20 Clash Royale Mythbusters (Part 1)

Hey Clash Royale fans! It’s Clasherx, and I’m back with another exciting series.

Today we are diving into the world of Clash Royale Mythbusters, a series that seems to be lacking lately, but fear not – crasherx is here to the rescue.

we are uncovering some of the myths that have been circulating in the Clash Royale community.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

20 Clash Royale Mythbusters (Part 1)

King Towers’ Underwear Easter Egg:

  • Myth: Can you see the King Tower’s underwear after three-crowning someone?
  • Confirmation: Yes, it’s confirmed! This subtle Easter egg is easy to miss, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Elector Dragon Shots Recharge Myth:

  • Myth: Can you see the Elector Dragon recharging its shots by looking at its glowing spikes?
  • Confirmation: True! Upon close inspection, the Elector Dragon’s spikes do glow one at a time, revealing the charging process.

Tie Breaker Update:

  • Myth: If both players do nothing in a match after the tiebreaker update, do they both win?
  • Busted: Nope! If both players do nothing, the tiebreaker is completely turned off. Different damages on the towers won’t trigger it either. It remains a tie.

Mirror Upgrade Black Picture Myth:

  • Myth: Does the picture of the mirror turn black after upgrading?
  • Confirmation: Supercell confirmed this issue, but it’s not a high-priority fix. Speculation arises – is it intentional or a hint at something new?

Star Leveled Electro Wizard Sound Myth:

  • Myth: Does a star-leveled Electro Wizard make the Electro Dragon sound?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! Deploying a star-leveled Electro Wizard produces the Electro Dragon sound after the initial drop.

Hog Rider Language Myth:

  • Myth: Does the Hog Rider shout “Hogrider” in all languages?
  • Confirmation: Busted! Regardless of language settings, the Hog Rider always utters “Hogrider” in English.

Bomb Tower Hits King Tower Myth:

  • Myth: Can a Bomb Tower hit the King Tower if placed at the right spot?
  • Confirmation: Surprisingly true! After numerous attempts, it was found that certain Bomb Tower placements can hit the King Tower.

Skeleton Barrel Kills Bat Spirit Myth:

  • Myth: Does the Skeleton Barrel explosion kill the Bat Spirit?
  • Confirmation: True! When the Skeleton Barrel explodes, it takes down the Bat Spirit with it. A lesser-known fact.

Arrows and Unlock Crash Myth:

  • Myth: Will the game crash if you throw arrows and unlock at the bridge simultaneously?
  • Busted: Once upon a time, it might have been a glitch, but as of November 2019, the game no longer crashes.

Sparky vs. Mega Knight in the Air Myth:

  • Myth: Does Sparky hitting the Mega Knight in the air hurt him?
  • Confirmation: Yes, indeed! Despite Sparky’s blast being ground-focused, the Mega Knight is considered a ground troop, even in the air.

Lumberjack’s Rage Bottle Bouncing Myth:

  • Myth: Does the Rage bottle keep bouncing when you pause a replay on the dying Lumberjack?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! It’s surprising and hilarious – the Rage bottle does indeed keep bouncing.

Battle Healer Eternal Battle Myth:

  • Myth: Will a battle go on forever if two Battle Healers fight?
  • Busted: Turns out, Battle Healers do more damage than they heal, resulting in a slow decline of their HP until they both meet their end.

Log Says “Log” in a Weird Voice Myth:

  • Myth: Does the Log say “Log” in a peculiar voice?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! It might not be noticeable in the game, but when played back without extra noise, the Log distinctly says “Log.”

Replay Pause Button Disappearance Myth:

  • Myth: Will your buttons disappear if you pause a replay at the moment of the final tower destruction?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! After the match, attempting to click buttons will fail, requiring you to close the entire app to exit the replay.

Elite Barbarians Sound Myth:

  • Myth: Do Elite Barbarians sound the same as regular Barbarians when raged?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! Elite Barbarians have a deeper pitch, and when raged, the pitch is reversed, making them sound normal.

Game Crash with Share Buttons Myth:

  • Myth: Can the game crash by clicking the share buttons simultaneously?
  • Busted: The footage provided didn’t crash the game. It might have been fixed or a device-specific issue.

Overlapping Screens Myth:

  • Myth: Can you overlap any screen in the game as long as it doesn’t involve typing or starting a replay or a game?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! Overlapping works across the entire game, a fun quirk to play with.

Electro Wizard Activation of King and Princess Tower Myth:

  • Myth: Can you use the Princess to push the Electro Wizard to electrocute both the King and Princess Tower?
  • Busted: Despite numerous attempts with various cards, the Electro Wizard couldn’t be pushed far enough to activate the King Tower.

Simultaneous Chest Sounds in the Shop Myth:

  • Myth: Can you hear all the chest sounds by tapping multiple chests in the shop at the same time?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! This is a common occurrence throughout the game.

Chat Disappearing with Swipe Up Myth:

  • Myth: Will the chat disappear if you swipe up while someone is typing?
  • Confirmation: Confirmed! The chat returns to normal once you release your finger. A partially fixed old myth.


And there you have it, The Mythbusters part 1 has shed light on some interesting facts and debunked a few myths.

If you have more myths to test or want to be featured in the next episode, drop your ideas in the comments below or reach out on social media.


Can the Rage bottle of the Lumberjack keep bouncing if you pause a replay on his death?

Yes, it’s confirmed! The Rage bottle amusingly continues to bounce even after the Lumberjack’s demise.

Will a battle go on indefinitely if two Battle Healers face each other?

A: No, it’s busted! Despite their healing abilities, Battle Healers do more damage than they can heal, resulting in a slow decline until both are defeated.

Does the Log say “Log” in a peculiar voice when deployed?

Yes, it’s confirmed! While it might not be apparent during regular gameplay, the Log distinctly pronounces “Log” when played back without additional noise.

Can the game crash by clicking the share buttons simultaneously?

Busted! Despite footage showing a potential crash, further testing on multiple devices did not replicate the issue, suggesting it might be device-specific or already fixed.

Can you overlap any screen in the game as long as it doesn’t involve typing or starting a replay or a game?

Yes, it’s confirmed! Overlapping screens works across the entire game, offering a cool and quirky feature to play with during your Clash Royale experience.

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