20 Things We Have All Done In Clash Royale

Hey Clashers, it’s clasherx here, and I’m back with another amazing article Today, I want to take you on a journey through the humorous side of Clash Royale.

We have all been there – those moments that make you laugh, cringe, or nod in agreement.

So, buckle up as we explore 20 hilariously relatable things we have all done in Clash Royale.

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Now, let’s dive right into the list

20 Things We Have All Done In Clash Royale

  1. Clicked on everything because you had nothing else to do:
    Ever found yourself mindlessly clicking on every possible thing in the game just because you had a few extra minutes? It’s a universal experience.
  2. Tried the number one player’s deck and failed:
    Attempting to replicate the success of the top player’s deck, only to realize it doesn’t work magic for you. Turns out, their decks are tailor-made for their playstyle.
  3. Placed a card that doesn’t attack any troop in front of another non-attacking card:
    Deploying a giant in front of a hog, hoping it might push it away – we’ve all made questionable card placements in the heat of battle.
  4. Said the game is broken because you lost:
    Blaming the game for a loss is a classic reaction. Strangely, when we’re on a winning streak, suddenly Clash Royale is perfectly balanced.
  5. Stopped attacking after reaching your trophy goal:
    The fear of losing after hitting a trophy milestone – we’ve all been there, protective of those hard-earned cups.
  6. Tried to press the cancel button after pressing attack:
    That panic moment when you desperately try to cancel an attack after hitting the button. Unfortunately, the cancel button is just for show.
  7. Fired a fireball at the king tower when you started playing:
    Admit it, as a Clash Royale newbie, you probably accidentally launched a fireball at the king tower. No judgment – we’ve all been there.
  8. Tried to walk and battle:
    Juggling the need to win a battle with the necessity to get up and move – the struggle is real.
  9. Dropped a rage on a troop, and it died, so you raged the grass:
    That moment when your intended target dies, and you end up raging at the grass. Your opponent has no idea what hit them.
  10. Dropped the wrong card by accident:
    Mis-tapping is a common occurrence. If you haven’t dropped the wrong card by accident, you might be a Clash Royale superhero.
  11. Made up an excuse when you lost a friendly battle:
    Losing a friendly battle and desperately trying to save face with excuses like having the wrong deck or lagging – it happens to the best of us.
  12. Gemmed a silver chest because you can’t wait:
    Who has time to wait for two minutes for a silver chest? Sometimes, it’s just easier to spend that one gem and get instant gratification.
  13. Thought you took out the tower but realized it never happened:
    The confusion when you believe you’ve destroyed a tower, only to realize it’s still standing when the battle ends. Classic Clash Royale moment.
  14. Quickly skipped through a silver chest but took your time with better chests:
    Silver chest? Skip. Legendary or super magical chest? Time to savor every card reveal.
  15. Tried to get back the trophies you just lost:
    Logging in and losing a battle can be emotionally challenging. Most of us won’t rest until we’ve reclaimed those lost trophies.
  16. Tried to turn the volume down before the game did it:
    In a quiet place? You’ve probably tried to preemptively turn the volume down before the game’s dramatic intro music starts blaring.
  17. Closed the app right before you lost:
    Avoiding the agony of seeing the losing screen and those mocking laughing emotes by swiftly closing the app. It’s a coping mechanism.
  18. Clicked on a legendary in the shop even though you can’t afford it:
    We know the numbers will be in red, but there’s something irresistible about clicking on that legendary card in the shop. It’s like Clash window shopping.
  19. Seemed excited when you got a legendary, but people around you didn’t understand:
    The joy of getting a legendary is real, but explaining it to non-Clashers can be futile. Sometimes, you just need to celebrate silently.
  20. Threw arrows on the tower with confidence only to realize you were a tile away:
    Confidence can lead to overestimation. Throwing arrows with gusto only to realize they’re landing a tile away from the target is a humbling experience.


And there you have it, 20 hilariously relatable things we have all done in Clash Royale.

If you found yourself nodding along or laughing at some of these, you’re not alone.

Clash Royale is a game that brings out the best and quirkiest in all of us.

If you enjoyed this list, share your thoughts in the comments.

Until next time, Clash on, and peace out.


Why do players sometimes copy the number one player’s deck and fail to succeed with it?

The number one player’s deck may not work for everyone because their deck is tailored to their specific playstyle. What works for them might not necessarily suit the strategic preferences and gameplay style of other players.

Is it common for Clash Royale players to blame the game for their losses?

Yes, it’s a common reaction for players to express frustration and claim the game is broken or unfair when they experience a loss. Interestingly, the perception of the game’s balance tends to shift positively when players are on a winning streak.

Why do players sometimes stop attacking after reaching a trophy goal?

After reaching a trophy goal, players might become cautious about risking their hard-earned cups. The fear of losing and potentially dropping in trophies can lead to a temporary halt in attacking to safeguard their achieved milestone.

Why do players quickly skip through silver chests but take their time with better chests?

Silver chests are often perceived as less valuable, prompting players to swiftly skip through them. In contrast, legendary or super magical chests are considered more significant, leading players to savor the moment and carefully inspect the cards they receive.

Why do players click on legendaries in the shop even though they can’t afford them?

Clicking on legendaries in the shop, despite knowing they can’t afford them, is often driven by the visual appeal. Even though the red numbers indicate insufficient funds, there’s an irresistible allure to clicking on these legendary cards, akin to a form of Clash window shopping.

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