12 Things To Know If You Just Returned To Clash Royale

Whether you’ve been away from Clash Royale for a couple of months, a year, or even three years, returning to the game can feel like stepping into a whole new arena.

we will break down some of the significant changes that have taken place in Clash Royale over the past three years, helping you catch up on everything you need to know.

  1. Welcome Back Discounts and Freebies:
    Back in the day, returning to Clash Royale after a hiatus meant returning to the same old grind. However, since 2023, players who’ve been inactive for more than 90 days receive a welcome back discount of 50% on all upgrades. Additionally, the shop may offer free items and special welcome back deals.
  2. Deck Exploration Made Easy:
    Keeping up with the evolving meta can be challenging, but now, the game makes it easier. Card information screens now feature a Deck Explorer, allowing players to select a card and find suitable decks instantly. This feature is a game-changer for those trying to adapt to the ever-shifting meta.
  3. Champions and Evolutions:
    Two new types of cards, Champions and Evolutions, have been introduced. Champions, a rarity higher than Legendary, have unique abilities that can be activated during battles. Evolutions, on the other hand, act as special upgrades for existing cards, adding a new layer of strategy to deck-building.
  4. Trophy Road vs. Path of Legends:
    The game’s structure has seen changes with the introduction of Trophy Road and Path of Legends. Trophy Road offers a casual 1v1 ladder experience, while Path of Legends provides a more competitive ranked mode. Each has its own rewards and reset mechanisms, catering to different player preferences.
  5. Events Hub for Game Modes:
    2v2, casual 1v1, and various other game modes are now centralized in the Events tab, making it a hub for everything non-ladder related. Playing in this tab earns players season tokens, a new currency spendable in the season shop for cards, emotes, and more.
  6. Magic Items for Upgrades:
    Magic items have been introduced as a new way to upgrade cards. These items, including Wild Cards, Books of Cards, and Keys, offer players strategic choices in how they progress through the game. They can be earned through various in-game activities or purchased from the season shop.
  7. Season Pass Evolution:
    The Season Pass has evolved into three tiers: Free, Gold, and Diamond. Each tier offers different rewards, with the Diamond Pass providing exclusive benefits, making it a more premium option for players who want an extra edge in their Clash Royale journey.
  8. Revamped Leveling System:
    Player levels have changed, with the introduction of a separate XP level, distinct from the King Tower level. The King’s Journey, displayed in a new tab, provides additional rewards as players level up. The new system separates player progression, making it more rewarding.
  9. Elite Level Cards and Masteries:
    Cards can now be leveled up to level 15, requiring Elite Wild Cards. The introduction of Masteries offers players additional challenges for their cards, with rewards increasing as Mastery levels go up. This adds a new layer of depth to card progression.
  10. Customizing Your Profile:
    The profile customization options have been overhauled, allowing players to change their decor, and banners, and display badges earned through masteries and achievements. These customization features add a personal touch to player profiles.
  11. New Chests and Features:
    New chests like Gold Crates, Royal Wild Chests, Champion Chests, and Level Up Chests have been introduced, each offering unique rewards. Star levels, once exclusive to maxed cards, are now accessible at XP level 10. Additional quality-of-life features include volume sliders and a higher frame rate option for supported devices.
  12. Playing on PC:
    For those interested in playing Clash Royale on a PC, an official way to do so has been introduced via Google Play Games. However, this currently only works on Windows.


Returning to Clash Royale after an extended break might seem daunting, but with these insights into the game’s evolution over the last three years, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the exciting changes and rediscover the joy of Clash Royale.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a returning veteran, the game awaits with new strategies, features, and challenges to explore. Welcome back to the arena!


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