15 Things ONLY Noobs Do in Clash Royale

Hey there, Clasherx here, and today we are diving into uncharted territory with a list of 15 things that, let’s face it, only noobs do in Clash Royale.

Now, before you get defensive, let me assure you, we have all been there.

This list isn’t about judgment; it’s about learning and evolving in the arena.

So, whether you’re a pro player or just starting out, join me as we explore these common mistakes and maybe have a good laugh along the way.

Now, let’s get into it.

  1. Being too greedy on your deck:
    Noobs often fall into the trap of loading their decks with too many rares and epics, thinking they’re automatically better. However, balancing your deck is crucial. A 5.0 or 6.0 Elixir deck might look fancy, but it’s not practical in the heat of battle.
  2. Upgrading every single card:
    Upgrading every card may satisfy your OCD, but it’s not the most strategic move. Focus on upgrading cards that are popular, effective, and fit your playstyle. Don’t waste resources on every single card in your collection.
  3. Going for the three Crown early:
    Noobs often make the mistake of pushing for a three Crown right from the start. Patience is key; focus on taking out towers first before attempting the ambitious three Crown victory. Playing too aggressively early on can lead to a swift defeat.
  4. Using spell cards on a single Tower:
    Ever cast a fireball or arrows just for a bit of chip damage on a tower? It happens, but it’s a common mistake. Save your spell cards for when there’s something more substantial next to the Tower for a positive Elixir trade.
  5. Building too close to the river:
    Placing buildings too close to the river can be a costly mistake, especially when facing opponents who drop troops on the river. Learn the proper placement of buildings to avoid easy shots and maintain defensive strength.
  6. Promoting everyone to co-leader in the clan:
    Noobs sometimes fall into the trap of promoting everyone in their clan to co-leader without rhyme or reason. Earned promotions foster a more organized and successful clan. Don’t hand out co-leader status like free candy.
  7. Single-unit push:
    Noobs often rely on single-unit pushes, such as dropping a lone giant or Prince, expecting magical results. Successful pushes involve synergy and a strategic combination of cards. Learn to build well-rounded pushes for more effective gameplay.
  8. Always defending pushes:
    While defense is crucial, noobs tend to overly focus on defending every push, even when it’s not necessary. Learn to recognize situations where distracting on one side is more beneficial than trying to defend a massive push head-on.
  9. Lack of card knowledge:
    Understanding the specific details of your cards is crucial for strategic gameplay. Noobs often neglect to memorize card statistics, leading to suboptimal decision-making during battles. Invest time in learning your cards inside out.
  10. Copying the number one player’s deck:
    While playing like a pro is a good goal, blindly copying the deck of a top player without considering your trophy range and card levels can lead to disastrous results. Tailor your deck to your current skill level and card strengths.
  11. Playing competitive with no sound:
    Sound feedback in Clash Royale is more critical than many realize. Noobs might play without sound, missing important audio cues that can help anticipate and counter opponent moves effectively. Turn on your sound for a more immersive and strategic experience.
  12. Ignoring troops:
    Noobs often make the mistake of ignoring certain troops, thinking they pose no significant threat. Every troop can make a difference, and overlooking them can lead to unexpected damage. Stay vigilant and respond to all threats appropriately.
  13. Starting pushes at the bridge:
    Noobs may initiate pushes at the bridge without considering their Elixir disadvantage. Effective pushes involve proper Elixir management and strategic placement. Rushing a bridge push can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks.
  14. Attacking the King Tower:
    Attacking the King Tower prematurely is a classic noob move. There’s a time and place for targeting the King Tower, and it’s not at the beginning of the match. Focus on securing tower advantages before attempting to breach the King’s defenses.
  15. Quitting a match halfway:
    Quitting a match halfway, especially in Clan Wars, is a regrettable habit. Instead of giving up, strategize and aim for a draw if victory seems unlikely. You never know how the tide of battle might turn.


There you have it, Clashers – 15 things that only noobs do in Clash Royale.

Whether you found yourself nodding in agreement or chuckling at past mistakes, remember that every Clash journey involves a learning curve.

If you enjoyed this expose, don’t forget to comment down below.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the arena. Peace!


Why is it a bad idea to have a high Elixir cost deck, even if it includes powerful rare and epic cards?

While powerful cards are tempting, having a deck with too many rares and epics often results in a high Elixir cost. This can make it challenging to cycle through cards quickly and respond effectively to the opponent’s attacks.

Should I upgrade every single card in my collection, or are there specific cards I should prioritize?

Prioritizing upgrades for cards that are popular, effective, and have noticeable improvements upon upgrading is more strategic. Upgrading every card may not provide the same value and can strain your resources.

Why is going for a three Crown victory at the beginning of a match considered a bad strategy?

Trying to secure a three Crown victory from the start is often too aggressive and can lead to a quick defeat. It’s advisable to focus on taking out towers first before attempting the ambitious three Crown push.

Why should I avoid using spell cards on a single tower, especially when it seems like an easy way to chip away at its health?

Using spell cards on a single tower without a substantial troop nearby results in a negative Elixir trade. It’s more strategic to save spell cards for situations where they can hit multiple troops, providing a better Elixir value.

Why is promoting everyone to co-leader in a clan not a good idea, and how does it impact clan dynamics?

Promoting everyone to co-leader without earning it can lead to chaos within the clan. It removes the hierarchy and structure, making it difficult to maintain order. Co-leader status should be earned to ensure a more organized and successful clan.

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