25 Things That Can Drive Players Crazy in COC

Welcome back, Clashers! It’s been almost a year since we last delved into the world of Clash of Clans to explore the things that players despise.

In this episode, we’ll discuss 25 frustrating moments and pet peeves that can drive even the most patient Clashers to the brink of madness.

So, let’s jump right into it and explore what drives us nuts in the game.

25 Things COC Players Hate

25 Things That Can Drive Players Crazy in COC

1. Accidentally Accepting Ineligible Clan Members:

One of the worst feelings in Clash of Clans is realizing you’ve accepted a clan member who doesn’t meet your clan’s requirements.

It’s like inviting someone to a party and then discovering they weren’t even on the guest list.

2. Leaving Progress Base Active with No Shield:

Forgetting to activate your shield before you log off can be a painful experience. Returning to find your storages raided and your base in ruins is never a pleasant sight.

3. Unclaimable Clan War Notifications:

Nothing’s more annoying than seeing a never-ending notification on the clan war button for wars you can’t claim. It’s a constant reminder of battles you can’t engage in.

4. Missing Progress Bars on Upgrade Screens:

We miss the days when upgrade screens had progress bars, showcasing the gradual improvements in our buildings. It was satisfying to watch them fill up over time.

5. Double Cannons and Archer Towers at Higher Town Hall Levels:

Dealing with double cannons and archer towers at Town Hall levels above 10 can be incredibly frustrating. They seem like a massive waste of time and resources, hindering your progression.

6. Leaders Giving Clan Bonuses to Themselves:

It’s disheartening when leaders or co-leaders grant clan bonuses to themselves, creating an unfair advantage. This practice can ruin the clan’s sense of fairness and camaraderie.

7. Resetting Sorting in Clan Screen:

The clan sorting button resetting when you close the clan screen can be exasperating. It’s a major inconvenience when you’re trying to kick inactive members.

8. Mirror with a Higher Town Hall in Clan Wars:

Encountering a clan war opponent with a higher Town Hall level can be a daunting challenge. Matchmaking doesn’t always seem to be on your side, leading to unfair battles.

9. Army Reconfiguration at the Clan Castle:

Manually reconfiguring your army every time at the Clan Castle is a tedious task. It’s high time the game allowed us to save and switch between different army compositions.

10. Constant Release of Sceneries and Skins:

While new sceneries and skins can be tempting, the constant release can feel overwhelming. You find yourself spending resources on items you didn’t really need or want.

11. Falling Just Short in the League Shop:

Coming close to affording an upgrade in the League Shop but falling short by a few medals can be quite frustrating. Waiting for the next season feels like an eternity.

12. Reluctance to Attack District with Over 90%:

Some players avoid attacking a district with over 90% damage because they fear losing their capital.

It’s essential to remind everyone that winning should be the priority, not protecting the capital at all costs.

13. Overly Competitive and Serious Clans:

Some clans take the game too seriously, making it less enjoyable for those who just want to have fun. Finding a balance between competitiveness and enjoyment is crucial.

14. Goblin Builder’s Face:

The Goblin Builder’s face seems inexplicably annoying to some players. It’s a minor concern, but it’s remarkable how much the character’s appearance can get under one’s skin.

15. YouTube Army Failures:

Trying out armies from YouTube and repeatedly failing at executing them can be frustrating.

The feeling of “that looks so easy” turning into disappointment is all too familiar for many players.

16. Confirmation of Attacks in Builder Base:

The constant notifications confirming Builder Base attacks can be irritating, especially since they don’t always take you to the correct screen when you click them.

17. Clan Joining and Quick Departure:

When a player requests to join your clan, gets accepted, and then immediately joins another clan, it can leave you scratching your head.

It makes you wonder why they requested in the first place.

18. Grass in the Game vs. Real Life:

Spending too much time playing Clash of Clans indoors and seeing more virtual grass than real grass can make you question your outdoor activities.

19. Waiting for All Attacks to Finish in Clan War:

When all clan members have completed their attacks in a war, waiting for the timer to run out can feel like an eternity.

It seems unnecessary since no one can attack anymore.

20. High Cost of Upgrades in Builder Base:

The high costs of upgrades in the Builder Base can make progression feel painstakingly slow. Some players believe it’s not worth the grind for the relatively small rewards.

21. Stuck in Legends League:

Once you’ve reached the Legends League, there’s no turning back.

Players are frustrated that there’s no way to voluntarily drop trophies and leave the league if they’re not enjoying it.

22. Inability to Demote Members by Clicking Their Name:

The process of demoting a clan member can feel unnecessarily complex.

Players have to navigate through various menus and buttons instead of having a simple, direct option.

23. Clan and Server Out of Sync:

The infamous “Clan and Server Out of Sync” message has baffled players for years. It often occurs during crucial moments, leaving us wondering why it happens.

24. When a Clan Dies and You Receive a Visit:

Receiving a visit from an old friend or clan member can be a poignant moment. It serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of the game and its communities.

25. Tornado Traps:

Tornado traps can wreak havoc on your troops, causing chaos and destruction. Their seven-second whirlwind can turn a successful attack into a disaster.


As we’ve explored these 25 frustrating aspects of Clash of Clans, it’s clear that even the most dedicated players can find themselves exasperated at times.

Clash of Clans has evolved over the years, and with its vast player base, there will always be moments that test our patience.

However, these challenges also make the game more exciting and rewarding.

So, keep clashing, stay patient, and remember that the occasional frustration is just part of the journey.

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