3 Best TH12 Attack Strategy for 3 Stars (Clash of Clans)

Hello Clasher, you might be wondering which is the best TH12 Attack Strategy and how you can 3 star any TH12 war base or farming Base.

In this article, you will learn Most effective attack strategy for TH12 Which will help you in your Clan war league and Normal War.

These are the three town hall 12 attack strategies you need to use for 3 stars.

Zap Witch Attack Strategies

let’s start with the zap witch a very simple way of looking at this is by using the lightning spells and earthquake against two different Inferno Towers on opposite sides this is where you’ll bring the 4 lightning and 1 earthquake method in order to remove them easily.

how to zap inferno in coc

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to execute the Zap Witch attack:

  1. Spell Selection: Begin by arming yourself with four lightning spells and one earthquake spell. These will be crucial in your assault.
  2. Inferno Tower Elimination: Your primary objective is to take down Inferno Towers on opposite sides of the base using your lightning and earthquake spells. Make sure to target surrounding defenses to maximize their impact.
  3. Deploy Your Tanks: Choose your tanks, which could be Golems, Ice Golems, or Super Giants, and spread them out strategically around the base.
  4. Utilize Siege Machine: Depending on your preference, employ either a Log Launcher or Wall Wrecker to open the path for your witches and heroes.
  5. Release the Witches: Send in your witches along with your heroes towards the core of the base, ideally between the two remaining Inferno Towers, the Eagle Artillery, and the Town Hall.
  6. Adapt to Base Layout: If the base design places all these structures on one side, consider using Wall Breakers or Super Wall Breakers to ensure a smooth path for your witches.
  7. Witch and Hero Spam: Once your troops are in position, let your witches generate skeletons and allow your heroes to wreak havoc. Deploy the Grand Warden’s ability to provide additional support and protection.
  8. Rage and Clan Castle Troops: Save your rage spell for the Town Hall takedown. Your Clan Castle troops, which often consist of an Ice Golem or P.E.K.K.A, should be utilized strategically to aid in the final push.
  9. Securing the 3-Star: With proper execution, you’ll find it relatively easy to eliminate the remaining defenses and claim a well-deserved 3-star victory.
Guide for Th12 Attack zapwitch

Queen Charge Hybrid Attack Strategies

Guide for Queen charge Hyrbid in coc

The Queen Charge Hybrid Attack Strategy combines Queen Charge and Hybrid tactics to secure 3-star wins. Here’s how to execute it:

  1. Queen Charge: Begin with a Queen Charge to eliminate the enemy Clan Castle troops and create a funnel on one side of the base.
  2. Siege Machine Selection: Choose the Siege Barracks for narrow and rectangular bases, or the Flame Flinger for wider bases. These will assist in funneling your troops.
  3. Funneling: Use Baby Dragons and Sneaky Goblins to funnel your Queen. Protect her with Rage Spells if she comes under heavy fire.
  4. Enemy Clan Castle: Deploy a Poison Spell to deal with the enemy Clan Castle troops.
  5. King and Siege Machine: Use your King and the selected Siege Machine to create the opposite side of the funnel.
  6. Hybrid Deployment: Send in your Miners and Hog Riders between the funneled areas. Use your Heal Spells to support them.
  7. Healing Strategy: Use the first Heal Spell where needed most, then activate the Grand Warden’s ability to protect your troops in the core. Save the final Heal Spell for the back end.
  8. Miners and Hog Riders: Ensure that your Miners and Hog Riders are well-protected to maximize their survivability.

Queen Charge LavaLoon Attack Strategies

Guide for TH12 Lavaloon attack strategy coc

The Queen Charge Lavaloon is the best lava loon attack strategy right now in the game for securing 3-star wins. Here’s how to execute it:

  1. Base Breakdown: Focus on creating a wedge in the base to achieve three primary objectives: clearing the enemy Clan Castle, taking out the enemy Queen, and securing pathing for your LavaLoon.
  2. Funneling: Use Baby Dragons and Sneaky Goblins to funnel your Queen. The King can also be used to assist in directing the Queen.
  3. Queen Charge: Protect your Queen with well-timed Rage Spells as she deals with high-value defenses, the enemy Queen, and Clan Castle troops.
  4. LavaLoon Assault: Deploy your LavaLoon portion to follow a surgical approach. Use groups of balloons and Lava Hounds to create a path through the base.
  5. Haste Spells: Utilize Haste Spells to quickly reach high-value defenses such as Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and Wizard Towers.
  6. Grand Warden’s Ability: Save the Grand Warden’s ability to protect your balloons from damage or the Town Hall’s death bomb.
  7. Minions for Cleanup: Deploy Minions on the back end for efficient cleanup or use them alongside the LavaLoon to prevent time failures.

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I would prefer the Queen Charge Hybrid attack strategy because it is more easier than Queen Charge LavaLoon and both works really fine so you don’t have to worry about it.

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