12 Things ONLY Clash Royale OG’s Remember (Part 4)

Hey there, Clash Royale fans! Welcome back for another trip down memory lane as we explore the good old days of Clash Royale.

we will guide you through 12 things that only the true OGs of Clash Royale (Original Gamers) remember.

From quirky features to changes in gameplay, let’s unravel the nostalgia that defined an era in Clash Royale history.

12 Things ONLY Clash Royale OG’s Remember

  1. Friend System:
    Remember the struggle of adding friends in the early days? No friends system, no 2v2, no SuperCell ID – just the cumbersome process of connecting through Facebook or Game Center. The evolution of friend links in 2017 marked a significant improvement, but the initial days of friend management were indeed a tedious affair.
  2. Tournament Location Troubles:
    Ah, the early days of tournaments in 2016, where the game asked for your location, displaying it precisely on the tournament screen. The feature was intended to help players find local tournaments, but it turned out to be more of a hassle than assistance. Eventually scrapped, this quirky memory resurfaces with a chuckle.
  3. Equal Emotes for All:
    Emotes, a beloved part of Clash Royale, weren’t always as distinguished as they are today. In the early stages, exclusive emotes didn’t have the legendary border, making it hard to identify them. The introduction of the shiny legendary border in April 2019 turned the tables, making exclusive emotes more coveted and easily recognizable.
  4. Season Reset Flood:
    Who could forget the chaos of playing ladder in the first few days after a season reset? The initial system took everyone back to the same trophy count, causing a flood of highly skilled and high-level players in mid-ladder. Thankfully, the 2018 change, where you lost a percentage of trophies instead of starting anew, brought relief to ladder enthusiasts.
  5. Muting Emotes Dilemma:
    Muting emotes has been a saga of its own. Initially introduced in September 2016, muting emotes showed as blank emotes with three dots – a quirky move by Supercell. However, this changed in November of the same year, finally allowing players to mute emotes without any visual indication.
  6. Clash Nights:
    Clash Nights, the platform for players to meet up, play Clash Royale, and win prizes, was announced in late 2017. Though active in certain cities, it failed to gain widespread popularity and eventually shut down in 2019. A memory buried in Clash history, but one that some might recall fondly.
  7. Color Names:
    In the early days of Clash Royale, players could have color names by entering specific codes. A fun feature that brought a touch of personalization to the game, it sadly got patched in April 2016. A glimpse of nostalgia for those who remember the days of vibrant and colorful names.
  8. Old Trade System:
    When trading was introduced in September 2018, it had some significant differences. Players could only trade one card, making it a more interactive and on-the-spot process. The requirement for both players to have a token was also absent initially. Over time, trading evolved into the system we know today.
  9. Hero Leaks Hype:
    Every year before the introduction of heroes in Clash Royale, leaks and speculations would flood the community. Despite the excitement, it would take years before heroes became a reality. A reminder of the anticipation and hype surrounding features that took their sweet time to arrive.
  10. Old 2v2:
    Remember when 2v2 was a temporary game mode, exclusive to clan members? No quick match, no playing with friends – just clan-based 2v2 in the Royal Arena. A trip down memory lane to the early days of this game mode, which eventually became an integral part of Clash Royale.
  11. Conjoined King Tower:
    In 2019, a subtle change occurred when the King Tower, which used to be conjoined as one big tower, was separated. This change paved the way for tower skins in the season pass, offering a cosmetic update that some might have forgotten.
  12. Special Boosts:
    Introduced in November 2017, special boosts for Victory Gold, Crown Chest, and Chest Speed were once available. However, as seasons arrived, the Crown Chest boost lost its relevance, and Victory Gold boosts were often free. By mid-2019, these boosts disappeared from the shop, making way for other features.


And there you have it, a walk through a Clash Royale museum. These 12 memories remind us of the evolution of the game, the surprises that shaped our experiences, and the new expectations that kept us warm.

Whether you’re an experienced player or a recent addition to the Clash Royale community, these OG moments are a testament to the game’s enduring legacy.

let the memories of these bygone days put a smile on your face.


Why was adding friends in Clash Royale initially such a hassle?

The early days of Clash Royale had no dedicated friends system, and players had to rely on Facebook or Game Center to connect. The process was tedious, requiring sharing private information like phone numbers or adding friends through less convenient means.

What was the issue with the location feature during tournaments in 2016?

When tournaments were introduced in 2016, players had to provide their location, which was displayed during the tournament. However, the feature proved to be more of a headache than a help, showing overly precise information and causing unnecessary inconvenience.

How did the visibility of emotes change over time?

Initially, exclusive emotes lacked a distinguishable feature, making it challenging to identify them. It wasn’t until April 2019 that a shiny legendary border was introduced, transforming exclusive emotes into coveted and easily recognizable collectibles.

Why was playing ladder immediately after a season reset a challenging experience?

In the earlier system, after a season reset, everyone went back to the same trophy count, causing a flood of highly skilled and high-level players in mid-ladder. This made ladder matches incredibly challenging in the first few days after the reset.

What was the muting emotes dilemma, and how did it evolve over time?

Muting emotes became possible in September 2016, but initially, it showed as a blank emote with three dots, indicating a muted player. This visual indicator was later removed in November of the same year, providing players with a truly silent emote-muting experience.

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