10 Things Almost Added to Clash of Clans

When it comes to game development, what we see as the final product is just the tip of the iceberg.

Behind every update in Clash of Clans lies a process of brainstorming, prototyping, and playtesting.

The journey from brainstorming to the final polished version is far from simple.

In this blog post, we will discuss the fascinating world of Clash of Clans and explore 10 cool ideas, mainly troops, that were on the brink of being added but ultimately didn’t make the cut.

  1. Elixir Goblin:
    Troops undergo various iterations before reaching the final version, and the Yeti is a perfect example. However, one version stood out – the Elixir Goblin. This monster-like creature with a big hammer gained strength and size as it destroyed buildings, dropping a rage spell upon death. Unfortunately, the mechanics were deemed too complex for the average player, leading to its abandonment in favor of other troop designs.
  2. Resurrection Spell:
    In late 2018, during spell experimentation, a resurrection spell was considered. This spell would bring troops back to life, deploying as a ring, allowing the resurrected troops to inflict additional damage before meeting their demise once again. The idea of resurrecting troops, however intriguing, was deemed too powerful and shelved, paving the way for other spell concepts.
  3. Barbarian Chariot:
    Limited information exists about the Barbarian Chariot, a flying air unit that shot Tesla bolts. Initially, it featured a barbarian Viking on a cloud throwing bolts, evolving into a strongman with a chariot and staff. The concept eventually faded away, leaving us with the troop designs we know today.
  4. Rocketeer:
    In 2016, a leaked troop known as the Rocketeer surfaced, featuring a skeleton riding a rocket-like jetpack. While the troop’s abilities remain unconfirmed, it was speculated to be a new Dark Elixir troop. Despite the buzz around it, the Rocketeer never made it into the game, leaving room for other troop designs.
  5. Elixir Monster:
    The Elixir Monster had a long history, teased in a 2017 Clash Royale game mode image. Prototyped during Town Hall 12 development, it featured a massive monster splitting into smaller pieces upon attack. Though not implemented then, the concept resurfaced later as the Clash Royale card, the Elixir Golem.
  6. Exploding Walls:
    During Town Hall 13 development, the idea of adding exploding traps to walls was tested. While the exact mechanics remain unclear, it seems the concept was abandoned due to player frustration. Walls, for now, continue to serve their purpose without additional utility.
  7. Goblin Glider:
    The Goblin Glider was a troop tested for Town Hall 12, with goblins flying on gliders targeting storages. While this idea didn’t make it into Clash of Clans, it inspired the creation of the Hog Glider in the Builder Base. A small nod to the Goblin Glider can be found in the summer scenery, featuring a goblin with aviator gear.
  8. Mashup Troops:
    Halloween season of 2023 introduced mashup troops like the Bearer Witch, Golem Lavaloon, Hog Wizard, and more. However, several concepts were tested and discarded. These included combinations like Witch Yeti, Inferno Wizard Lava Yeti, Barb Healer, and Baby Dragon Healer. The possibilities were vast, showcasing the creative experimentation behind the scenes.
  9. Flying Crusher Machine:
    During Bowler Base 2.0 development, various concepts were explored, including an early version of the Electric Fire Wizard and the intriguing idea of a flying Crusher machine. Known as “Crush Air,” it depicted a Crusher with balloon propellers, showcasing the developers’ playful exploration of diverse troop designs.
  10. Flare Spell:
    A flare spell, similar to the one in Boom Beach, was tested in Clash of Clans. The spell aimed to provide more control over troop movements by guiding them to a specific location. However, the developers decided against it, opting for the Invisibility Spell instead, aligning better with Clash of Clans’ unique gameplay dynamics.


Clash of Clans and its rich history of testing and experimentation, has evolved into the game millions love today.

While these ideas never made it into the final product, they showcase the dedication of the development team in refining and perfecting the gaming experience.

As the game continues to grow, who knows what exciting concepts may find their way into future updates?


What was the Elixir Goblin, and why didn’t it make it into Clash of Clans?

The Elixir Goblin was a troop concept featuring a monster with a hammer that grew in size and strength as it destroyed buildings. However, the mechanic was deemed too complex for average players, leading to its abandonment during testing stages.

Tell me more about the Resurrection Spell and why it wasn’t added to the game.

The Resurrection Spell was an experiment during the testing of new spells. It aimed to bring troops back to life for a short duration, but alongside other powerful spells, it was eventually discarded due to its potential to disrupt game balance.

What do we know about the Barbarian Chariot, and why was it not included in Clash of Clans?

The Barbarian Chariot was a flying air unit that shot Tesla bolts, featuring a Viking on a cloud. Unfortunately, details about its abilities remain unknown, and the concept didn’t make it into the game, leaving players curious about its potential role.

Can you elaborate on the Rocketeer, a leaked troop that never made it into the game?

The Rocketeer was a speculated troop found in game files in 2016, featuring a skeleton riding a rocket-like jetpack. Despite leaks and some gameplay speculation, the troop’s abilities and purpose remained uncertain, and it was eventually confirmed as a scrapped idea.

What was the inspiration behind the Elixir Monster, and how did it evolve into the Elixir Golem in Clash Royale?

The Elixir Monster was initially teased in 2017 as an April Fool’s prank. While it didn’t make it into Clash of Clans, a prototype of this colossal monster was tested during Town Hall 12 development in 2018. The concept later found new life as the Elixir Golem in Clash Royale.

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