10 Types of Clash of Clans Players (Part 1)

hello clashers, Today we are going to explore all of the characters that make the game so diverse and exciting.

This marks the first part of our series, Now, let’s jump right into the 10 types of players in coc.

The Young Bloods:

Every clan has them – players who seem like they just stepped into the game world. Regardless of your age, there’s always someone way younger in your clan who might fight to type out a clear line.

While there’s nothing wrong with players of any age loving the game, the age gap can sometimes lead to awkward situations.

From personal experiences to joining a clan in their mid-teens accompanied by players in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, the clash of generations can be quite funny.

The Capital Base Critic:

In the modern Clash of Clans era, an odd problem has emerged – the player who refuses to attack a capital base if its damage % exceeds a certain level.

The concern with boosting capital gold and climbing the clan ranks raises the question:

Does it really mean that much? Despite the fact that the capital gold eventually goes to the same sites and everyone gets the same awards, this situation is a head-scratcher for many.

The Siege Machine Guru:

If you find yourself in a club with mostly mid-game players, you’re likely familiar with the Siege Machine Guru.

This player, usually at Town Hall 12, becomes the go-to person for Siege Machines. Town Hall 10 and 11 players swarm them like bbq sauce on ribs.

The joy of finally making your own Siege Machine after depending on others is a testament to the importance of this feature in the game.

The Casual Player:

Enter the Casual Player – someone who doesn’t take the game too seriously and can afford to take days off without feeling the need to control every part.

In the middle of a busy life, this player comes in, enjoys some strikes, and might take a week off without worrying about it.

The laid-back approach to Clash of Clans is a lesson that games should be fun and not a 24/7 commitment.

The Forever-Town-Hall Resident:

In every group, there’s that one player who seems to have set up camp at a particular Town Hall level and refuses to move.

Whether it’s a planned choice or a slow pace of growth, these players become the fixtures of their various Town Halls.

The only exception to this rule is small accounts, which move at a different pace.

The One-Way Donor:

We all know that player who freely gives troops but rarely, if ever, asks any in return.

The thinking behind this behavior varies, but for some, it’s just a matter of impatience – they don’t want to wait for someone else to log in and provide troops.

While this might not be a big deal for normal strikes, it becomes crucial in Clan Wars, where every bit of help counts.

The Completionist:

This player is on a journey to finish everything – Clan Games, events, Star Bonuses, you name it. They’re the hidden stars of the clan, ensuring that no task goes unmet.

The drive to finish every part of Clash of Clans every day is a puzzle to many, but it adds a unique dynamic to the clan environment.

The Struggling Attacker:

In every clan, there’s someone who, for different reasons, struggles with war strikes. It could be due to new tactics, trying areas beyond their skill level, or simply not being properly prepared.

While it might be uncomfortable to admit, choosing out of wars briefly to watch movies and practice techniques can be a smart move.

The Clan Castle Savior:

Where would most clans be without that one player who constantly ensures Clan Castles are never empty?

Even if their gifts aren’t exactly what was asked, having something in the house is always better than nothing.

This hidden hero appears when life gets busy, and there’s no one else around to handle Clan Castle tasks.

The Name Changer:

Though less popular in Clash of Clans due to the related costs, there’s always that one person who can’t avoid changing their name.

Whether they want to remember about their past or simply confuse everyone, frequent name changes can make it challenging to keep track of your clanmates.


And there you have it 10 types of Clash of Clans players that add to the rich fabric of the game community.

If you connect with any of these characters or know someone who does, share your ideas in the comments below.

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Until next time, have a gaming-filled day.


Why are there always younger players in Clash of Clans clans?

Regardless of your age, there’s always someone younger in your clan who might fight to type out a clear line. The age gap can lead to amusing and sometimes awkward situations within the clan.

What’s the deal with players refusing to attack capital bases with a high percentage in Clash of Clans?

In the current Clash of Clans era, some players refuse to attack major sites if the damage rate exceeds a certain level. Despite the uncertainty surrounding this event, the final effect on capital gold sharing and clan rankings remains a point of debate.

Who becomes the go-to person for Siege Machines in Clash of Clans clans with mostly mid-game players?

In groups with mostly mid-game players, the player at Town Hall 12 becomes the Siege Machine Guru. They are often sought after by Town Hall 10 and 11 players who rely on them for Siege Machines, showing the value of this feature in the game.

How do Casual Players approach Clash of Clans, and why do they enjoy the game?

Casual Players take a laid-back approach to Clash of Clans, not taking the game too seriously. They can afford to take days off without worrying about micromanaging every part of the game, emphasizing that gaming should be fun rather than a 24/7 commitment.

Why do some players in Clash of Clans stick to a particular Town Hall level for an extended period?

Some players seem to camp at a specific Town Hall level for an extended time, either because they truly enjoy that level or move slowly. The exception to this trend is often seen with small accounts, which move at a different pace.

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