16 Clash Royale Mythbusters (PART 4)

Welcome back to another episode of Clash Royale Mythbusters, where we dive deep into the game’s mysteries and separate fact from fiction.

It’s been a while since we explored the Clash Royale game, and I know some of you have been eagerly waiting for this.

Before we unravel the myths from the latest episode, our content creator has thrown in a surprise – a hidden gift card somewhere in the article. Stick around, and you might just uncover it.

Myth 1: Watching Clan Mates Battle Requires a Full Deck

In the latest episode, our mythbuster explores an intriguing claim – you can’t watch clan mates battle without having a full deck.

Sounds bizarre, right? Well, it seems like a bug, and the mythbuster, in his signature style, offers a unique perspective on why this might be happening.

Are replays considered a simulation of a match by the game’s code? Let’s unravel this together.

Myth 2: New Tower Skins and Their Hitboxes

The Clash Royale community witnessed the introduction of new tower skins, prompting our mythbuster to examine whether these skins come with a larger hitbox.

While the hitbox remains unchanged, a visual quirk leads to spells missing their target.

What’s the deal with these oversized towers, and should they be fixed? Our mythbuster weighs in on this unintended consequence.

Myth 3: Clash Royale Graphics on Older Devices

Can you still play the latest version of Clash Royale on an old device? The mythbuster explores whether outdated graphics, such as the fireball animation, accompany older devices.

While he couldn’t test the fireball animation directly, he presents evidence showcasing the differences in graphics quality on older devices.

Dive into the details of how Clash Royale adapts to varying device capabilities.

Myth 4: Unlocking Chests by Changing Date and Time

Ah, the timeless myth of altering your device’s date and time to unlock chests and gain other advantages.

Our mythbuster puts this to the test, debunking the myth with a straightforward explanation of how Clash Royale’s server-based mechanics render such attempts futile.

Learn why manipulating your device’s clock won’t get you any extra goodies.

Myth 5: The Case of the Hidden Figures Behind the Witch Statues

Addressing a past myth, our mythbuster responds to a viewer who claims to have spotted shadowy figures behind the witch statues.

After a mea culpa for an earlier debunking, our mythbuster reopens the investigation, discovering the truth behind this mysterious claim.

Uncover the hidden details behind the witch statues.

Myth 6: The Skeleton Barrel and the Clone Spell

Things take a crazy turn as the mythbuster explores what happens when you use the Clone spell on a Skeleton Barrel with perfect timing.

Spoiler alert: it gets wild. Discover the glitch that results in a persistent Skeleton Barrel and a cacophony of noise.

This myth ties in with another viewer’s experiment involving the Mirror and the Clone spell.

Myth 7: Cards Turning Greenish When Cloned and Poisoned

An old myth surfaces as our mythbuster revisits the notion of cloned cards turning greenish when exposed to poison.

Delve into the experiment involving Minion Horde, Clone, and Poison, confirming that this peculiar effect still holds true after several years.

Are the minions emitting a green gas, or is it just an optical illusion?

Myth 8: Executioner vs. Lava Hound and the Grouping of Lava Pups

In a myth from the past, it was believed that if an Executioner attacks a Lava Hound, the Lava Pups would group up instead of spreading out.

Our mythbuster puts this theory to rest, confirming that the issue has been fixed, bringing a fair balance to the game.

Myth 9: Unraveling Hidden Areas in Landscape Mode

Havoc kicks off the myths with a fascinating exploration.

By playing Clash Royale in split-screen and landscape mode on an Android tablet, he discovers extra unraveled areas beyond the usual screen.

Unveiling this hidden landscape mode, Havoc confirms the myth and takes us on a journey back to Clash Royale’s early days when landscape mode was a feature.

Myth 10: Trainer Winning Despite Leaving Training Camp

A peculiar myth surfaces regarding the Trainer in the Training Camp. If a player takes down a tower but leaves without losing any towers, the Trainer still claims victory.

Havoc confirms this myth, expressing his bewilderment at the unusual occurrence.

Is it a glitch in the Trainer’s programming or an intentional feature?

Myth 11: Dual Clash Royale Accounts in Split Screen

The myth suggests that it’s possible to play two Clash Royale accounts side by side using split-screen mode.

Havoc, initially skeptical, gives it a shot and is genuinely surprised that it works.

However, he quickly highlights the impracticality of running two accounts simultaneously, given the potential crashes and device malfunctions.

Myth 12: Green Donate Button Trick

Havoc delves into a quirky myth involving the Clan Chat.

If you scroll up slightly to hide your sent requests, request a card, and then slowly scroll back down, the donate button supposedly turns green.

Havoc confirms the myth, showcasing the trick to temporarily make it seem like you can donate to yourself.

The mystery behind this phenomenon remains unexplained.

Myth 13: Mother Witch’s Splash Damage on Golemites

This myth explores what happens when the Mother Witch attacks a Golemite. Surprisingly, the splash damage also affects the Hog that spawns when the Golemite is defeated.

Havoc is unsure whether this is an intentional game feature or a quirky glitch.

The Clash Royale community may need clarification from the developers on this mysterious interaction.

Myth 14: Shake to Undo Chat Buttons

In a lighthearted myth, Havoc demonstrates that if you type something in the Clan Chat, get the “undo typing” message, and then shake your Apple device, the chat buttons disappear.

Swiping up brings them back. A confirmed myth that adds a touch of fun to the Clash Royale experience.

Myth 15: Log Info Decorations

The myth speculates that tapping the log info 25 times would add more decorations to the log.

Havoc puts this to the test, expecting an unexpected surprise, but alas, the myth is busted.

No additional decorations appear, leaving the log unchanged. Sometimes, expectations meet reality.

Myth 16: Fisherman’s Immunity to Tornado While Reeling

The final myth tackles the Fisherman’s interaction with the Tornado spell while reeling in a troop.

confirmed the Fisherman remains immune to the Tornado’s effects during this animation.

The Clash Royale team might need to clarify whether this is an intended feature or an oversight.


There you have it, PART 4 of Clash Royale Mythbusters has taken us on a rollercoaster of myths, debunking some and confirming others.

Our mythbuster remains committed to exploring the uncharted territories of Clash Royale, and if you have any ideas or suggestions for future episodes, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments.

Until next time, happy gaming and peace out!

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