10 Things I WISH I KNEW Before Playing Clash of Clans

If you’re a Clash of Clans player, you know the game offers an intricate world filled with strategies, attacks, and base-building challenges.

However, even with all the information available, there are some hidden gems that can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 essential tips that many players wish they knew when they started playing or started implementing sooner.

10 essential tips that many players wish they knew

Archer Queen’s Range:

Ever had your Archer Queen ignore your attack plan and go off on her own?

Blame it on the Archer Queen’s range, a crucial factor often overlooked. The Archer Queen has a range of five tiles, and understanding this can be a game-changer.

When planning attacks or designing bases, be mindful of the Archer Queen’s range, counting tiles using the in-game grid or the Skeleton Trap’s guide.

Upgrade Your Barbarians and Archers:

While you may have phased out barbarians and archers in your current strategies, don’t neglect upgrading them.

The levels of these troops in the laboratory directly impact the Barbarian King and Archer Queen’s abilities.

Upgrading the abilities enhances their stats, even if you don’t actively use these troops anymore.

Upgrade Troops Even if You Don’t Use Them:

Avoid the mistake of neglecting troop upgrades just because you don’t currently use certain units.

As your gameplay evolves, you might find yourself wanting to experiment with new strategies or donate specific troops.

Keeping a diverse set of upgraded troops gives you the flexibility to adapt to different attack styles.

Trophies Don’t Matter Forever:

In the early stages, trophies may seem like the ultimate goal, but as the game progresses, their significance diminishes.

Unless you’re chasing achievements or need gems, trophies become less relevant.

Focus on other aspects of the game that bring enjoyment, like building and upgrading your base.

Stop Leaving Things for Last:

Delaying the upgrade of critical elements like heroes, walls, or other defenses can hinder your progress.

Instead of leaving everything for the end, maintain a balanced approach to upgrades.

Prioritize and distribute upgrades evenly to avoid feeling stuck at the final stages of your base development.

Leave a Builder Free for Walls:

Struggling with full storages but no available builders?

Avoid the frustration by always leaving one builder exclusively for walls.

This simple strategy ensures that you can continuously work on your walls even when other builders are occupied with different upgrades.

Know the Obstacle Limit:

The game doesn’t explicitly mention it, but there’s an obstacle limit of 45. Once you reach this limit, regular obstacles won’t spawn.

However, this limit doesn’t apply to special obstacles like Christmas trees or gem boxes.

You can continue collecting these unique decorations even after reaching the regular obstacle limit.

You Don’t Need to Buy All Your Builders:

While it might seem convenient to buy all your builders with gems, it’s entirely possible to earn them through achievements.

If you’re determined to play Clash of Clans as a free-to-play user, focus on completing achievements and avoid spending gems on builder purchases.

Always Bring a Cleanup Crew:

Avoid the frustration of almost getting a 100% attack by bringing a dedicated cleanup crew.

Whether it’s archers, goblins, or barbarians, having a small force to clean up remaining structures can make the difference between a close victory and a three-star attack.

Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the End:

In a game that often emphasizes reaching the maximum level, remember that the real fun lies in the journey.

Enjoy the process of building, strategizing, and exploring different aspects of Clash of Clans. The endgame may feel less exciting, so savor the moments along the way.


these tips can help beginners navigate the complexities of the game.

By understanding Archer Queen’s range, prioritizing upgrades, and embracing the journey, players can enhance their gameplay and make the most of their Clash of Clans adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, these insights can significantly impact your Clash of Clans journey.


What is the Archer Queen’s range in Clash of Clans, and why is it important to know?

Understanding the Archer Queen’s range is crucial as it determines which buildings she can target during an attack. The Archer Queen has a range of five tiles, and players need to be aware of this when planning attacks or designing bases to ensure she targets the intended structures.

Why should I continue upgrading barbarians and archers if I don’t use them in my current strategies?

Upgrading barbarians and archers in the laboratory is essential because their levels directly impact the abilities of the Barbarian King and Archer Queen. Even if you’ve shifted away from using these troops, upgrading them enhances the stats of your heroes’ abilities, providing a strategic advantage.

Is it necessary to upgrade troops that I don’t actively use in my attacks?

Yes, it’s advisable to upgrade troops even if you don’t use them regularly. Keeping a diverse set of upgraded troops provides flexibility in adapting to different attack strategies. You may find yourself wanting to experiment with new troop combinations or contribute specific troops when donating to clan members.

Why do trophies become less important in Clash of Clans as the game progresses?

In the early stages of the game, trophies may seem like a primary goal. However, as players advance and the game offers more diverse activities, trophies become less relevant. Unless players are aiming for achievements or require gems, the focus shifts to other aspects of the game that bring enjoyment.

Why is it recommended to leave a builder free for walls in Clash of Clans?

Leaving a builder exclusively for walls ensures that players can continuously work on upgrading their walls, even when other builders are occupied with different upgrades. This strategy helps prevent the frustration of having full storages but no available builders, allowing for consistent progress in base development.

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