available as a troop, the Fire Spirit makes appearances in various forms, such as in the Flame Flinger Siege machine and the Super Miner’s helmet. It even wanders along the top of the gingerbread scenery.

Tablet Exclusive Deployment Bar Feature:

Tablet users enjoy a unique feature – a two-row deployment bar. This special feature allows for more strategic troop deployment on tablets.

Royal Champion League Skin Modification:

The original Royal Champion League skin was initially designed with all dark colors, perfectly matching the aesthetic of Master’s League. However, gold accents were added just before its release, giving it a stunning final touch.

7-Day Daily Login Calendar for Inactive Players:

For players inactive for more than 90 days, a 7-day daily login calendar appears, providing various rewards, including a hammer on the final day. It’s a welcoming gesture for returning players.

Super Wer – The Most Boosted Super Troop:

The Super Wer holds the title of being the most boosted supertroop in the game, with over a 40% boost rate on two separate occasions.

Gem Rewards for Excess League Medals:

If you reach the cap of 2500 League medals, the excess is generously rewarded in the form of gems – one gem per 10 League medals.

Noah’s Arc Attack:

Witness the creativity of Clash players with the Noah’s Arc attack, featuring one of every troop, including a clan castle filled with troops at different levels. The result is a visually stunning yet chaotic string of troops.

Clash of Clans Frame Rate Modes:

Clash of Clans offers five different frame rate modes, catering to various devices and preferences. Choose from 30 FPS for older phones, default 60 FPS, and higher frame rate options ranging from 90 to 144 FPS, depending on your device.

Evolution of Gem Packs:

Over the years, gem packs in the shop have become more generous. Previously, a $10 pack gave you 1,000 gems, but now, $10 provides even more gems, ensuring players get better value for their money.

Treasury Resource Display:

A subtle feature allows players to check the amount of each resource in the treasury by tapping on the resource bars. It’s a handy way to keep track of your resources.

Hidden Reference in Inferno Town War Scenery:

Explore the Inferno Town War scenery, and you’ll find a white bath just under the rocky bridge. This cleverly references the iconic Ride of the Hog Riders commercial, adding a touch of humor to the game.

Halloween Transformation of Large Trees:

During the Halloween season, the regular large tree in Clash of Clans undergoes a subtle change. Upon closer inspection and zooming in, a face appears on the tree, adding a spooky touch to the scenery.

Push Trap Shenanigans in Builder Base:

In the Builder Base, troops can be pushed out of the base’s build and deploy boundaries by a push trap. It’s a quirky interaction that adds an element of surprise to the gameplay.

Shadow Scenery Adjustments:

When the shadow scenery was first introduced, players complained about the buildings blending in too much, making it challenging for attackers to read the base quickly. In response, developers tweaked the scenery, increasing the green grass under buildings to make them stand out and enhancing tile brightness.

Secret Dark Elixir Stash:

If you collect Dark Elixir below Town Hall 7, the game secretly stashes it somewhere until you reach Town Hall 7. Once you unlock it, the game presents you with the hidden Dark Elixir, ensuring you don’t miss out on resources.

Initial Battle Blimp Design:

The Battle Blimp, upon its release, lacked death damage. Troops dropped from the blimp would not deal any death damage to structures. This was later adjusted to add an extra layer of strategy to its usage.

Creepy Builder Behavior in Halloween 2023:

During the Halloween season of 2023, the Builder exhibited some peculiar behavior. The Builder would randomly stare at the player, and in some instances, its head would spin around its body, adding a creepy vibe to the festivities.

Clash of Clans Version Number:

Did you know that Clash of Clans runs on different versions? The current version, as of now, is 16.04. You can find the version number at the very end of the credits or simply Google it for a quicker check.

Name Change Limit and Cost:

Changing your name in Clash of Clans comes with a cost, and every time you do it, the cost increases by 500 gems. Fortunately, there’s a limit – after changing your name 20 times, the cost is capped at 10,000 gems.

China’s Valkyrie Queen Skin Alteration:

The Valkyrie Queen skin in China undergoes a slight modification compared to the global version. It features less cleavage to comply with local laws, showcasing how Clash of Clans adapts to different cultural sensitivities.

Similarities in Auto’s Outpost and Builder’s Hall:

Observe the similarity between Auto’s Outpost and the Builder’s Hall – both have a hammer and saw on the top, reminiscent of a builder’s hut. It’s a clever nod to the concept of housing a builder inside.

