17 Things ONLY Clash of Clans OG’s Remember

Hey Clashers, Today we are going into the depths of Clash of Clans past of “17 Things Only Clash of Clans OGs May Remember.”

This series is all about revisiting the old Clash memories that some of you just had to be there to fully understand. If you enjoy today’s trip down memory lane. 

Now, let’s jump right into the good old days of Clash and explore the 17 things that will take you back to the early days of this famous game.

Mandatory Clan Wars:
Remember the days when opting out of war was not an option? Once that “Start War” button was hit, everyone and their mama were automatically included.

It wasn’t until February 2015 that players were finally given the option to opt in or out of wars, providing much-needed flexibility.

Hero Regeneration:
In the early days, healing up a level 30 King took a whopping 21 hours and 40 minutes!.

Thankfully, over the years, hero regeneration times have significantly decreased, making it much more manageable for players.

Game Center Struggles:
For Apple users, logging into multiple accounts was a headache before the introduction of Supercell ID.

The tedious process involved hopping into phone settings, navigating to Game Center, and confirming the village you wanted to load. Fortunately, those days are long gone.

OG Winter Scenery:
Back in 2012 and 2013, Clash of Clans featured a custom winter scenery with frozen lakes, snow-covered shores, and glaciers.

Sadly, this scenery disappeared after the game’s first two years, only to make a brief return in 2020 with a revamped default scenery.

Old Shop Button Design:
The original shop button design, in use from 2012 to 2018, had a nostalgic charm.

The outdated assets and layout stayed consistent for a long time, but the introduction of a new seamless UI in 2018 marked a positive change.

Bigger Magic Item Storage:
Magic items, introduced in 2017, had more generous storage limits initially 10 books and 20 potions.

This caused some issues in the game’s economy, with max players hoarding magic items. Eventually, the soft limit was reduced to encourage more frequent use.

Evolution of App Icons:
Take a trip down memory lane with the evolution of Clash of Clans app icons. From the original icons in 2012 to the more recent ones, it’s like a timeline of Clash history, reflecting changes in the game’s visual identity over the years.

Champion League Prestige:
Reaching the
Champions League was a massive achievement in the early days of Clash.

The combination of slower progress, different matchmaking, and a smaller player base made it a significant accomplishment.

Today, it’s still noteworthy, but reaching Legends League is the modern equivalent.

Corner Bases:
In the early days, players often built bases in the corners, assuming nothing could spawn on the outer edges.

As players gained more knowledge about the game, this strategy became obsolete, but it’s a humorous reminder of the learning curve.

Old Level 6 Walls:
For those who played during the Canadian soft launch in July 2012, you might remember the original design of level 6 walls.

The color was an eye-catching shade of blue, which thankfully got updated to a more familiar design in August 2012.

Town Hall 8 Flag:
Town Hall 8 was the first to boast a flag, signifying its status as the highest achievable Town Hall at the time.

The flag mysteriously disappeared in December 2015, leaving players curious about its sudden absence.

Dark Elixir Barracks Tease:
The anticipation for the Dark Elixir Barracks, with its “Coming Soon” slots, was palpable in early 2013.

While the slots no longer exist after a rework, it’s a nostalgic reminder of the excitement surrounding new troop releases.

Keeping Limited Time Troops:
In the past, players could keep limited-time troops after the season ended, leading to some interesting combinations.

However, this practice was discontinued in October 2018 due to complications with the game’s coding.

Clan Castle Sleep Feature:
There was a time when players couldn’t set their Clan Castle to sleep, leading some to buy shields to protect their War troops.

Since June 2018, putting the Clan Castle to sleep has become possible, making it a more convenient feature.

Clan War Sandbox Cheating:
In 2014 and 2015, players engaged in “clan war sandboxing,” a method of cheating where an attack could be started, but if the phone was put in airplane mode, the attack wouldn’t count. This loophole was closed in spring 2015.

Evolution of Rushing:
Rushing to higher Town Halls with minimal buildings was once a popular strategy, especially for YouTube series.

However, around the Town Hall 12 update, this practice became less feasible due to changes in matchmaking and war dynamics.

Archer Tower Rework:
In December 2014, Archer Towers underwent a rework, slowing down their attack speed but maintaining the same damage per second.

This adjustment aimed to improve base defense against spammy units, showcasing the game’s commitment to evolving strategies.


And there you have it, a trip down memory lane discovering 17 things that only Clash of Clans OGs may remember.

Whether you’ve been playing since the early days or newly joined the Clash community, these memorable times are a testament to the game’s rich past.

Feel free to share your own favorite memories in the comments.


Why couldn’t players opt out of Clan Wars in the early days of Clash of Clans?

In the early days, opting out of Clan Wars was not an option. Once the leader hit the “Start War” button, everyone in the clan was automatically included. This mandatory participation was eventually changed in February 2015, allowing players to opt in or out as needed.

How has hero regeneration time evolved in Clash of Clans over the years?

Initially, healing a level 30 King took a staggering 21 hours and 40 minutes in January 2013. However, this regeneration time has significantly decreased over the years. As of now, a max level 90 King regenerates in only 46 minutes, showcasing the notable changes in game mechanics.

What was the struggle with Game Center for Apple users in the early days of Clash of Clans?

Logging into multiple accounts on Apple devices was a tedious process before the introduction of Supercell ID. Players had to navigate through phone settings, access Game Center, and confirm the village they wanted to load. This inconvenience was eventually resolved with the introduction of Supercell ID.

What was the significance of reaching the Champions League in the early days of Clash of Clans?

Reaching the Champions League was a massive accomplishment in the game’s early years. With different matchmaking, slower progress, and a smaller player base, hitting the Champions League signified a player’s skill and dedication. While still noteworthy today, it’s not as monumental due to changes in the player base and game dynamics.

Why did the Archer Tower undergo a rework in December 2014, and how did it affect gameplay?

In December 2014, Archer Towers underwent a rework that slowed down their attack speed while maintaining the same damage per second. This adjustment aimed to improve base defense against spammy units like skeletons and lava pups. The rework showcased the game’s commitment to evolving strategies and gameplay mechanics over time.

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