17 Important Things To Know If You Just Returned To Clash of Clans

If you’re a Clash of Clans fan returning after a break, you might feel like you have missed out on a ton of changes.

Fear not! In this guide, we’ll break down the most important changes in the game over the past 3 years of development.

Whether it’s the surprising auto-upgrades, updated spells, or the introduction of magical pets, we’ve got you covered in this detailed guide.

Auto-Upgrades and Village Boost

Back in the day, returning to Clash of Clans meant picking up where you left off. But since 2021, if you’ve been inactive for over 90 days, your base now undergoes auto-upgrades.

Watch as the Villager mistakes you for an enemy, leading to a unique base update.

The Village Boost you receive after this encounter is a warm welcome, enhancing various aspects of your gameplay.

Spell Reworks

Spells are a crucial part of any army, but if you’ve been away, you might be surprised by some reworked spells.

For instance, the Lightning Spell’s housing space was halved in 2020, changing its dynamics.

Make sure to check if your favorite spell has undergone any modifications when brewing your army.


Ever noticed those bases that seem a bit off? That’s the influence of sceneries, a feature introduced in 2020.

These changes the setting of your base, from jungles to mountains, and even Clash Royale themes.

While some sceneries are time-exclusive, the recent addition of a scenery tab in the shop allows you to catch up on older ones.

Builder Base and Auto Hut

The Builder Base remains relatively unchanged, but for those who haven’t maxed it, here’s a helpful tip.

At Builder Hall 9, the Auto Hut becomes your secret weapon, providing an extra Builder.

Upgrade it to level 5, and you can seamlessly switch this Builder between the Builder Base and the Home Village.

Building Requirements

Gone are the days when you could upgrade a Town Hall without worrying about associated buildings. Now, building everything a Town Hall unlocks is a requirement to progress.

Ensure you’ve got all the structures in place before advancing to a new Town Hall level.

Super Troops and Super Potions

Discover the super side of Clash of Clans with Super Troops, introduced for Town Hall 11 and higher.

These powerful versions of regular troops are perfect for farming, especially with the Sneaky Goblins. Don’t forget about Super Potions, offering the same duration without spending Dark Elixir.

Just be mindful of the increased housing space for these formidable troops.

Higher Frame Rate and Graphics

While most graphics remain consistent, take a moment to explore the new higher frame rate option, especially if your phone supports it.

Go beyond 60 frames per second for a smoother gaming experience. It might be a game-changer once you make the switch.

Free Troops and Single Barracks

Worried about Dark Elixir costs for troops? Fret not! Troops are now 100% free, and Barracks display housing space instead of costs.

Say goodbye to duplicate Barracks, and streamline your army production with this simplified approach.

Upgrade Troops during Lab Upgrades

One of the most requested features, you can now upgrade troops while the lab itself is being upgraded.

This applies to both the Star Laboratory and the Pet House, making it easier to progress without waiting for lab upgrades to finish.

Trader Shop and Clan Capital

The Trader Shop has undergone changes, resetting weekly instead of daily. With more options and a free item every week, it’s a valuable resource.

Explore the Clan Capital, a new feature accessed via the Airship next to the Builder Base.

Upgrade districts collectively during Clan Raids and earn rewards, creating a unique collaborative gameplay experience.


Introduced at Town Hall 14, Pets add a new layer to your attacks. Assign different pets to Heroes, each with unique abilities.

Unlock more pets as you upgrade the Pet House, and witness how these companions can transform your battle strategies.

Magic Items

Magic items have revolutionized Clash of Clans, offering a variety of boosts and benefits. Obtain them through the Trader Shop, Season Pass, or various in-game events.

Check your Town Hall regularly for available magic items and utilize them strategically to enhance your gameplay.

Clan War Leagues

If you’re not familiar with Clan War Leagues, it’s time to catch up. This week-long clan war, held monthly, involves multiple clans of similar skill levels.

Earn raid medals, climb leagues, and access the League Shop for powerful magic items, including hammers for instant upgrades.

Practice Mode

A recent addition that’s perfect for both new and returning players is Practice Mode.

Accessible through the Attack tab, it offers tutorials for different army compositions. Not only can you learn new strategies, but you also get free loot. It’s a win-win!

Siege Machines

Wondering about those massive machines wreaking havoc in battles? Say hello to Siege Machines, unlocked at Town Hall 12.

These special weapons, stored in the Workshop, carry and deploy troops during attacks.

Whether you request one from your Clan or train an empty Wall Wrecker, Siege Machines add a new dimension to your assaults.

Supercell ID

Finally, safeguard your progress with Supercell ID. As a secure account manager for Supercell games, it eliminates the hassles of Game Center or Google.

With the recent addition of two-step verification, it’s not only secure but also convenient for managing multiple bases.


Returning to Clash of Clans may seem overwhelming, but armed with this thorough guide, you’re ready to dive back into the action.

From auto-upgrades to magical pets and Siege Machines, the game has changed to provide a better gaming experience.

So, welcome back to Clash of Clans.


What is the Village Boost, and how does it work when returning to Clash of Clans after a break?

The Village Boost is a welcoming feature introduced in 2021. If you’ve been inactive for more than 90 days, your base undergoes auto-upgrades. After a friendly encounter with a Villager, you receive a Village Boost that enhances various aspects of your gameplay for a few days.

How have spells changed in Clash of Clans over the past few years?

Spells underwent a significant revamp, with notable changes such as the Lightning Spell’s housing space being halved in 2020. It now functions similarly to the zap in Clash Royale, hitting a single area once. Players are advised to check if their favorite spells have undergone any modifications when brewing armies.

What are sceneries, and how do they impact the appearance of Clash of Clans bases?

Sceneries, introduced in 2020, alter the setting of your base, providing a refreshing change. You can be in a jungle, mountain, or even a Clash Royale-themed setting. While some sceneries are time-exclusive, a new scenery tab in the shop allows returning players to catch up on older ones.

Can you explain the changes in the Builder Base, particularly the Auto Hut?

The Builder Base remains mostly unchanged, but for those who haven’t maxed it, the Auto Hut is a helpful addition. At Builder Hall 9, it provides an extra Builder that can be switched between the Builder Base and the Home Village after reaching level 5.

What are the key differences in upgrading Town Halls now compared to the past?

In the past, players could upgrade a Town Hall without worrying about associated buildings, leading to bases without walls or critical structures. However, after abuses in Clan Wars, requirements were implemented. Now, players must build everything a Town Hall unlocks to progress, regardless of the Town Hall level.

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