16 Clash Royale Mythbuster (Part 3)

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Clash Royale Mythbusters series.

It’s been a while, and we have got some amazing myths to bust or confirm today.

Let’s directly jump into our 16 Clash Royale Mythbuster.

16 Clash Royale Mythbuster

Myth 1: Secret Pop-up with Tricky Taps

One user claimed there’s a secret pop-up that can be viewed with some tricky taps.

After a little testing, it turns out, yes, there is a hidden pop-up, but you have to spam it for the magic to happen.

Why it’s hidden remains a mystery, but it’s a cool little Easter egg for those who enjoy tapping around.

Myth 2: Sparky, Guards, and Rocket Interaction

Placing Guards on top of Sparky can save it from Rocket damage, right? Well, it turns out, not exactly.

The myth is busted, and the glitch from the Ice Golem era seems to be well and truly dead.

The Sparky narrowly avoids the Rocket damage in a rare case of just barely being out of range. Strange, but true!

Myth 3: Watch Teammates Live from Clan War Tab

Ever noticed a red eye when watching your teammates battle live?

Turns out, if you watch from the Clan War tab and then switch to the Clan option with the red eye, your teammate might be in a different arena.

Myth confirmed, and it’s a quirky little glitch that adds a touch of mystery to the game.

Myth 4: Donate by Clicking the Card Picture

Can you donate by clicking on the picture of the card instead of the donate button? Myth confirmed!

It’s a small Easter egg, but instead of clicking the button, you can tap on the card to make your donation.

Not necessarily a game-changer, but a cool little trick to show off to your clanmates.

Myth 5: Snowball Bouncing Furnace Pot

Hitting the Furnace with a Snowball after Fire Spirits have spawned makes the pot bounce.

Myth confirmed! The snowball messes with the furnace’s internal clock, causing a peculiar interaction where the pot bounces even after the Fire Spirits are out.

A fun little detail for those who enjoy experimenting with spells.

Myth 6: Lightning Chest Strikes and Card Selection

If you open a Lightning Chest, use the strikes, and lag out of the game, can you choose the cards you want?

Myth busted! Unfortunately, you can only strike cards once, and if the game lags out, those strikes won’t magically come back.

Better make your choices wisely the first time!

Myth 7: Shadowy Figure in Spooky Town

Is there a shadowy figure walking past in the window on the top right in Spooky Town?

Myth busted! Despite intense scrutiny, no shadowy figure was found.

It seems like a case of misinterpretation or perhaps wishful thinking.

Myth 8: Chest Disappearing Glitch

Tapping the party button, going into 2v2, and canceling can make a chest disappear.

Myth confirmed, but with a twist! The chest isn’t gone forever; it’s just hiding. Upon restarting the game, it should reappear.

However, it’s not 100% guaranteed, so the mystery remains.

Myth 9: Heal Spirit on Clones Survival

If you heal clones with the Heal Spirit, can they survive more hits from a tower, arrows, zap, and poison?

Myth busted! Similar to the Heal spell, the Heal Spirit doesn’t extend the survival of clones against these attacks.

It’s a cool idea, but the results are a no-go.

Myth 10: Fish Tank Tower Skin Bubbles and X-Bow/Mortar

Hovering an X-Bow over a mortar to bring it into the tower’s range supposedly transforms the bubbles in the Fish Tank Tower skin into squares.

Myth confirmed! It’s an odd but true revelation, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Why do the bubbles turn into squares only in this specific situation? The mysteries of Clash Royale continue.

Myth 11: Chinese Language Shop Display

Switching your game language to Chinese reveals the gold on top of the chests in the shop.

Myth confirmed! The gold display is a neat feature that adds a touch of convenience.

Why this isn’t a universal feature remains a mystery, but discovering such details by changing language settings is always fascinating.

Myth 12: Seasons Tab Chest Opening Trick

Holding on to two or three chests in the Seasons tab and releasing them in a specific order allows you to open them simultaneously.

Myth confirmed! This quick and hidden tip not only saves time but looks cool in action.

A nifty trick for those looking to streamline their chest-opening experience.

Myth 13: Kicked or Promoted During a Match

You used to be able to see if you got kicked or promoted during a match, but it seems this feature has been removed.

Myth busted! Clash Royale has undergone changes, and features might differ across devices.

The submitted myth might have been accurate in the past, but it no longer holds true.

Myth 14: Ram Riders Snaring a Prince

If you deploy four Ram Riders, and they all snare a Prince, the Prince can’t move.

Myth busted! Clash Royale mechanics don’t stack, and the slowing effect from multiple Ram Riders doesn’t accumulate.

The Prince remains only 85% slower, regardless of the number of Ram Riders snaring it.

Myth 15: Distorted Goblin Face Emote

Constantly clicking on the goblin being pulled by the Fisherman emote will distort the goblin’s face.

Myth confirmed! While not the most mind-blowing revelation, it’s a quirky discovery that many users insisted on featuring.

The goblin’s face indeed gets a bit weird with persistent clicks.

Myth 16: Miner and Mini P.E.K.K.A Confusion

If a Miner is directly in front of a Princess Tower, and a Mini P.E.K.K.A is directly behind the tower, the Mini P.E.K.K.A won’t know which direction to go.

Myth busted! While the glitch of troops freezing or walking back and forth happens in the game, it’s not exclusive to this specific combo.

The Mini P.E.K.K.A will occasionally exhibit confusion, but it’s not a guaranteed outcome.


We have discussed some myths, confirmed others, and had a blast testing them out.

If you have your own myths to share, drop them in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more exciting content, and perks. Happy gaming.

Clashers Peace out.

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