13 Things ONLY Noobs Do in Clash Royale (Part 2)

Today, we are diving into the world of common blunders made by new players in the game.

we will explore 13 mistakes that might be holding you back in Clash Royale.

So, buckle up, because we’re about to break down these slip-ups in plain and simple terms.

  1. Misplacing the Graveyard:
    Picture this: you drop the Graveyard directly on the center of a tower, and suddenly, skeletons are activating the King Tower. Oops! The Graveyard’s radius is deceptively large, causing one of those skeletons to distract the King Tower instead of focusing on the intended target. Remember, graveyard placement matters!
  2. Sticking to an Outdated Deck:
    Using a deck that once took you from 2,000 to 3,000 trophies? It’s a classic mistake. Decks lose their effectiveness as you climb the trophy ladder. What worked before might not cut it after a certain point. Embrace change and adapt to the evolving meta.
  3. Wasting Elixir:
    Dropping cards without a clear purpose? That’s wasting elixir. Save your elixir for strategic moves, not for mindlessly cycling through cards. Be efficient, and your elixir management will thank you.
  4. Judging Skill by Trophies:
    Trophies don’t necessarily reflect skill. Don’t be quick to judge someone’s prowess based solely on their trophy count. Players can excel in other aspects like Grand Challenges or Clan Wars. Trophies are just one part of the equation.
  5. Deck Overcrowding with Win Conditions:
    Having multiple win conditions may sound enticing, but it often leads to a lack of support troops and defensive capabilities. Focus on one or two win conditions to build a well-rounded deck that can handle various situations.
  6. Picking Powerful Cards in Draft Challenge:
    In Draft Challenges, blindly selecting what you perceive as powerful cards isn’t a winning strategy. Think strategically and consider how each card complements the half-deck you’ve been given. The first four cards are crucial, so choose wisely!
  7. Playing the First Card:
    Initiating the first move isn’t always the best move. Waiting to see what your opponent drops first can give you a significant advantage. Patience is key, and more often than not, it pays off.
  8. Poor Placement of Swarms Against Splash Attacks:
    Placing swarm troops in front of splash attackers is a waste of time and elixir. Learn to position your troops strategically to avoid unnecessary casualties. It’s all about efficiency and maximizing each card’s potential.
  9. Uncoordinated Support Decks in 2v2:
    While synergy between you and your partner is essential, bringing a deck solely for support may not work. A balanced combination of offense and defense is crucial for success in 2v2 battles.
  10. Underestimating Lower-Level Players:
    Just because someone has a lower level doesn’t mean they lack skill. Underestimating opponents based on levels can lead to unexpected losses. Approach each match with respect for your opponent’s potential.
  11. Attempting to Take Out Tesla with Spells:
    Trying to target a Tesla with spells is usually ineffective. Save your spells for more strategic moves, like activating a Tesla with a Hog Rider. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting precious elixir.
  12. Building Elixir with the Pump Against Rocket Users:
    If your opponent has a Rocket, don’t mindlessly drop Elixir Collectors. Instead, use the Collector as bait to lure out their Rocket. This way, you can protect your main push from getting obliterated.
  13. Practicing in Training Camp:
    The training camp is not the place to hone your skills, especially if you’ve been playing for a while. It’s more suitable for newcomers. For seasoned players, focus on real battles to refine your strategies and decision-making.


And there you have it these 15 common mistakes may be hindering your progress in the game.

Once you understand and fix these shortcomings, you’ll be better prepared to climb the trophy ladder and fully enjoy Clash Royale.

If you found these tips helpful, let us know in the comments below.


Why is misplacing the Graveyard a mistake in Clash Royale?

Misplacing the Graveyard, especially directly on the tower’s center, can activate the King Tower instead of targeting the intended tower. The Graveyard’s radius is larger than you might think, causing distraction and potential loss of damage.

Why should I avoid sticking to an outdated deck in Clash Royale?

Decks lose effectiveness as you climb the trophy ladder. What worked from 2,000 to 3,000 trophies might not be viable beyond that point. Adapting to the evolving meta is crucial for continued success in the game.

How can I prevent wasting elixir in Clash Royale?

Wasting elixir occurs when you drop cards without a clear purpose. To prevent this, focus on making strategic moves, such as efficient cycling of low-elixir cards or baiting the enemy, instead of mindlessly deploying cards like a lone Giant.

Is judging skill by trophies a reliable measure in Clash Royale?

No, trophies don’t necessarily equate to skill. Players can showcase their expertise in Grand Challenges, Clan Wars, or other aspects of the game. Relying solely on trophy count to gauge someone’s skill may lead to misconceptions.

Why is having too many win conditions in a Clash Royale deck a mistake?

A deck overloaded with win conditions often lacks support troops and defensive capabilities. Focusing on one or two win conditions allows for a more balanced and versatile deck, better equipped to handle various in-game situations.

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