25 Things Players HATE In Clash Of Clans (Part 1)

Hey Clashers, here are 25 things players don’t like about Clash of Clans.

it’s packed with frustrations and love for the game.

Increased Monetization:

Waking up to a shop filled with tempting but overpriced items is the first gripe. The constant bombardment of in-app purchases can be overwhelming, making players feel like they’re missing out on cool stuff just because they’re on a budget.

Misadventures with Wall Upgrades:

Accidentally upgrading the wrong thing due to tricky UI changes is a common struggle. Clicking on a wall instead of a wall ring can lead to some unintentional gold spending.

Gem Dilemma for Donations:

Running out of gems when you just want to help out your clan with one-gem donations can be a nostalgic and frustrating experience. Times have changed, and waiting for more gems seems to be the new norm.

Bundle Shenanigans:

The frustration of bundled sceneries with unnecessary items, driving up the cost, is real. While sceneries look amazing, the feeling of being tricked into buying extra stuff you don’t need is undeniable.

The Anxious Wait After Town Hall Upgrade:

Finally reaching a new Town Hall, only to realize that everything takes ages to build, can be a buzzkill. The excitement is quickly replaced by impatience as you wait for those upgrades to complete.

Unexpected Trophy Push:

Accidentally finding yourself in Legend League when all you wanted to do was farm can be a surprising and inconvenient turn of events. Trophy pushing wasn’t on the agenda!

Troops Ignoring Walls:

The introduction of troops like the Yeti and their ability to ignore walls has led to a feeling that walls are merely decorative. The utility of walls seems to diminish with each new troop.

Temporarily Overpowered Troops:

Troops with unintentionally high power levels in certain situations can lead to frustration, especially in clan wars. Balancing seems to be a recurrent challenge.

Base Decoration Shuffle:

Reorganizing decorations and obstacles every time you create a new base can be a tedious task. It’s easy to lose track and end up dropping items randomly.

Ore Confusion in the Blacksmith:

The struggle of not knowing how much ore you have until you check the blacksmith can be confusing. The absence of ore information in other parts of the game leads to frequent trips to the blacksmith.

The Perils of Base Searching:

Spending an eternity searching for the perfect base, only to end up settling for a less lucrative one, can be demoralizing. Some days are just dry in terms of loot.

Red Sceneries Eye Offense:

A peculiar annoyance arises when the bright red color of a scenery triggers discomfort during a base search. It might sound odd, but sometimes visual elements can affect the gaming experience.

Post-Max Dilemma:

Finally maxing out everything brings a moment of triumph, followed by the question of what to do next. The post-max phase can feel a bit directionless.

Builder Base Compulsions:

The obligation to play the Builder base to progress in the season pass can be less than thrilling. The hope for Builder Base 2.0 to spice things up is met with the reality of multi-Motor destruction requirements.

Rumble Pass and Its Requirement:

The frustration of needing the Cookie Rumble Pass to afford all the cool stuff in the trader adds a sour note to the game’s progression. The shift towards more paid content raises eyebrows.

Underwhelming Events:

Events that seem barely worth the effort, offering minimal rewards like a single potion, can be disappointing. A desire for more rewarding and engaging events is expressed.

Ore Mystery in Star Bonus:

The mystery of not knowing how much ore one receives from the Star bonus creates confusion. A clear display of the ore amount in the Star bonus screen is requested.

Wasted Attacks Regret:

Using all five attacks on a single district due to lackluster performance can be disheartening. The realization that the attacks were squandered hits hard.

Hero Misadventures:

Barbarian King’s questionable decisions, like charging straight for a single Inferno Tower, can lead to amusing yet frustrating moments. Sometimes, even hero abilities can’t save the day.

New Hero Equipment:

The excitement of acquiring new hero equipment is dampened when they’re all at level one. The noticeable difference between level one and max level equipment is a significant concern.

Speedy Pass Completion:

Completing the season pass quickly can leave players with a sense of emptiness. The suggestion of additional bonus tiers or rewards for swift pass completion is offered.

Hammer of Heroes Pricing Confusion:

The lingering question of why the Hammer of Heroes is more expensive than other hammers is raised. Considering recent updates, a reevaluation of its cost is proposed.

Spell Towers Dilemma:

Spell Towers, especially at Town Hall 15 or higher, can pose challenges when they counter specific army compositions. While not necessarily hate, it’s an annoyance for high-level players.

Maxed-Out Troop Requests:

Dealing with clanmates who exclusively request maxed-out troops can be frustrating. The delay in filling their requests due to troop upgrade constraints adds to the irritation.

Social Tab Inconvenience:

Clicking on the social tab leading to friend requests instead of showing friends first is a minor inconvenience. It’s a small gripe but can disrupt the smooth navigation of the social features.


the frustrations and love expressed in this part of “25 Things Players Hate in Clash of Clans,” it’s evident that the game has come a long way.

From monetization concerns to gameplay tweaks, players have weathered a decade of changes.

Here’s to hoping that the next 10 years bring even more exciting updates and a smoother gaming experience for Clash of Clans players worldwide.


Why do players find the increased monetization in Clash of Clans frustrating?

Players often wake up to a shop filled with tempting but overpriced items, creating a sense of being overwhelmed with in-app purchases. While these purchases are optional, the game can make players feel like they are missing out on cool items if they don’t spend money.

What is the source of annoyance when upgrading walls with wall rings in Clash of Clans?

The frustration arises when players accidentally click on the wrong upgrade, often choosing the gold upgrade under the wall ring, leading to unintentional gold spending. This issue persists due to UI changes that occurred in 2016.

Why do players experience gem-related dilemmas when it comes to donations?

Running out of gems for one-gem donations can evoke nostalgia for a time when this wasn’t an issue. As the game has evolved, waiting for more gems to be generated has become a new norm, reflecting the changing dynamics of Clash of Clans.

What is the complaint about bundled sceneries in Clash of Clans?

While players appreciate the aesthetic appeal of sceneries, the frustration lies in bundled packages that include unnecessary items, driving up the cost. This can make players feel tricked into purchasing items they didn’t intend to buy.

Why do players feel a sense of impatience after reaching a new Town Hall level in Clash of Clans?

After eagerly reaching a new Town Hall level, players often face the disappointment of realizing that everything takes a considerable amount of time to build. This delay in accessing new content immediately after an upgrade can be a letdown, even after a two-week wait.

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