5 Times Clash of clans Got Hacked

Clash of Clans is a supposedly unhackable game that has grabbed the hearts of millions worldwide. But is it really immune to the endless efforts of hackers?

In this blog post, we will dive into some jaw-dropping instances where Clash of Clans faced unexpected breaches.

From thousands of giants causing damage to strange base unusual events and even a security breach at Supercell itself, these events test the idea of the game’s protection.

The Giant Onslaught:

In August 2015, a player by the name of Obit Khan broke onto the main Clash of Clans server, an unprecedented event.

This brave man unleashed an army of thousands of giants, spreading chaos and posing as three-star gamers to gullible players.

Players are left perplexed and intrigued by the details of how this hacking feat was accomplished, even though Supercell quickly banned the player and resolved the situation.

The Abnormal Base of the Revenge Clan:

The Revenge Clan discovered a base in November 2015 that exceeded all expectations.

Held by a player by the name of Aurel, the base displayed oddities such as goblin map barriers and the lack of a clan castle despite Aurel being the clan commander.

Supercell stepped in, corrected the irregularities, and returned the base to normal.

The event sparked conjecture on the possibility of such a base, with theories ranging from bugs to a player figuring out how to import barriers from goblin maps.

The Leaderboard Trophy Heist:

In late 2014 or early 2015, a special and widespread server malfunction occurred that resulted in players losing trophies in an unfair manner on the leaderboards.

Attacking particular bases caused the problem, which resulted in a clean and server or out-of-sync error.

A widespread leaderboard hack was created when a group of gamers took advantage of their bases to win an infinite number of trophies and defenses.

Supercell acted swiftly, settling the issue in a single day and bringing harmony back to the competitive Clash of Clans scene.

Layered Buildings Extravaganza:

In November 2020, prominent YouTuber Clash with Corey came upon an odd base with a player going by the name “Hacker is Back.”

This foundation stacked up to six buildings in one location, taking glitched building design to a whole new level. A number of builder cottages and an inferno tower were among the anomalies that defied Clash of Clans’ standard building procedures.

Reports of the odd base led to the account’s final deletion, exposing the degree of a player’s manipulation of the game’s programming on a live server.

Supercell’s Social Media Security Breach:

In February 2014, it was reported by a Syrian hacker that they had gained access to Supercell’s administrator panels and Facebook pages, with Clash of Clans being their primary target.

The hacker wanted to make Supercell aware of its security flaws. He asked Supercell to strengthen their security, but they didn’t reply, which led the hacker to divulge personal data, including revenue figures.

Supercell posted a confirmation of the hack on social media and emphasized the value of continuing to implement strong security measures.


In conclusion, even though Clash of Clans is known for its ability to resist hacking efforts, these five events show that no territory is completely safe.

Supercell, the company behind the game, has been working nonstop to quickly fix security lapses so that players can continue to enjoy a fair and fun gaming experience—something that millions have grown to respect.

As players, we can value the efforts made to keep Clash of Clans true to its core, despite random unforeseen problems.

I hope you have fun and safe play in Clash of Clans Happy play!


Can Clash of Clans be hacked?

While Clash of Clans is considered highly safe, there have been cases where users managed to break the game’s main server, leading to unprecedented events like sending thousands of giants. However, such events are rare, and Supercell quickly handles any security leaks.

What was the Revenge Clan’s abnormal base anomaly?

In November 2015, a player named Aurel, who was the leader of the Revenge Clan, had a base with quirks such as barriers from goblin maps and the lack of a clan castle. This sparked questions about how such oddities could exist, with ideas ranging from glitches to a person finding a way to import goblin map hurdles.
Tell me more about the Leaderboard Trophy Heist.

Tell me more about the Leaderboard Trophy Heist.

During late 2014 or early 2015, players on the Clash of Clans leaderboards experienced a unique server mistake that caused them to lose prizes wrongly when fighting specific sites. A group of players had exploited their bases to win endless awards and shields, leading Supercell to act quickly and restore balance to the competition scene.

What was the bizarre encounter with layered buildings in Clash of Clans?

In November 2020, Clash with Corey met a base with a person named “Hacker is Back.” The base displayed an extreme glitch, with up to six buildings, including an inferno tower and multiple builder huts, stacked in one spot. The account was finally deleted due to reports of the odd base, showing a player’s manipulation of the game’s code on a live server.

Was Supercell’s social media ever hacked?

Yes, in February 2014, a Syrian hacker claimed to have hacked Supercell’s Facebook pages and user panels, especially targeting Clash of Clans. The hacker, trying to teach Supercell a lesson about security flaws, got access to private information, including income numbers. Supercell revealed the hack on their social media, stressing the importance of keeping strong security measures.

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