Unique Display of Damage for Eagle Artillery:

The Eagle Artillery stands out as the only Home Village defense that displays its damage as damage per hit, rather than damage per second like every other defense.

Evolution of Bat Spell Targeting:

Originally, the bat spell targeted anything, but before its release, it was changed to target defenses only. This adjustment added a strategic element to its usage, allowing players to focus on specific structures.

The Rise and Fall of Personal Breaks:

After over a decade in the game, personal breaks were disabled in mid-2023. Now, players can stay online for as long as they want, similar to the conditions in 2012 and 2013. This change aligns with the revamped Legends League system.

Smoke Signal for Training Completion:

When a troop finishes training, a small puff of smoke appears in the army camp that the troop will eventually join. It’s a subtle detail that adds a touch of realism to the training process.

Most Used Clan Labels:

Explore the world of Clan labels, and you’ll find that the Clan Wars label takes the lead as the most used label. Following closely are donations and friendly, offering insights into the priorities of Clash Clans across the globe.

Three-Star Difficulty Graph:

Analyze the graph showcasing the difficulty of achieving a three-star attack against equivalent Town Halls in 2023. As expected, the challenge increases dramatically as players target higher Town Hall levels, leading to a rise in two-star victories.

Scenery’s Hidden Banana:

Every scenery in Clash of Clans hides a secret banana. However, in future sceneries, finding it might become more challenging, as the banana teleports to a new location every 60 seconds.

Armored Machine Skin Origin:

The Armored Machine skin for the battle machine is a remodel of the old level 30 design. It was reintroduced as a free skin because the battle machine no longer undergoes visual changes as it levels up.

Housing Space Increase for Wall Breakers:

Wall Breakers, or “wallkers” as they were known in the early days, originally occupied one housing space. However, their intelligence was improved, leading to a housing space increase from one to two. This change marked the first instance of a troop seeing a housing space adjustment.

Log Launcher Quirk:

Watch the Log Launcher in action, and you’ll notice it flinging small defensive troops out of the way. It adds a comical touch to its role in the game.

Player Capabilities – The Golden Dragon:

According to a Reddit user’s calculations, a player is capable of getting approximately 24,562,510 resources using the Golden Dragon – a formidable boss in the single-player map.

Golden Dragon’s Influence on Clash Royale:

The Golden Dragon, a boss in Clash of Clans, serves as the inspiration for the massive golden dragon in the Dragon Spa arena in Clash Royale. It’s a fascinating connection between the two games.

Disabling Personal Breaks in 2023:

In a significant change, personal breaks were disabled in mid-2023 after over a decade of existence. This alteration allows players to stay online for as long as they desire, a shift from the previous personal break mechanics.

Rapid Health Regeneration of Heroes:

Unlike the early days of Clash of Clans, where hero regeneration took a staggering 21 hours and 40 minutes, today’s heroes regenerate their health quickly. Some even have an extra life, providing players with more flexibility and strategic options.

Inferno Tower Range Boost:

Setting The Inferno Tower to multi increases its range by one tile, offering players more strategic options when configuring their defenses.

Lightning Spell Stun Addition:

Before June 2020, lightning spells did not stun buildings. The change introduced the ability for lightning spells to stun buildings, enabling players to reset Inferno Towers and interrupt other defensive structures.


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Is there a hidden feature in Town Hall 10 ruins?

Yes, years ago, the ruins contained a lava grill that got removed. However, by using an invisible spell, players can still show this removed lava grill.

What is the most popular Town Hall level among active Clash of Clans players?

Currently, Town Hall 12 holds the title of being the most popular among current users, based on API data. However, the trend is likely to move towards Town Hall 13 in the next couple of years.

Are there any exclusive features in Clash of Clans for Chinese players?

Yes, China has several exclusive features, including an underground setting where the base is located on a turtle. This exclusivity is due to Tencent’s direct control of Super Cell games in China.

How many times can I change my name in Clash of Clans, and what is the cost?

You can change your name in Clash of Clans, but the cost jumps by 500 gems with each change. After changing your name 20 times, the cost is stopped at 10,000 gems.

Why were personal breaks disabled in Clash of Clans in 2023?

Personal breaks were removed in 2023, possibly due to their decreased importance with the debut of the new Legends League system. Players can now stay online for as long as they like, similar to the conditions in 2012 and 2013.

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